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  1. really like your royal norwegian/jetnorge repaints!!


    any chance you might consider pmdg 747v3 in royal/jetnorge??


    nice work!



  2. Just installed the 2.21 version of aes. Went to EDDM and the nice blue airstairs marked with M are not there anymore. Are these erased by this version? Best regards Mikael
  3. Hi I now this topic have been started alot of times in the past, but I just wanted to give a few suggestions of destinations. ESGG Gothenburg Landvetter Airport ESMS Malmo Sturup ESNN Sundsvall (nice scenery) ESPA Lulea ESSB Stockholm Bromma ESSV Visby Island of gotland It would be nice with a domestic destination from Arlanda! Would like to wish everybody a happy new year! Best regards Mike
  4. A new update..... hmmm............nothing new for us with the throttle problem. this sucks. havent heard anything except "i will contact you when the devs figure something out" well we waited for the airbus for a while and now after the release there's still all these bugs. a sad simmer, i wanna fly the beatiful airbus! mikael
  5. Hello When running AirbusX and i try to stop the flight with ESC and close the sim, FSX completely stops and wont be able to shutdown properly. And when i dont shutdown fsx properly i might loose data. I've encountered this three times before, lost all nav/bcn/strobe lights on all addon aircraft. the only help and answer i've got is reinstall FSX. This time i saved it by reinstalling the addons. That didnt worked the last times. Any idea what's causing this? really annoying. stupid bus regards mikael
  6. Is flight1 the developer of the Islander? cant find any information about it anymore anywhere? regards mikael
  7. Yippie!!!1 That one i've missed! Thank yu for that info! best regards mikael
  8. Hi Are there any Islander/Trislanders out on the market freeware/payware?? That would be a nice aircraft aerosoft style (island jumping)!! I bought the Airliner magazine and there was an really interesting article about the Higland Airways BN2 Islander. I really wish to fly it in FSX! A nice aircraft, single pilot IFR just an Alt hold autopilot, Really demanding at poor weather thou! Is it not a good thought?? Happy new year regards mikael
  9. Monastir really looks fantastic!! And how about some Greek scenery LGZA, LGIR or LGSK. and why not ESGG Landvetter in Sweden? Looking forward to the Monastir release best regards mikael
  10. If you want to now or calculate your drift (apprx) use this formula. 15 x sin mean latitude (15 degrees/hour is the maximum drift at the north/south pole) regards mikael
  11. A2A's Stratocruiser got this feature, it cant be impossible. But the aerosoft pby cat got the best start up sound ever!! regards mikael
  12. Very nice textures you've made! I got them all but iam really waiting for the C-FNLF civil livery. Was just wonderign how the work came out on that one? best regards mikael
  13. Dag i also got a question for you. I've seen this question before but i dont understand how to do. When i've done my repaint i use for example the dutchcat as base and do all my paint on that. Then I copy the _B textures from the dutchcat to my own texture folder. Then i start FSX and the textures look great except the marking and numbers from the dutchcat is transparent through my livery. How to get these away? regards mikael
  14. Where can i found that spanish yellow livery, cant find it any where on SOH or flightsim.com. regards mikael
  15. Thank you Dag, now i finally got my textures into FSX. (looking crap, but i will get better) regards mikael
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