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  1. EDDG - Münster/Osnabrück for MSFS and maybe even P3D Would be cool to send the old GAP scenery from 2012 into retirement and see something fresh.
  2. Same issue on the ground here, but with the Thrustmaster T16000M throttle. So I dont think, its TCA related. I can bring the throttle all the way down to Idle and then it gets stuck at 33-35% N1, instead of 21-22. I then put the throttle a bit back up again and move it into idle again. After this, the power comes down to the real idle of 21-22. However, I dont need to touch the throttle, I just need to change the view into the external and the idle automatically moves back up, to 33-35% N1.
  3. Roger, will do that. Thank you!
  4. Noticed another VHF Frequency bug, in the A330. Tried to select 135.725 to call a VATSIM station, but every .725 frequency in the range higher than 131.xxx, gets reverted to 13X.724. So it doesn't let me connect on the correct frequency. I have the most current A330 version, 1.3.1 from the AS Updater. And I am not using ProATC
  5. Would be cool, to have a German Airports Revival. Paderborn is a really nice start and really kind from Aerosoft, in making it freeware! I would be looking forward and of course am willing to pay, for smaller ones, like Münster/Osnabrück, Karlsruhe, Saarbrücken or Bremen. The majors will be done anyway at some point. For me, it's the smaller ones who make the difference Would be cool to see Aerosoft, opting in for those ones again.
  6. Since I saw Paderborn/Lippstadt will be in the MSFS, hopes were came up again, that we would see a revival of the good old German Airports time. Sooner or later we'll definitely see the bigger airports, but I hope, maybe Aerosoft could take care again of the smaller ones, like Münster/Osnabrück, Saarbrücken, Erfurt or Karlsruhe Baden/Baden. Especially these smaller ones, are interesting for both, either IFR or VFR, with especially VFR being super interesting in MSFS
  7. Same issue here, but reverting back to the last stable ChasePlane version, 1.1.86, as @Flightplayer mentioned, solved the issue for me So it seems to be CP related.
  8. Can't tell you the exact figures anymore, but that happens everytime, when the total FOB falls below approx. 14.000kg. It also appears and flickers directly after loading the aircraft from menu, on the ground, before boarding and refueling.
  9. Same issue here. EDIT: I made a short recording of the issue 2020-04-18 12-58-13.flv
  10. I got the same issue, everytime I fly into Geneva unfortunately. The flights I took into Geneva, all came in via the LUSAR STAR, and precisely at point SOVAD on that STAR, the simulator crahses everytime, which is at the small village "Le Creux de la Mainaz". There have been two ways for me to land at LSGG without a crash so far. 1. Bypassing SOVAD, with a dct to GG807 2. Deactivating Aerosoft LSGG (which shouldn't be an option obviously ) The error, which comes up, is the terrain.dll. I am using the current P3D version and it happened in Geneva versio
  11. Will try that tomorrow, thanks
  12. Same issue here, all pumps are on, no GSX Level 2 refuelung, nothing flashing in CDU3. I am onl the latest
  13. It's the basic "tomato-bright.ini" preset, which comes directly with TS
  14. At least, I've found a preset, which is a bit brighter, because I don't want to miss Tomatoshade and always restoring and inserting shaders, between addons is kind of stupid But what just came to my mind, when I opened the window, wouldn't it be possible to make the windows a bit less tinted, as this also has a big part, in making the cockpit feeling too dark (see the difference in the 2nd pic)?
  15. Mhh...the funny thing is, that the CRJ and the Maddog aren't that dark inside for me. So that's quite unique (at least on my end) for the A330. For the Lufthansa, I can guarantee you, that they were white on the sunny side. So yeah, in the shade they might be too dark, due to Tomato, but on the other side it's pretty much normal. ^^
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