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  1. Yes I can confirm. The autopilot is broken. It won't hold altitude correctly - about 800ft out. Speed hold during v sync is not controlling the throttles correctly. And autopilot is constantly singling left to right every few minutes in FMS 1 hold. Needs a patch I'm afraid.
  2. I'm sure a patch update will be soon implemented.
  3. Always use speed hold for climbing not VS setting. Vnav and use vs to adjust altitude at higher levels.
  4. We are probably flying past them in a piper arrow at 320 knots and at FL280 😂✈️
  5. Even a real 737 pilot can't fly it 😂... Quotes the systems are completely off. Worth a watch, very interesting.. https://youtu.be/45S-wM3Kmyw
  6. I also confirm. No FSUIPC installed at my end and still does it. It also won't follow star approach to runways
  7. @Hans Hartmann have you any suggestions for the pilot lounge. Regarding pitch. Thanks
  8. Pitching 25 degrees sitting at 3000FT cruising at 180 knots. It's on a stall path, even at 160knots approach speed aircraft is unstable, is this something known?
  9. Forever until reset flight. Sometimes it freezes completely and you have to manually close flight simulator via TM.. Also freezes when you turn battery's off at end of flight and it goes to summary page if you press continue to go back into flight it'll freeze for about 1 minute.
  10. It's usually when inputting a direct way point in.
  11. Heyy. How to we save flight planes to select on the pilot route list. We've tried saving the flight plans in World map. Saving it as "FLP" . We to into pilot routes and its there saved, however when pressed and activated states route loaded but nothing on the fms system... FPN saavds In localstate, packages, aerosoft cj4, file. Can we have saved routes in the fms?
  12. I couldn't even activate the skycam to see his picture. I shed a tear... 😎
  13. Me too. When you implement the flight plan or a DIR to, and some ILS landing patterns it just freezes, freezes the whole game sometimes or just the aircraft.
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