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  1. @chkl Not sure what you mean? "Incompatibility" is not a problem of MA Prague but ORBX. You still need to exclude LKPR in ORBX stuff.
  2. @mopperle CTRL/STRG+J is supported. :-) Also SODE, as a part of the GSX2, could be used when our dynamic jetways are switched off in the Maintenance Tool. The best way to get more info is to contact us on the support page: www.xht-labs.com/index.php/technical-support/
  3. Hi Alex if you still have the issue, please report the issue here: https://www.xht-labs.com/index.php/technical-support/
  4. Premek you sent me a note with the support e-mail link which doesn't appear to be correct?



    Config file attached.


    ORBX 061216.CFG

  5. hello Premek


    is the simobject fixer also working with version P3D V3.3.5 , because there are only

    option avaliable for version 3.2. and older


    how I can arrange my simobject.cfg is not changed after every startup, losing my ai traffic

    because simobject entry and P3D.CFG are not the same.


    rgds sydney

  6. HI Tom, version 1.02 of Prrague should have a workaround for GSX - that must be something different... :-(

  7. Ahoj.Moc me mrzi ze Praha je v podstate nefunkcni.Nechapu jak se po tak dlouhem cekani mohlo neco takoveho stat.Myslel jsem ze problem je v ORBX vector,ale nebylo tomu tak.Doufam ze v brzke dobe bude oprava.

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    2. Premek


      Zvladnes spustit Team Viewer?


      Pokud ano, zkusim se Ti podivat na pocitac.


      Pis na support@xht-labs.com

    3. Tomas Zima

      Tomas Zima

      Ted jsem tam napsal.Moc dekuj.

    4. Tomas Zima
  8. Hi Premek,

    Regarding my last post about traffic animation, please check this video.


    DD created the car / truck animation on the road, which is close to the touchdown zone of rwy 08 (you can see it for example at 0:24 or at 1:30)




  9. hello premek


    Can you confirm, if lszh , split and tegel, use the same

    apcontroller, or have each airport his own one,

    because when I have all three airport active, p3d crashes

    when loading one of the sceneries, after deactivating

    2 sceneries and only 1 active there are no issues.

    when in past zurich and split where active also the apcontroller

    was loaded twice, what leads to burnout ramp at split at nighttime.

    thanks for your comment.

    1. Premek



      Asked you several time already with SPlit and Zurich to send me your CFG files as described in troubleshooting post.

      I could not tell more without them.

  10. Ah, sorry - I thought you are aware of it... http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/78126-thessaloniki-x-out-off-memory-stackhash/?p=557085
  11. Yes. It (exe) does (its own 4GB block). See the JPG - the VirtualAddressSpaceTest uses 3.5GB and FSX uses another 1.8GB - together far more then 4GB. The misleading point here is probably that it is shown as a child of FSX, but it is so from different reason (to show it was called called from there)
  12. Indeed!!! Yes, it is running outside FSX but ProcessExplorer shows it as a "child" as it was run from the FSX. Wrote a simple test executable just allocating 3GB of memory (which proves it runs its own VAS) and run it via exe.xml. Here is how it looks in the Process Explorer.
  13. You can easily see how much you get when couatl.exe occupies ca.118.MB - see the purple line in the picture (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/78126-thessaloniki-x-out-off-memory-stackhash/?p=557129) So as WebMaximus said - you should decide whether you need it.
  14. Well, it is possible - but this is question to Umberto I'd say.
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