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  1. where did you found it? on the updater? or in forum?
  2. Hi i have friend that haves P3DV5 and i have P3DV4. do wee need to have the same sim for running it or well be working as we have the same addon? cheers
  3. and to add to that list, every time i press dct the lnav draws a random line, and the link from pp position to th dct point is missing.
  4. is there any plans for updating the last version P3DV4/V5 ? Cheers
  5. Could be an option. What was the problem with the CRJ export? In wich case is simbrief informed about that?
  6. yep you are right todays flight did not have any issues. But i´ve noticed a few things. the problem seems to be envolve when you load a defined route from simbrief after i select a arrival arrival rwy and transition. the route got broken from the sid to star. also have you noticed any stranger thing on R-nav sids/stars ?
  7. Hi, seems that the breaker of the Lnav comes when you execute a DCT to any point. cheers
  8. Hi since last update, there’s a couple of things that seems to be broken. 1. Lnav next point isn’t magenta. But the aircraft still follows it. 2. when the EFB is switched off, a grey screen appears on it, that still has the same light on the night that on the day . 3. Random lines are drawn after ser a direct. Also the route leg disappears 4. the panel and fms data save data is no longer available. After save a scenario the FMS will remain as default. cheers and best wishes
  9. I order to continue the flight after a ctd CTD does CRJ support it? thanks in advance for the answers Eduard
  10. Try to understand it that way... why you will call for support to Airbus for a plane that was designed by Boeing? you may better knock on Boeing´s door. Try with the developers of "the immersion pluggin" they will help you.
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