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  1. Hi. Wird das Umfeld noch "aufgeräumt"? Also z.B. keine Gebäude im südlichen Wald, und westlich kein Wald direkt im Anflug? Gruß, Mozart.
  2. Hi! ATC: Implement a simple ATC handling, with similar capabilities as FSX had. BUT, leave the system open, so that individual developers can substitue in-game ATC with an external programm which allows regional specialities/languages and can be improved over time. In the end you could get an add-on external ATC simulator or automatic ATC programm that can simulate ATC, while it's available as ATC for the flight sim. It could even become an ATC simulator stand-alone, which can interface with Flightsim if wanted. User could choose, which kind of ATC he likes. If the physics engine for the fli
  3. Hallo. Wird es für Patrouille Suisse ein Upgrade geben, wenn man die Vorversion besitzt? Danke, Volker.
  4. Ok, I couldn't wait, I bought a Epson EMP X3, because it seems inexpensive, because the succeeding model is out. I don't know if it will do curved screens. If you like to discuss the best setup, you are invited: I have an XGA Beamer, 3 x 19" TFT with Matrox Triplehead. I have one Computer with the Gforce 7950 GX2 (i think. it's the one with 2 512 MB or one 1024 RAM). I also have an older Laptop and an older Desktop with 17" TFT. Want to play FSX and Lock On. Divide FSx into Beamer as outside view and Instruments on 3 TFTs, or Beamer only at the fast machine and the Instruments
  5. Hi. Thinking of buying an XGA beamer for flightsimming. Who has already made good or bad experience with beamers? How many ANSI do I need? Please share your knowledge with me! Thanx, Volker.
  6. Hi! Just a suggestion: I think the Dornier 228 and 328 have been carelessly neglected by Addon designers so far. I'm desperately hoping that someone will develop these in a high standard like the Cheyenne. I'm convinced they will be very popular, because these are planes with real character and special performance and usage. Is there room for these planes in Aerosoft's future? I'd like to see it here, because you are a reliable publisher! Greets, VMC.
  7. Hallo. Ich sehe immer erst weit nach 12 Uhr ein neues Tagesangebot auf der Website. Liegt das an mir? Ich warte immer gespannt auf die Angebote, und dann ist immer noch das alte da. Gruß, Volker.
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