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  1. Here?
  2. Hello guys, I got a problem with the provided MD83 template. Somehow, it keeps planning all my flights, at an altitude of just 1.000ft. As an example I attached a planned flight. This happens to me only on the MD83 so far. the -82 works fine. Thanks in advance! AAL1111 KDFW-CYYZ (14-Jan-2019) #1.txt KDFW-CYYZ.pdf
  3. Just tried it @Jo Erlend, got amuch better performance now without drops Thank you very much!
  4. It is an issue specifically related to the Dynamic Light in Trondheim. Shadows don't change anything. The performance increase only happens when I tick off the Dynamic Light in the P3D settings. It is quite similar for me, to the issue sceneries like Stuttgart had in the beginning. With Dynamic Light 10-15 FPS, without everything is fine.
  5. Pretty unsattisfying... Locked 30FPS during taxi when the Terminal and the dynamic flood lights are out of sight - and a drop to 10-15FPS during approach and all situations where the Terminal and the flood lights are in sight... So, if the GPU would be the issue or bottleneck, TRD wouldn't be the only airport where problems occur. EDIT: That should be clear, but these drops of course only at night/dawn when the the dyn. Light is active. During the day, everything is fine and smooth.
  6. Then, why is Trondheim the only scenery in which I experience such FPS drops and stutters with Dynamic Light specifically? Also my GPU is bored during flightsim. The GPU workload is only at about 45-50%, checked with GPU-Z. Again, this problem only appears when the Terminal is within the field of view and only in Trondheim. No problems with Oslo, any German Airport, London, etc...
  7. Already using 8xMSAA, but as wrote above, there is no change on any of the AA settings for me. I can turn AA completely off, but still got the same FPS problems. The only way these drops stop, is turning off Dynamic light
  8. Mh...unfortunately I didn't use SSAA either...I already only had 8xMSAA active. I also doesn't do any change when I switch to another AA setting or even if I switch it off. I still get the FPS problems then.
  9. Hey guys! I am still pretty much appreciating @Jo Erlend Trondheim scenery However I noticed some serious FPS issues with Dynamic Lighting on this specific scenery. These problems only occour at night and only when I have a look on the terminal area. Trondheim is the only airport where I have such FPS problems with the dyn. light. My scenery version is 1.02, P3D v4.1. System: Intel i5-3570K @4Ghz, 16GB RAM, 6GB MSI NVIDIA GTX1060 Gaming X, Windows 10
  10. Not the terminal yet, but they are working on the runway extension. They want to open it 2019.
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