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  1. Hello, I think it's the same with everyone, at least with me! the airplane is in the air the landing gear and the flaps completely retracted. Then the Logolight is also dark, like in your "Config". It was already described here in the forum if I remember. Unfortunately find it also somewhat unrealistic but at the moment I think that is unfortunately so. Greetings, Patrick
  2. ok this is very unattractive, I have all details on the highest level and the same FPS as you but I use the aeroSOFT Airbus. With the PMDG airplanes the FPS are clearly better. Also, my system is not as strong as yours. The cloud shadows are very peculiar, what has disturbed me a lot and the FPS are moving into the basement. I have deactivated them with me. Also, my P3Dv4.3 ect runs on an SSD, I think you use a normal hard drive. or ??
  3. I don't understand it at all, Please post your system data. Thanks and greetings Pat
  4. In reality, the pilot or co-pilot can switch the logo light on and off himself. Unfortunately this function was not implemented. I think at the moment the logo light is connected to the landing gear. In other words, as long as the landing gear is extended, the logo light also lights up. Maybe aeroSOFT will fixture that again. Greetings, Pat but what I noticed with your picture is that something doesn't seem to work with the texture. The plane looks so unspeakably dark.
  5. Hello dear aeroSOFT Team, is there any news?? Thank you and greetings, Pat
  6. perfect ! many thanks & greetings from Berlin
  7. Dear aeroSOFT Team, Hello Mr. Kok, I have a question about the brake release on the A319. You can turn it on in the cockpit but you can't hear it. Neither in the interior view (which would also be quite unrealistic) nor in the exterior view it is not to be heard. Has this sound not been implemented or do I have the wrong sound settings in my simulator? Thank you for an answer. With kind regards Patrick
  8. Dear Mr. Kok, I also don't want to offend you in any way or malign the product. I have a feeling you're a little offended. The only thing I want to write to you here is just an improvement suggestion, which you don't have to implement if you don't want to. It's your product and it's not for me to tell you what to do. So please don't get me wrong. I just thought they would appreciate honest and open feedback. I may also have been mistaken on my last 60 flights in an Airbus A319 and 320 last year alone. I want to apologize for that. with kind regards, Patrick Muehlmann Spoilers and Ailerons upwards on min 08:55
  9. The spoilers are standing right yes! But I'm talking about the ailerons! Drive this together with the spoiler upwards when putting it on. This is what airbus has programmed on all models, including the A319, A320 and A321. In this way, the buoyancy is to be reduced even faster. There was obviously a software update that also old machines that are 26 years old, for example, now have exactly these functions. The new Airbus aircraft such as the A320SL also raise the ailerons on landing. I'll try uploading a video. I recorded this on Friday in the D-AGWN A319-132. you can also see what I mean when I say retract the flaps. in the current version of your Airbus the Slats drive immediately into the retracted position when the F5 key is pressed, but in the real Airbus they are the last to retract. As said you can always retract the landing flaps slowly by hand with F6 then it comes close to the real airplane, but you can certainly also program it in such a way that the flaps retract step by step when pressing the F5 key. Or? Here you can see the retraction of the landing gear.
  10. Dear aeroSOFT Team, I'm not sure but I think I read that you guys are working on the gear animation again?! Since the retracting and extending does not correspond to the real Airbus. Ausserdem ist mir beim einfahren der Landeklappen Furthermore, when retracting the landing flaps I noticed that if you press F5, the flaps do not retract in the correct order in any way. In addition, the airbrakes and the control surfaces on the wings move upwards on the ground when landing. (See picture) Could you possibly take that into account with the SP1? Thanks and greetings, Patrick
  11. a good day to you all, I have similar problems. with the PMDG planes 737NG / 777 I have settings at 4K, Ai traffic ect always around 25 to 60 FPS at airports like EDDF, Amsterdam of Flytampa, EDDN of 29 Palms ect. when I load the Airbus then the FPS go so into the cellar that I can not explain it to me. What strikes me, however, is that in the exterior view the beacons and stobes are not displayed correctly. It means that they are flashing but are only displayed optically every few seconds and then not as they should be. TrueGlas also seems to eat the FPS. I don't think there's anything wrong with users' systems like this in a few reactions above. I think the Airbus is causing these problems. Otherwise we would have the same problems with the FPS on all aircraft and not only with the Airbus. Now you should see exactly what causes these problems. Greetings, Pat
  12. hello Mathijs, thanks for the tip ! will try that again. Tried it twice already but can try it again. I'm really at a loss as to why this isn't working anymore. Can this also be related to an AdOn? When the simulator was still working, it always showed me that it couldn't find London Heathrow X when it started. But I never had it installed like that. Maybe I'll try again to see if there is any data from the airport in the folder. Because I have London Heathrow Pro on my computer. Maybe that's what's causing my problem. I don't understand why ... the P3Dv4.3 runs only as a background process and not as an app. once I already did your tip from above and the P3Dv4.3 has reloaded the scenery but only to 96% then it is frozen. can't that suggest there's something wrong with the scenery? Best regards and thank you, pat
  13. Hello Oliver, Thank you also for the tip, but none of the files in the said folder. Also, I do not have the FSL A3xx (I'm EUER Airbus customer), this FSL has also led to massive problems for many. I have never had these problems after a P3D update. What happens if I also delete the scenery and reinstall? Are all my Ai-Traffics and AdOns gone ?? Thank you for your help. Greetings Pat
  14. Thank you for the tips, But do I have to reinstall a whole installation as you suggest then not all my AdOns? - Aircrafts - AiTraffic - Scenery's I would really like to do that !!
  15. Hello, everyone, after updating from P3Dv4.2 to 4.3 I have the following problem. P3Dv4.3 does not start anymore. And becomes strange when you look in Task Manager only under "Background processes" and no longer under "Apps". more precisely, I am running P3Dv4.3 as admin, you see the startup screen and see something loading but it does NOTHING. Do any of you also have this problem and or know what causes this problem, or even better how to fix it? Thanks and greetings, Pat.
  16. Hello, everyone, after updating from P3Dv4.2 to 4.3 I have the following problem. P3Dv4.3 does not start anymore. And becomes strange when you look in Task Manager only under "Background processes" and no longer under "Apps". more precisely, I am running P3Dv4.3 as admin, you see the startup screen and see something loading but it does NOTHING. Do any of you also have this problem and or know what causes this problem, or even better how to fix it? Thanks and greetings, Pat.
  17. Hello dear aeroSOFT'ys, it would be fantastic if it could finally be a perfect version of the airport: EDDC / Dresden". And even better / important "AES professional" for P3Dv4 Grüße, Pat
  18. das hängt vielleicht damit zusammen das FSDG an Bremen baut. Grüße, Pat
  19. Hi Masterhawk, 10000000 danke !!! die Gebäude sind weg !!! Nur in der Nacht sind noch ein paar "fremde" Lights von ORBX auf dem Gelände verstreut. Aber dennoch 100000000000000000000000 Dank und die besten Grüße, Patrick
  20. WOW ... vielen lieben Dank !!!! Freue mich schon sehr drauf. Grüße, Pat
  21. Hallo alle zusammen, bevor ich alles wieder neu erkläre ... reaktiviere ich lieber diesen alten Verlauf. Ich habe gestern herausgefunden wo das Problem zu liegen scheint. Wenn ich im aeroSOFT "EDDT Configurator P3D V4" die Photoreal Area, einschalte sind die "Default Hangar sowie eine zweiter Kühlturm" verschwunden. Da ich aber den ORBX Ground verwenden möchte, schalte ich im Configurator die Photoreal Area wieder aus und schon sind die Hangar und der zweite Kühlturm wieder da. Jetzt muss ich nur rausfinden warum das geschied, da ich in Version EDDT 1.00 dieses Problem nicht hatte, kann es nur an der Version 1.01 liegen. Was wurde an Version 1.01 alles verändert. Es wär schön wenn wir alle zusammen, langsam dieses Problem lösen könnten. Danke und euch allen einen schönen 1. Advent. beste Grüße, Patrick ps.: wie heissen den die Datein im EDDT Scenery Ordner die für die Photoreal Area zuständig sind. Vielleicht reicht es ja aus diese auf OFF zu setzen.
  22. Hey alle zusammen, auch bei mir sind die selben Fehler zu finden. Habe TXL komplett deinstalliert und dann die Version 1.01 Installiert und hatte dann genau die selben Fehler. Auch ich nutzte FTX GEN und auch bei mir ist die Reihenfolge genauso wie sie sein soll. Grüße Patrick
  23. Hi Rainer, Danke für deine Tipps werde i h versuchen dir heute Abend zu schicken. Ich weiss nur das ich eine Mash Datei von den Alpen installiert habe. Aber gebe dir heute abend bescheid. Grüsse Patrick
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