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  1. what about this settings (these are my vfr settings)
  2. cloud you please show a picture of the sabadell airport included please? i have barcelona from sim wings. If sabadel is acceptable i will purchase this cheers
  3. so for example to run Barcelona with airbus pro with orbx global LC and vector with active sky with rex force and rainig, do you think taht with a 1070 gtx 8gb will be enougth to run P3DV4.4 WITH 30 fps stable?
  4. Eduard Gasull

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    New Request SABADELL AIRPORT. LELL. Near barcelona airport
  5. Eduard Gasull

    Can't turn seat belt sign off

    are you using FS2CREW or default copilot.? There have been issues reported on the beta test of the FS2CREW lastest update for Airbus pro with this exact problem.
  6. Eduard Gasull

    airbus pro and CRJ cabin passengers light

    hmm, so no option to turn on/off the passenger cabin lights whiteout turn on/off all the lights available? do you believe that it can be added in the future updates a shortcut option to manage that light? o r is a waste of time. thanks Boss.
  7. Eduard Gasull

    Need feedback about new P3DV4.4

    Hi, I saw yesterday that Lockheed Martin has released the fourth version of P3DV4. Before the update, I want to share some opinions with you guys about the compatibility of the products. I have read here that almost all aerosoft addons work well with P3DV4.4. But how about for example these add-ons. EZCA V2 ACTIVE SKY /ASCA ORBX products Some legacy products as Aspen extended, or Twin Otter extended Majestic Q400 pro Carenado airplanes in general Ultimate traffic live other scenarios form Just sim, fly Tampa Any comments on that? thanks for the feedback! cheers
  8. Eduard Gasull

    Twin Otter Extended Extended?

    I was saying the same a year ago. but when P3D V4 came out, I understood that FSX was officially the past. The good thing is, FSX can continue work with P3DV4. there are different programs, you just need the space to store the sims. in my case is not a problem. But the truth is that I have now uninstalled it FSX and put in my memories, once you try P3DV4 when you fly with FSX you will notice the changes a lot. A LOT trust me. I recommend you to lose the fear I had. Too much money invested. A completely closed development which means no headage with updates. And a lot of add-ons purchased that won't work for P3DV4. The fact that now over 80% of my add-ons work with P3DV4. just remember I was like you a year ago. And now I'm very happy with the decision I took. cheers
  9. hi any switch to turn on/off the passenger's cabin light? i mean to see the light on the windows in the exterior model. Until now I only can turn on/off that light with general keyboard command L. thanks
  10. Eduard Gasull

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    today i prefer wine wine situation! 😎 😃
  11. Eduard Gasull

    MCDU WINDS not available

    thanks for the info! I have tested it again it works great! I will look to that file next time it happen
  12. there is a flaps setting problem that i have with f2screw or even with the default airbus copilot. in the after start procedures, both first officers configure the flaps to full. Then the flaps command in fs2crew doest not work propperly. Has this been detected?
  13. Eduard Gasull

    MCDU WINDS not available

    1. yes (except for the sids and starts) wich the AS flp does not have 2.yes. i have no information. 3. and yes is in the same pc. I'm going to test it again.
  14. Eduard Gasull

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    yes, sorry these days I having to much work. I didn't remember to use the search function have a nice Sunday Tom.
  15. Eduard Gasull

    MCDU WINDS not available

    after buying 320/21 and update to the last experimental version on iae 321 the winds are not available. I have the flight plan loaded on AS16 etc etc. is something that i miss?