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  1. Hallo! For the trees: could you use different sizes and types, they look all equally and so looks a bit FS2000 alike ;-) Surrounding buildings would be great, churches, villages, etc. Keep up the great work, looking forward to it And please for P3D2 as well
  2. Hi, great that a new Brussels-Zaventem is being worked on! Will you also include some surrounding objects? I only know them from pictures from plane spotter sites. A church and urban settlements you can see there with plenty of vegetation, I think some guys here know what I mean. Will this fit to FTX Global nicely? Will you include a great AFD with x-wind landing and proper airline assignment? questions, questions, question... ;-) brgds, Axel
  3. Hi, even didn't consider to download "Flight", still totally happy with my FS9! Best regards, Axel
  4. Yeah, I think I could recognize one sign on one of the pictures posted on the product page. Hopefully the developer keeps going on with such details also for the FS9 version. In my opinion especially in those details should be taken care about
  5. Hi, what I found on his sceneries is that there are default taxiway signs, placed with an afd tool. Is it here the same? Or custom made taxiway signs? Best regards, Axel
  6. Hallo Rainer, please have a look at the AIG messages ;-) Best, Axel
  7. I mean the tower visible on that picture: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Antonov-Design-Bureau/Antonov-An-225-Mriya/2035234/L/&sid=b2204a6b1df70b80c5d3db84a873107a Best, Axel
  8. Hi Rainer, thanks for the preview. Not visible on the Hamburg screenies: will the "new" radar tower be included on the north side of the airport? There is a radar on the top, isn't it? And for Bremen: doesn't look that the bridge of the highway A281 is included. It is passing just behind the airport area and the pylons are visible from the other side as well. But maybe too late now... ;-) Anyway, great that the team is upgrading the sceneries and that for free! Best, Axel
  9. Hallo Oliver, are there any news about a pre-release for KSFO before 2.14 as happened with Anchorage for FS9 yesterday? Thanks and best regards, Axel
  10. Madeira for FS9 version would be great! :-) Best regards, Axel
  11. Yes that's it! Thanks for your replies, I downloaded the whole installer 1.1 from simmarket and now AES finds LEBB. :-) Kind regards and have a nice Christmas with many gifts!
  12. Hello Charles & V1, what I understood from V1's post he has had a problem with the activation of Bilbao in AES 2.09. Could you pls translate your solution in English here? I have the same problem with activation. AES does not show up LEBB in its installed airport list. I also had to activate Bilbao manually in FS9. Maybe there is the problem, it's a bit tricky in win7 64. Thanks for any reply! cheers, Axel
  13. Hi, I am not sure if this has been posted before in this thread: A few days ago I was taxiing at Schipol (real airport, not in FS) and would like to ask if it is possible to have the outer part of the airport, I mean the area around RWY36L/18R a little bit more embedded by trees and the street system there. I didn't know that there are so many trees now near the taxiways and RWY36L/18R. I thought it was quite "empty" or "flat" area. Maybe some of the Dutch users here or Schipol experts can confirm that. A little bit more real remoted area there would be fine in FS. By the way, RWY36L/18R is far away but very often used ;-) By the way, I found on the real airport an interesting sign near the runway entry: "check SID in FMS" :-) Thanks for any response from the developer/ aerosoft-team, kind regards, Axel
  14. Hallo, das kann man doch mal Service nennen. Danke für den fixen Fix (-; Aber das ist man ja gewohnt vom GAP-Team! EDDM ist super detailreich...sogar die Geländer an den Brücken sind modelliert, nicht nur einfache, flache Texturen! Und dann läuft das alles so flüssig! Keine Bugs. Schöne Grüße, Axel
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