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  1. Will try that tomorrow, thanks
  2. Same issue here, all pumps are on, no GSX Level 2 refuelung, nothing flashing in CDU3. I am onl the latest
  3. It's the basic "tomato-bright.ini" preset, which comes directly with TS
  4. At least, I've found a preset, which is a bit brighter, because I don't want to miss Tomatoshade and always restoring and inserting shaders, between addons is kind of stupid But what just came to my mind, when I opened the window, wouldn't it be possible to make the windows a bit less tinted, as this also has a big part, in making the cockpit feeling too dark (see the difference in the 2nd pic)?
  5. Mhh...the funny thing is, that the CRJ and the Maddog aren't that dark inside for me. So that's quite unique (at least on my end) for the A330. For the Lufthansa, I can guarantee you, that they were white on the sunny side. So yeah, in the shade they might be too dark, due to Tomato, but on the other side it's pretty much normal. ^^
  6. No worries, I totally understand that Would it be an option for a future update, to give the pilot the option to change the windshield to a brighter one, like in the CRJ? Because especially Tomatoshade is quite popular out there.
  7. Same here, but using Tomatoshade instead of PTA (without reflection profile, since that isn't necessary due to PBR). It's only the cockpit and especially the windshield which is too dark. As a comparison, I uploaded 2 screenshots, one from the outside, one from inside. The outside shot, is clearly brighter than the inside one. IMO it is ok if its a bit darker inside, but that's a bit too much, even on a cloudy day like today
  8. Here? http://www.flightsimsoft.com/support/
  9. Hello guys, I got a problem with the provided MD83 template. Somehow, it keeps planning all my flights, at an altitude of just 1.000ft. As an example I attached a planned flight. This happens to me only on the MD83 so far. the -82 works fine. Thanks in advance! AAL1111 KDFW-CYYZ (14-Jan-2019) #1.txt KDFW-CYYZ.pdf
  10. Would like to see this one Germania D-ASTB http://www.flugzeugbilder.de/show.php?id=1328083 http://www.flugzeugbilder.de/show.php?id=1329925 http://www.flugzeugbilder.de/show.php?id=1329323
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