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  1. I found a very useful website for that I use to resolve validation errors when I create flightplans
  2. Ok thank you, I have fixed it now and EFB now reads the airport correcty and I can now plan the STARs and SIDs. Thank you a lot for helping!
  3. ah that explains it, I probably should have crosschecked it with the wiki about the airport from now that I have checked it again. How am I going to find the afcad of the airport?
  4. So recently I have been using Keflavik X and managed to move it to P3D 3.4, scenery-wise and all it is of amazing quality for what it offers, but when I plan arrivals and departures from Keflavik, it seems that the EFB can't load any SIDs and STARs because it reads the runways on the heading of 01-19 and 10-28 while they should have been 02-20 and 11-29, as shown both on the scenery and on google maps when I crosschecked it. I have the same problem when planning the arrival via the FMC in the PMDG boeing.(as seen in the attachment) Does anyone know if I did something wrong when moving the scenery over from FSX to P3D? did I forgot something, or is there some otherway to fix it?
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