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  1. Ah sucks! This is a disappointment.
  2. IF you download the recent update from MS. You would have solved this issue. I think they fixed it in today's patch Manny
  3. Try after shutting down your "developers mode" to off. I was able to load the CRJ.
  4. I am having the same issue. Hmmm... I am removing the m* files and trying it again.
  5. I had to change my TV Resolution to make it visible. LOL My TV is 4 K but since I still can't find the 3080 or the 3090 I am using a cheap video card... so I have my resolution at 2K instead of 4K. :P) It's now updating. I now realize I have a backlog of updates. This Windows tool need fixing you know. It looks likes a DOS Tool.
  6. Today wa the first time I discover this thing called ASUpdater. I redownloaded Bal cause of the Rwy27 ILS fix but that did not fix it and thats how I discovered I need to run the ASupdater instead of redownloading file. It correctly found all my AS Installed products and 4 of them were in red telling me there are updates? Now, what do I do? Do I have to click on anything to update? I don't see any such buttons. It did not tell me it did anything. I exit out and re run it again and it still lists those ddons with red color meaning it has updates to do? No matter how many times I run this tool, its always listed in red. under Installed Someone told me there are some buttons at the bottom..I can't get to it cause this window is full frame window and no way to reduce it from full frame. to use this tool.
  7. I did the same approach this time I kept the speed at 150 kts and it still takes a dive. this time I took a screenshot from the flight not replay so it shows I am on LOC and GS activated.
  8. I was well above the stall speed..even though I usually set it at 140 kt as the landing speed target. Let me try again.
  9. Yeah I thought about that..is that the reason the FD is diving to gain my speed back? I can try this landing once more and report back.
  10. I was landing at KDFW and these screenshots are from the replay... so all that you see on the PFD and MFD may look odd. Assuming the GS issue was fixed in today's update, I tried the ILS landing but I seem to have issues. Could be some stuff that I am doing may not be right. It looks like the LOC and GS is not activated.. but that's cause its a screenshot from the replay. Both were activated when landing for the first time. I am out 20 kt miles away from DFW landing on 18R. The frequency is autotuned. and I am at 3000 feet (Airport elevation is around 650 feet) trying to capture the GS, the Loc is already in green and my Nav was set to Loc1 from FMS1 and tracking the LOC to capture the GS. I see the Green Diamond and when it captured, I got the gear down and minor adjustment to the Power and It looked all good the FD Magenta GS Line and the Green Diamond was in Sync. But at around 1000 AGL the Magenta line (the AP follows this) takes a dive leaving the Green Diamond above so I took over manually and landed the same. The Q is, Shouldn't the Magenta horizontal line not match to be in synch with the GS (Green diamond)? https://ibb.co/bbP2Xn2 I am way low here, when I had to take manual control and disable AP https://ibb.co/2N6jhPW Manny
  11. Anything, freeware or payware that uses the MSFS Cloud Assistant put that file there.. a bad file.
  12. I think I figured out how I got a corrupt simconnect.cfg file.. since I don't use the Thermal addon. I use the freeware for carrier landings. which uses Cloud assist. I think that may have installed the simconnect.cfg. I am not 100% sure. but that also could be another offender.
  13. The worst part, they sneaked it in without telling anyone. These addons should be boycotted as being Toxic addons. They are a Nuisance and a hindrance to other addons we use. They are so intrusive and selfish, they are willing to sabotage the sim so THEIR addon works. See the amount of grief and time wasted. But they pay no price for it.
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