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  1. Thanks Chaps Just about to eliminate those files Oliver. Thanks Cheers Alex does this mean that I will lose a few buildings as well? For example if I did this at Fly Tampa Vienna I would lose the terminal building. James
  2. Hi All I have just reinstalled the scenery and I can confirm that there is no options to remove ai moving ground traffic. Cheers James
  3. Hi Alex I am using the FS9 version. Im not sure if there is and option during installation, I will give it a try. If not Somewhere amongst all those bgl's within the scenery is a file. Cheers James
  4. Hi Guys Sorry Mathijs and Oliver I have been having problems accessing the forums but I am truly thankful for your efforts in investigating what the BGL is. James
  5. Hi Everybody I was just wondering if anybody knew which bgl file within the Lisbon X/2008 scenery folder controls the moving vehicles? I am looking to remove it as its quite annoying to enter or push back from a stand and suddenly a bus takes out the aircarft. I see that with all my other Aerosoft addon mega airport scenery's there is a tool whereby I can disable the traffic but I do not have this option withing Lisbon. Please can someone give me a hint. Thanks James
  6. Rafal I agree but if you read my question above. I do not see any harm in there being some sort of system giving the customer a rough or accuarate idea as to when it will be released, And more importantly showing what new airports will have AES. I think demand for AES dictates that a system like this be put into use. It would also cut the repetative threads being created which Oliver loves so much Oliver or someone from Aerosoft, Is there any chance of my previous question being answered please? Its rude to ignore and like many others I am a loyal paying customer. Kind Regards James
  7. Thanks Lindbergh Hopefully Oliver or a member of Aerosoft will reply with some info in relation to the question
  8. Hello a question for Oliver Please, Oliver do you do all the AES updates on your own or do you have a team of people under your command via Aerosoft? If you are still doing this single handed then is there a plan for an AES team due to the current demand? The main reasons I am asking is because the demand for AES is extremely high and with all the airport sceneries being created could it be possible for a better system to be designed in order to inform AES fans (customers) of all planned updates, either exact or roughly. Surely this would decrease the number of "when is the next update?" threads being created. Just an Idea but I am also interested in the way AES is maintained day to day. Thanks James
  9. Psolk - Firstly I said thanks to Oliver for this update for which I am truly grateful for. Lastly this is an issue which involves 2.21 as a few of us were expecting the Eiresim Luton airport in this version as it has already been requested many times since way before xmas, And Oliver did say back then that he had the files from Eiresim. It can be seen as a question or a request, the decision is up to you. But as long as Oliver can see this, and as Oliver is the target of my question/request then that is all that matters. I am not un-grateful but I do not see harm in asking a question, If you don't ask you don't get.
  10. Hi Oliver, Firstly thanks for this update, KLAX is now complete. I also second this post from Spookberry, Will Eiresim Luton be available in the next update or could it even be added before the update as an exceptional case? Oliver I remember that you did mention Eiresim sent the files to you when it was questioned during the last AES version release. Fingers crossed Top Man, Thanks
  11. Thanks Oliver, Will this eventually be added to 2.14 or will we need to wait until 2.15? Skymann, Its FSDT letting the side down here. They are apparently making "changes" in order for it to work with AES. Or "seeing through the smoke screen" waiting to push GSX which is their own version of AES.
  12. Hello Oliver Thanks for this release but did Eiresim send you the files for Luton? Going by the link below they had already passed them to you back in September http://www.eiresim.com/forum/index.php?topic=997.0 I am quite shocked that this has not been added within 2.14. Also looks like FSDT are time wasting on LAX to push their own GSX. I for one am not at all interested in GSX. AES all the way!! I pledge to you my loyalty!! Thanks
  13. Yes I know there is 26 days in December Geddy Thanks, And yes that was my anti whining post from November. I am looking for an specific time of release, Surely Oliver has a target for the official release of AES 2.14. Nice one Flusi , is that the German Version? Has FSDT LAX and Eiresim Luton be added among other requested Sceneries? Thanks
  14. Ummm Nope psolk I have been very patient and have also like you had a go at the whiners previously but this was back in early November time. But I feel that I have asked a reasonable question for which I am waiting on Oliver to answer, So please Oliver can all us FSDreamteam LAX and Eiresim Luton peoples have the answer we are waiting for? This scenery is missing the final ingredient!!
  15. Hi Oliver As we now approach early December, Can we have an update on the update please? Its been a long hard few months wait so far. Thanks James
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