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Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread


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12 hours ago, Bisto said:


12 hours ago, DarrianCZE said:

This is really strange. Problem has to be somewhere else. I'd like to arrange a Teamviewer session, if that is okay with you. I'll write you a PM. 

Mabe the issue is, that FSX is installed in "C:\Program Files (x86)\" .

Have you tried to run also APC as admin?


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Then you could try one last thing.


1) Uninstall any APC supported airport via Programs in the Control Panel

2) Delete *FSX*/Aerosoft/AirportController, Mega Airport Prague, and Zurich

3) Install only Prague, and see if it works.


If you want to avoid such a harsh attempt, I can't do anything more without a Teamviewer session. It's really hard to diagnose it via messages.


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8 hours ago, Bisto said:

Hello suddenly all works perfect! Great scenery. I have no explanation. Really I don't understand how that happened but it works. Thank you for your help and for the time that you invest on me.



Haha. Great :-) By the way, that window which appears after installation is perfectly all right. That is HarvesterLauncher, which is getting information about your planes in order to get Jetways and VDGS working :-) When you install some new plane, or livery, you need to run it again. It's in the AirportController folder (HarvesterLauncher.bat).

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