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  1. Thanks Sascha It looks good....still. I flew VFR from VNKT in bad real weather and managed to find Lukla and land on my Real Air Turbine Twin. Wasn't the prettiest landing..but I walked off. Manny
  2. I think it looks ok. I am sitting here in Lukla. I have not seen other airports. My primary airport here is Lukla and it seems ok... no obvious anomalies so far... But too soon to tell.
  3. I bought it... I'll try installing it tonight when I fly back to Dallas, Texas today, and let you know. Manny
  4. Would this be ok in P3D V4.0? I have not updated my P3D v4.0 to to .1 - .5 Manny
  5. Singapore and Lukla are the two I am waiting for
  6. Oh Ok..then this scenery is a wash. I am going to uninstall it and leave the Megascenery buildings..that was so much better I think Mamny The buildings are worse than default FSX Buildings. Why would anyone build a building thats worse than default? This probably was FS9 addon ported to FSX maybe.
  7. This is Manadalay Bay building? Something si not right here.
  8. Yeah that was it..After I activiaitng I don't see the dbl buildings anymore. But the thing is, what I see as crappy default buildings. Low quality testures is what I see now. Hmmm...
  9. That maybe it..I bought aerosoft scenery for the first time another place PC Avaitor/ I am acitivating it now..Lets see if that solves it Never seen this actviate thingi before. It was hiding behind other windows. It was just waiting there for me to activiate Manny
  10. Activated through the launcher? I dbl clicked on the file and Installed it like all my other Aerosoft scenery and it automatically included into my scenery. I just moved it to be below FSDT LV Manny
  11. Its clashing with FSX/Acceleration default LAs Vegas
  12. RTFM DONE! and renamed said BGLs But that does not solve the issue. I even unchecked Mega and I still have these generic low quality buildings.. not sure where its coming from. I don't have any freeware for Las Vegas either Let me post a screen shot Manny
  13. I installed US city Las Vegas on top of Megascenery Las Vegas and yet almost every single building on the stip has a duplicate building. I suspect its Megascenery buildings that still pops up inspite of US city LV sitting on top. Anyone know which BGL in Megascenery I need to remove? Or is there something else I can do to remove these intrusion? when building a scenery, don't you take over a particular area completely and bury whatever is underneath it? Manny
  14. Someone please tell me the runway texture is not FSX Default runway texture (like the Aspen airport) rather its a custom texture. Thx Manny
  15. I am hoping the runway texture is not the FSX default standard texture. Can anyone say, its not the default runway texture.
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