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  1. I have enabled logging in my buses and will try and get a test flight in this weekend 🤞
  2. Nope. I don’t use IVAO (or Vatsim) and only fly offline
  3. I’ll try, but I don’t really know at which point it goes wrong. I only know something is up when nearing top of climb and then the aircraft starts falling out of the sky ;). Anyway i’ll so my best. The idea of recording the whole flight was that you would also be able to tell if it was user error at the flight setup phase (because I’m not a qualified pilot so that js very likely...!) which could contribute to causing the issue.
  4. I have been having this managed speed issue too. I will try and make a video covering the whole flight to help the devs find the cause I literally just clean reinstalled the Bus yeaterday
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