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  1. EASY, long haul and dont want to get out of the simulator full screen, would be amazing mathjis and would be a wonderfull idea! yes, but is not at all integrated.
  3. mil mil mil gracias! enserio te lo agradezco muchísimo! thanks so so much, seriously i really apreciiate wooooooow with my name! =) you are a genius!
  4. Could you please make the same texture to the a18 model? thsnkd
  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  6. si debes de desacticar los bloqueos de edicion ahora mismo no sabira decirte como pero creo que es en opciones de carpeta permisos y das permisos de administrador y podras editarlo. saludos
  7. que genio! mola mola!! podrías hacer un airbus 318 ficticio de iberia y el a 319 con sharklets también? puedo pagar si quieres!
  8. Avianca Brazil Airbus a318 Lan Chile Airbus a318/a319 Vueling (Fictional) Airbus a318 Iberia (Fictional) Airbus a318 Air europa (Fictional) Airbus a320/a321 Those are my very very Dreams!
  9. those are for cfm or for iae? thanks a lot!
  10. Fpajuelo, podrías hacerlo con la librería anterior de iberia? y luego por último si te curras un a318 de iberia ficticio y otro de vueling, te hago un monumento, no enserio puedo pagar si hace falta! Mil gracias y un saludo!
  11. okey i want to propose something to repainters, i know there are only a dew operators in the work wi a 318, and there are no al repaints done. but my propose is to make fictional repaints because there are only 3 liveries to download of a318 and hug quantity of a 319. Real a318 buses are Britisth airways, Air france, Avianca brasil and Avianca; Tarom, Frontier Airlines and Lan chile. Thats it. So why don't you make fictional Vueling a318, SAS a318, Lufthansa a318, Iberia a318 Alitalia a318 etc etc etc. best regards
  12. Iberia 319 and vueling 318/319 thanks!
  13. HAHAHAHA must see
  14. Working on the mastering of the new CD of Thirteen Shots!

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