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  1. I just wanted to add, after this update the flaps are now functional, so thank you for that. Still I don't know how to fix the set parking brake correctly, but massive thanks for the flaps fix. It makes life so much more easier while I wait for my Bravo to arrive.
  2. Thank you, I have managed to calibrate my throttle and it works great. Shame about the flaps, but regarding the parking brakes the toggle function works but if I leave the parking brake at the on position with the TCA addon, it is like a constant toggle, so in order to make it work, I need to quickly move the brake on the addon to an off position.
  3. Same, I am loving it, can't wait for the CRJ9.
  4. Ah, I noticed it's a Bravo that you are using, I actually have one ordered from Aerosoft due to be shipped in a week or so. This will come an handy for that, so thank you. Regarding the TCA addon though, I can't seem to set active buttons to increase by one notch intervals, it's just a whole retraction or deployment. The travel is so small that it makes it impossible.
  5. Good evening, I am very much enjoying the CRJ, but I have some certain niggling issues with the parking break and the flap level on the TCA add on. Is there a specific setting I need to put them on in order to make them work? The parking sounds like it is working but it isn't moving in the VC, and the flaps only go from fully retracted to fully deployed, no ability to use the notches in between. I would gladly appreciate any suggestion and I thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you, I can finally calibrate the throttle, but I have some issues with the TCA add ons switches though. None of them seem to work properly.
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