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  1. Yes, but didn't do anything to the lack of water physics. They're still non existent. But lets hope we will have realistic water physics at some point in the near future
  2. New water physics? What am I missing? Water physics are still terrible, but I really hope this will improve over time
  3. I'm pretty sure Asobo said this would be coming in one of the sim updates as they are revising the turboprop simulation. It's supposed to be complete after update 7, so I would guess this will be implemented at some point later this fall.
  4. I hope they will fully revise the turboprop simulation including beta range and a way of setting up your controls for turboprops like with the Majestic QQ400. I'm also hoping for revised water physics in the near future. They're just as bad as the turboprop implementation, if not worse. Can't wait to take the Twin Otter out for a ride, but take your time with this product, there's no rush. This will be a day one purchase for me
  5. Hello, Not sure if this has already been asked, but are there any plans to make the DHC-2 Beaver for MSFS? After the release of MSFS, I've been getting more and more into bush flying, and this is a perfectly suited aircraft for the task.
  6. I still think you have done a great job considering the limitations in the sim. Hopefully Asobo will address this issue in the future as this is something inherited from FSX. Hopefully they will also fully revise the turboprop model and implement beta range later this fall. I also hope they will give us better water physics as well in the future.
  7. Nice to see a float version included. Me personally would happily pay extra for an extended version after the initial release. Are there any plans to implement realistic water physics in MSFS? I'm asking because I know Aerosoft is working closely with Asobo.
  8. It's one step in the right direction, but there's still a lot to do to get the turboprop right. Beta range is not implementet yet and there's also a bug with way too slow torque response to name a couple. The rest of the improvements to the turboprop simulation is supposed to come out in sim update 5 and 6. Now that we know we're getting a float version of the Twin Otter, let's hope Asobo gives us proper water physics. Fingers crossed!
  9. Love the Twin Otter. Now I'm only hoping Asobo gets the turboprop simulation fixed. With a proper turboprop simulation you can't go wrong with this plane. Will be exciting times ahead. Are there any plans to make a float version of this plane?
  10. This will be a day one purchase from me. Really looking forward to do some bushflying with the Twin Otter in FS2020. Hopefully the broken turboprop simulation in FS2020 will be fixed soon. Would love to see a highly realistic Twin Otter with a proper PT-6 engine and prop simulation. That being said, there MIGHT also be issues with the water dynamics in FS2020 as of right now. The Icon needs around 50% torque to start moving on water, which is not right. Not sure if this is an issue with the plane itself or the water dynamics. Anyways, take your time on this one Aerosoft, and get the turboprop simulation right. Hopefully all the issues and limitations from FSX and P3D will now be a thing of the past (broken turboprop simulation, ground friction, water dynamics etc). Will be following this project closely
  11. Man, this is unbelivable! Really looking forward to this release!
  12. Let me know as soon as this product is released. I'm gonna buy it right away! I've been looking for a scenery of Tahiti for ages, without luck. Thank you Aerosoft!
  13. I have noticed a strange trim issue. When I fly in straight and level with the Twin Otter and then pull back on the throttle the nose goes straight in the air. Exactly the opposite of what it's supposed to. The trim also acts strange. Besides this, the twin otter is just the best aircraft around.
  14. Hi! Just wondering if this excellent scenery for FS2004 will ever be updated to FSX? I really miss this one in FSX. Madeira is also such a beautiful place, and especially the airport which is quite special.
  15. Will there be an FSX compatible version of AES? If so, do you have any idea when this will be released? I'm not flying FS2004 anymore, so that's why I'm asking. By the way, AES looks excellent from the pictures I've seen.
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