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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately not... I'm looking at it from the Spot View. Everything in the cockpit loads up fine, I can put a route in the FMS etc but obviously the outside isn't quite right...
  2. Image kind of says it all really..... Recently done a fresh install of my entire system. Installed the Airbus did the update to latest version etc etc. Load up each model to check all are ok and the A319 IAE PL2WINSAT model has no landing gear, the GPU is buried into the side of the door, the door itself is half open and the rudder is deflected... I have a legal copy of both the A318/319 Pro and A320/321 Pro from Simmarket. None of the other models have this issue... Just the PL2WINSAT model... My specs, P3D (4.5) settings Etc are all as they once were
  3. Ok So I've done some investigating.... It appears it maybe linked to Dynamic lighting from either the Addon Airport or that it just gets stuck when loading... If Dynamic Lighting is turned off, the Cockpit lighting is as it should be at night. (But that's not what we want right?) So (And it's worked thus far) I took the Tex_FB_A320 & Tex_FB_VC files and Copy/Paste them into the addon Texture folder and it seems to have solved the problem.... This may or may not be right according to the Devs but for me and my system it seems to work.
  4. Hi Aerosoft, Recently purchased A32F for P3dV4.5. Livery is one downloaded from AVSIM I placed the default Texture.cfg file in the new texrure folder and it worked fine (dark cockpit with appropriate lights selected etc) then the next day did a flight with same aircraft/ texture and I get essentially day textures at night.... Any help/advice? I have no modified Shaders, even reinstalled them to make sure they were default. I use Reallight and Trueglass and Immersion but that's it. In the attached picture I have al lights off apart from the Autopilot panel l
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