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  1. Hi, I have noticed that PFPX hangs on startup when it is being launched on other monitor than a primary one. Once I launch it with only a primary monitor connected, it launches correctly.
  2. Of course, I just wanted to provide some real numbers to back up my claims 🙂
  3. For comparison, on completely similar settings: ORBX Olbia - 3.1 GB VRAM ORBX Dubrovnik - 3.4GB VRAM MK Studios Rovaniemi - 3.3GB VRAM Cologne-Bonn Professional - 4.4GB VRAM Justsim Heraklion - 3.7GB VRAM FlyTampa - Amsterdam - 5.1GB VRAM (but here I understand, that airport is massive...) Aerosoft Brno - 5.3GB VRAM
  4. What actually accelerated this into a "serious-ish" issue, is the GSX Level 2 walk in gates. The passengers eat quite a lot of VRAM, and when compared to standard GSX L2 in jetways or buses, the passengers can be displayed in their entirety (when using jetways and buses, it will spread the passengers into much smaller area, and therefore the full number of passengers will never be displayed). So... to sum it up, it becomes an issue when you are trying to deboard 174 passengers to the terminal. And also, it's very possible that not many people is using Brno and GSX Level 2 (with configured walk-in gates), so I might be the first person to report this. But, again, just to stress this out, when I have compared the VRAM consumption of other sceneries, then there is a big difference between Brno and other sceneries of airports with roughly the same size, but even several major airports, which I have tested, have consumed less VRAM than Brno. For example, Fly Tampa Amsterdam v2. So, this becomes an issue in this particular case.
  5. Hi, I have noticed a pretty high VRAM usage at Aerosoft Brno, which is really hitting the bottom of my 8GB RTX 3070Ti. With GSX Level 2 in use, my P3D has started (for the first time) crashing due to lack of free VRAM. I have tried to change various settings which could have an effect on it (Texture Resolution, EA On/OFF) however, it is still hitting the top of my VRAM capacity. I would like to stress out, that so far, this is the only airport where I have this issue, and I haven't encountered it anywhere else, especially on much bigger airports, even the likes of FlyTampa Amsterdam, etc.. So this is leading me to the conclusion that something is horribly optimized in this scenery. Is there any chance this could be investigated? Many thanks!
  6. Hi, the installer is available (I have checked now), and was available since this morning. What could possibly be confusing, is the fact that it looks the same (filename, size). Jan XHT-Labs
  7. My request is a standalone program/simulator/game. As far as I was looking, there is no good Airport Simulation (Tycoonish) Game. Existing ones are crap. So... what about making an Airport Tycoon, with a great attention to realism, so it would be attractive even to professional flight simmers. Like correct Rwy numbers, name your taxiways... edit single stands.. like adding jetway/s.. managing everything into a great depth. Simply creating your custom airport and making a huge posibilities of customization.
  8. Another sceneries from Czech Republic. Ostrava (LKMT) Brno (LKTB) Pardubice (LKPD)
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