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  1. Hello, I think it's the same with everyone, at least with me! the airplane is in the air the landing gear and the flaps completely retracted. Then the Logolight is also dark, like in your "Config". It was already described here in the forum if I remember. Unfortunately find it also somewhat unrealistic but at the moment I think that is unfortunately so. Greetings, Patrick
  2. ok this is very unattractive, I have all details on the highest level and the same FPS as you but I use the aeroSOFT Airbus. With the PMDG airplanes the FPS are clearly better. Also, my system is not as strong as yours. The cloud shadows are very peculiar, what has disturbed me a lot and the FPS are moving into the basement. I have deactivated them with me. Also, my P3Dv4.3 ect runs on an SSD, I think you use a normal hard drive. or ??
  3. I don't understand it at all, Please post your system data. Thanks and greetings Pat
  4. I also think Jo did such a fantastic job that we really shouldn't talk about the light here. The scenery is really fantastic and so you can see the reality as it goes. You can really believe that. Look forward to what's coming and who knows what the next versions of P3D will make possible. and who can use HDR should do that! Cologne Bonn Airport, you can believe me is One of the best Scenerys there is at the moment!!!!!!
  5. You want more? You get more! Turn on the Light. - NEW Pictures are from the beta version. - Static planes are switched off. - All the planes you can see were created with the most different AI flight plans and planes. And are NOT part of the scenery! Have a nice Day. 🤪 best Regards Patrick
  6. Hello ... for Explanation: Pictures 1 and 9 show static Planes. Picture 1: the blue TUIfly Plane left of the germanwings. Picture 9: the blue & yellow TUIfly at Terminal B & C, Norwegian and two Ryanair Aircraft at Terminal D All other Airplanes you see are Al traffic. The one I created from the various Ai flight Plans. To answer the Question about the RWY End of the 14R / or the RWY Start of the 32L. This is, like the real Model, a NO NOT renovate concrete Part of the Runway. That's why the band indeed looks a bit strange. Getting well into the new Week, Greetings Patrick
  7. Hello, Everyone, after I got the permission from Jo Erlend, I don't want to withhold current pictures of the Airport EDDK from you. The pictures are from the current beta version. Enjoy the pictures, have a nice Sunday and don't ask any Questions about a Release Date. 😉 All the best to Patrick
  8. Hello "maukro_1990" , That is always such a question in EDDk at the moment. Because the place is bursting at the seams. But the Eurowings A330 ect are mostly located on the B14, B16, B18 or A1, A2, A3, A4 That often depends on which gates are occupied by other planes. Greetings Patrick
  9. In reality, the pilot or co-pilot can switch the logo light on and off himself. Unfortunately this function was not implemented. I think at the moment the logo light is connected to the landing gear. In other words, as long as the landing gear is extended, the logo light also lights up. Maybe aeroSOFT will fixture that again. Greetings, Pat but what I noticed with your picture is that something doesn't seem to work with the texture. The plane looks so unspeakably dark.
  10. Hello dear aeroSOFT Team, is there any news?? Thank you and greetings, Pat
  11. HAHAHA Now it's starting here. So I'm in the cockpit most of the time, Cologne/Bonn will be a fantastic airport but I think some things are also a bit superfluous. Laugh, we could also suggest Jo to move the hunters with their ferrets. They'll go hunting rabbits at the runway. Let's just wait and see what awaits us and look forward to the day of release. Greetings Patrick
  12. perfect ! many thanks & greetings from Berlin
  13. Dear aeroSOFT Team, Hello Mr. Kok, I have a question about the brake release on the A319. You can turn it on in the cockpit but you can't hear it. Neither in the interior view (which would also be quite unrealistic) nor in the exterior view it is not to be heard. Has this sound not been implemented or do I have the wrong sound settings in my simulator? Thank you for an answer. With kind regards Patrick
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