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  1. You know what the bug is- the value entered is being assumed to be KGS, and displaying after the conversion to LBS. .7 becomes 1.5. @mopperle
  2. Has anyone else noticed that when you input the (already prefilled) taxi fuel below the block fuel entry, it corrects whatever you put in to a much higher value?
  3. Yes I think so- just the way aerosoft has modeled the FADEC makes it tricky to set up. Different things work for different users.
  4. Can you try setting the assignments for your power levers to “radio button - send to fs as normal axis” and “axis throttle 1 set/axis throttle 2 set” (respectively)
  5. Will there be an option in the future to be able to monitor COM2 - currently you either send/receive on one or the other?
  6. I agree and totally understand... what annoys me is not the "keeping track" or the "counters"- but rather when I uninstall the program, it doesn't count as uninstall. Prepar3d does this very well- when you uninstall it rings the server, and you can then "as if in a suitcase" bring your program to the next computer. Keep in mind we have a licence for one install I believe, and technology should be in place to allow us to remove, and replace- such as taking a book from one shelf and putting it on another. PMDG is the same way: you can install many times, provided the last install has
  7. Every so often I'll do a format/reinstall of my windows which allows a "clean slate" testbed style computer for beta testing. I practice good "uninstall behavior" - by uninstalling from the control panel if there is an option to do so... PFPX seems to not honor this... for on the new install I get the attached image message, that PFPX is installed on several different machines. Inevitably, you get to a certain point (is it every two years) where I must contact Christian at PFPX and ask for a reset. The bug is, that uninstalls somehow don't uninstall the licence f
  8. Hi Mathjis,


    Wonderful meeting you today at FlightSimCon- thanks for coming such a long distance!



  9. Just wondering if it is just me, or the turn coordinator ball is locked in the center when doing a slip/skid turn. It might have already been addressed, user error, or logged for an upcoming patch. Thanks! EDIT: autorudder somehow had become activated.
  10. i'm having the same issue- I guess as explained it's an FS bug... Although I wish we could add some sort of light to brighten things up. Has anyone tried any of the shockwave stuff?
  11. I'm in the same boat with the CDI... I can boot the GPS just fine, but it does not drive the CDI, on SIMPLE or REALISTIC radio settings. It appears in the VC that the GPS unit also pops up as a window embedded in the panel... Will do some more testing, I made sure in the realityxp configuration program that I had "link CDI/VOR" to have the GPS drive the gauge. -
  12. Der link funktioniert nicht mehr, aber danke. Gibt es eine bessere Link dafür?
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