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  1. Hi, the installer is available (I have checked now), and was available since this morning. What could possibly be confusing, is the fact that it looks the same (filename, size). Jan XHT-Labs
  2. Hi Marcel, I'm trying to send you a latest response to your ticket, but it's being rejected by your mailbox, because it's full. Your credentials are activated, and it will let you trough with your email and box s/n. Jan
  3. My request is a standalone program/simulator/game. As far as I was looking, there is no good Airport Simulation (Tycoonish) Game. Existing ones are crap. So... what about making an Airport Tycoon, with a great attention to realism, so it would be attractive even to professional flight simmers. Like correct Rwy numbers, name your taxiways... edit single stands.. like adding jetway/s.. managing everything into a great depth. Simply creating your custom airport and making a huge posibilities of customization.
  4. Another sceneries from Czech Republic. Ostrava (LKMT) Brno (LKTB) Pardubice (LKPD)
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