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  1. Hello suddenly all works perfect! Great scenery. I have no explanation. Really I don't understand how that happened but it works. Thank you for your help and for the time that you invest on me. 2017-10-14_1-21-6-636.BMP
  2. OK I disabled all LK airports and got the same result.
  3. BTW when I install Prague after I press finish in the installation window I am getting the window that appears in the attached file
  4. Every airport? For Prague is disabled. is not enough?
  5. OK I did what you suggested. Uninstalled the 2 sceneries. I installed back Prague, and I got exactly the same situation as before
  6. I did the change (APC runs as admin) but no change at all. I am sending one more screenshot to emphasize that maybe an elevation problem (although in vector the AEC is disabled for LKPR(. 2017-10-13_21-23-47-379.BMP
  7. When I start the FSX there is a security warning about running the APController.exe. If I choose to run it it appears in the task manager. Otherwise not.
  8. Hello, I purchased LKPR v1.05 and I experience problems with the scenery. Blurred taxiways, no markings, some buildings are floating etc. I run FSX Acceleration, Win 10, ORBX Global & Vector, and GSX. I understand that these issues are solvable but I cannot find my way into 42 pages of posts. Can someone please help me to fix the problems? Thank you
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