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  1. Thanks for the fast reply! I hope you do, I don't have a credit card and they don't accept paypal wallet money, only creditcards through paypal.
  2. Hi guys, Any chance the 737-200 is coming to the aerosoft store? Thanks!
  3. I don't know the version number, the data says 29/05/2017 I've resolved the issue by using the ASC.dll you posted in this thread:
  4. Hi all, I've seen the same problem in another forum but no fix, but when I do the fire system test I get a clicking sounds, same for overhead buttons, etc. I downloaded this plane from the Flight Sim Store so maybe it's not the newest version? Although it did allow a native P3D V.4 install. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Oh this is just a general question, I use simbrief and see some range rings in ETOPS that seem well over an hour of flying. So I wondered if I still only have to put the 60 minute range rings in the FMC, even if the aircraft is ETOPS 120, 180, 207 capable? I'm just trying to get realistic in the heavies šŸ˜ƒ
  6. Hi all, I'm a little confused about FIX ranges in the FMC using ETOPS. For example, if I have an ETOPS 120 or greater able plane, do I still only put in the ranges of 60 minutes of flying around the ETOPS Entry and Exit airport? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I think the subject gives it away =). Can we expect the QOTS II on the aerosoft store? Thanks!
  8. @PatrickZSeems like a good idea! Saves me the money on DDR4 RAM and a motherboard. What are some good tweaks? V4 actually doesn't seem to run as well as expected.
  9. @Sabretooth78How is the 6700K? Was the performance good with the 6700K and GTX970? The 6700K seems well priced and if it works well that's the one i'm going to get.
  10. Yeah it moves sooo fast. Currently I have a i7 4770, GTX970 and 16GB of DDR3 RAM, but as a student I can't upgrade all of it at once (and my parents aren't exactly too pleased with digital stuff like this) I just don't know what to upgrade first. A new CPU needs a new motherboard and new RAM, and a new GPU might be bottlenecked by the CPU
  11. Is money best spent on a new GPU or CPU in V4? And XP-11 for that matter...
  12. There's a really good deal here https://www.phonestuff.nl/product/intel-i7-7820x-basin-falls/ but is the i7 7820x any good for P3D / XP-11?
  13. Right, its just the GPU that's kinda annoying right now as I can't buy both a CPU and GPU
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