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    Useful PFPX additions

    I found a very useful website for that I use to resolve validation errors when I create flightplans https://contentzone.eurocontrol.int/fpl/errorSearch.aspx
  2. Ok thank you, I have fixed it now and EFB now reads the airport correcty and I can now plan the STARs and SIDs. Thank you a lot for helping!
  3. ah that explains it, I probably should have crosschecked it with the wiki about the airport from now that I have checked it again. How am I going to find the afcad of the airport?
  4. So recently I have been using Keflavik X and managed to move it to P3D 3.4, scenery-wise and all it is of amazing quality for what it offers, but when I plan arrivals and departures from Keflavik, it seems that the EFB can't load any SIDs and STARs because it reads the runways on the heading of 01-19 and 10-28 while they should have been 02-20 and 11-29, as shown both on the scenery and on google maps when I crosschecked it. I have the same problem when planning the arrival via the FMC in the PMDG boeing.(as seen in the attachment) Does anyone know if I did something wrong when moving the scenery over from FSX to P3D? did I forgot something, or is there some otherway to fix it?
  5. I have been looking through this forum post and maybe I have looked over it, but on what level will the A330 be when it comes to learning curve? Will it be on the same level as the A318 throught A321, or will the learning curve be higher? like more towards study sim aircrafts?
  6. since the development of the a330 is in a closed test phase, I was wondering if there will also be the A330-200F shipped when it is ready to be sold? May be a good addition for the people who like the freight routes and such
  7. Is it marked on the decent profile of the approach chart? bc if that is so than I have done it right so far
  8. I need some help with setting up the MCDU when I go into the approach phase. There is these 2 things that I have trouble figuring out. If u open the APPR tab there is this thing called Baro on the right side of the MCDU, same case for Radio. What am I supposed to fill in there?? (the picture down below is just a example to show u what I am asking about)
  9. Xander975

    how to add Nav Data Bases

    I recently made an account on SimBrief, and the 1503 Navdata is free for all users, but how do I add it to the MCDU?