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  1. It's been a while now, but this thread should be here somewhere. MK confirmed that Aerosoft will implement it as soon as it's stable. Currently there is no documentation for the new prop technology. Improvements to the aerodynamics is coming in SU9 which will further improve the aerodynamics and fix issues with accelerated slipstreams from the prop etc. Exciting times ahead! However, there are still issues with the turboprop simulation in general. ITT is still way off and we still lack a way to assign beta and reverse to an axis (like in X-plane) in order to make power management easier on the ground. And, as we've also seen, you can still start a turbine with fuel on without any consequences... I sincerely hope improvements to engine simulation is next.
  2. Yeah, wouldn't make sense in my opinion to model stuff that's not there in real life. After all, overspeeding a Twin Otter is next to impossible without a rapid rate of descent with lots of power.
  3. While Zil Air does not operate Twin Otters, they operate similar airplanes and have such a cool livery. Would be very nice to have a Zil Air livery for the Twin Otter wheel pax and also wheel cargo variants.
  4. Will be buying the Twotter shortly when the new soundpatch is out. Would love to see an Air Seychelles version for the 300 Cargo (wheels-cargo) variant. We don't have many liveries for the Cargo version of the Twotter.
  5. As far as I know there's no overspeed alarm in a Twin Otter. Those are primarily for jets and heavy turboprops like the Q400. Absolutely possible to add one, but it won't be very realistic. You can easily check the airspeed indicator for the red line at approx 9 o'clock position. Stay below this line and you'll be good!
  6. Very nice work! Will download and test later today!
  7. Yes, along with several other things with the new prop simulation. I'm really excited. However, I think Seb at Asobo said the new prop simulation could easily be enabled and that the old legacy model would still be present which is great. Personally I think it's really awesome that Asobo is doing something with the core simulation (aerodynamics, physics etc). It's been untouched since those FSX days and really needs an overhaul. P3D never did anything to improve the simulation, but relied on 3rd parties. This keeps backward compatibility, but is really bad for new innovation.
  8. Looks like I've been spoiled with the Q400 where you practically could slam the power levers to take-off power without having to worry about it. Never saw any issues with the props struggling to maintain rpm UNLESS you had a malfunction (like often happened in the sim). Anyways, thank you for a very informative post Yeah, and by the way...another questions (yes, I'm sure you're starting to get tired of me now). What's your opinion on the beta simulation in the AS Twin Otter? Something seems a bit off in my opinion. I tested it with a friend of mine who bought it and beta seems very week during landing. On the Dash 8 it's really powerful. Full disc is plenty of stopping power, especially on the 100 series, but on the Q400 as well. I used to fly short field operations on the Dash 8-100 a few years ago. Lots of fun, but could get hairy during winter time.
  9. Maybe it would be possible to add a sound when you hit the mechanical stop for idle, similar to the CRJ og Airbus.
  10. A few more questions; Is beta allowed in-flight on the Twotter? Is it possible (technically) to go into beta when airborne? Is there a mechanical stop for the power levers at flight idle like on the Dash 8? On the Dash 8 you have to lift the gates on the power levers to go into disc (beta). Also, no prop sync for the Twotter?
  11. Thanks for the answer. The reason for asking is that I'm used to the Dash 8 which has different types of engines. I was just curious regarding how the Twin Otter works compared to the Dash 8. It's been waaaay too long since I did my ATPL subjects and PT6 theory
  12. Asobo needs to overhaul the water physics in the sim before we can have realistic seaplane operations.
  13. It's certainly a handy thing during climb
  14. IAS mode on the AP is used during climb (can also be used for descent, but not recommended as slightly turbulent air may cause the plane to start chasing the speed by constantly changing pitch. Not comfortable). You set the desired airspeed and the plane will hold this airspeed during climb by changing pitch. In the airlines this is the preferred method as it protects you from stalls. The VS mode does not protect you from stalls and can be potentially dangerous if you don't pay attention. Hence the reason why VS mode is primarily used for descends.
  15. Hello, I read somewhere that a new version of the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Yoke is expected to release Q1 this year. I'm was about to order the Honeycomb A+B but decided it was better to wait for the new and improved version to be released. Do you have any release date or more information about this?
  16. Same here. While I've never flown a Twin Otter in real life, I did some testing with a friend of mine who owns the Twin Otter. All I can say is something is definitely off with the way beta range is simulated. Hopefully this will be improved with SU 8. I also noticed you seem to need a lot of breakaway power to get the plane moving from a stand still. This tendency is also present with other turboprops like the Kodiak and default Caravan. One question: When in-flight with the power levers at idle at 75% rpm. What happens in the real Twin Otter when you set the prop rpm levers to max with the power levers at idle? In the sim they there are no changes in rpm. I used to fly the Dash 8 (different engines than the Twin Otter), and on this plane the rpm is constant regardless of powersetting. When you go from cruise rpm to max on short final, you get max rpm even with power levers at flight idle. You also get significant drag due to the fine pitch.
  17. It's not really realistic due to the fact that it's extremely loud and all pilots use headphones when flying turboprops. Even the passengers are provided with earplugs. I used to fly the Dash 8-100 and it's absolutely terrible during takeoff. The Twin Otter is worse. The solution I guess is to provide two separate volum adjusted sound sets, or to simulate how the airplane sounds when wearing headphones.
  18. Looks like several improvements (prop physics and aerodynamics) are headed our way with su 8 and 9, so maybe it's a good idea to just postpone the next update until su 8 has been released.
  19. Yeah, would be nice to have the -400 series from Viking Air as an addon later on
  20. I can imagine Yes, there's a few hints about updated aerodynamics in the works (feature discovery series: aerodynamics. Video coming in february) so this is very interesting. I find the aerodynamics pretty good in MSFS, but it needs some tweaking here and there. Particularly in the pitch plane which is very twitchy and unstable. It's much closer to reality in X-plane, so I really hope this gets updated to the same standards as in X-plane.
  21. Wow, nice video! Would be nice to see a -400 expansion to the Twotter later this year
  22. There's already another thread about this topic. I'm really excited about this too. Seems to fix all the problems we currently have with turboprops according to Seb at Asobo. Amazing presentation yesterday.
  23. Indeed! The new propeller physics looks very promising. In fact, it may solve all the issues we're currently facing with turboprops. There also a new feature discovery video about aerodynamics coming up in February, so it looks like we might have more good stuff coming our way.
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