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  1. Yes, theres a bunch of workarounds ... But theres not much room for "luck" in the Aerosoft - CRJ .... 😉 Oliver
  2. I see this issue (traffic fallouts) IF: there was a short disconnect/re-connectfrom the MS servers (on screen alert) Then traffic alerts continue even when TCAS is turned off. Oliver
  3. Dear CRJ Devs, Here's my scenario (again) ... Level flight, heading mode, FLxxx, Speed - appropriate. Auto Pilot on. All good. Let speed deplete (reduce thrust). A/C pitches up at some time to maintain Alt - expected (typical situation which happens to us sim pilots sometimes 😉 ) Corrective action taken: increase thrust, if that doesn't help, disengage autopilot, dive for speed, pitch and trim, bring the a/c to a level flight with appropriate speed. Back to automated flight Problem: Once A/P is engaged, even trim is adjusted (green band), the trim jumps back to a cause a high pitch. ALWAYS. If very very lucky and after x tries, a/p sometimes catches and you are back in business. This behaviour / bug has already been reported in the early days of the CRJ. Is this being looked at. (Yes, big patch announced "soon" after the release of the other a/c) Am i missing someething (CRJ specific). ? Oliver
  4. Last comment from a CRJ Team member, on this subject, was on September 16th. Oliver
  5. Looks like you are flying the RENO airrace .... If this isn't fixed soon, this will be my last plane i buy from AS or made by AS. 100%. Whatever it is !! Oliver
  6. Thank you Matthias, i must have totally missed that post. 4500ft, okay, so that must be hardcoded from Aerosoft, since the FMC allows to goto >= 3000ft. Nevermind. Schönes Wochenende ... Oliver
  7. Thought I found it. FMC: INDEX, DEFAULTS, page 3, NEAREST APTS MIN (4000ft) But setting it to 3000ft it still does not show the 3062ft airport BTW, i know unrealistic Destination, but doable (unsafe for rw)
  8. Hi, did a flight to ENHF yesterday, without being able to enter ENHF as a Destination. Can one check pls, if it happens to you as well ... Thanks Payware ENHF, Navigraph sub: CRJ and Main database installed. Works for the FBW A320 though Oliver
  9. Here you go ... Maybe not all of them, but most you need ... Oliver CRJ-LVARS.txt
  10. Simple Example: Route: xxx - yyy - zzz youre inb xxx you want a direct to yyy (yyy into LSK 1 ) FMC displays a yyy first but immediatly sequences to zzz as the active waypoint I believe that is not correct Oliver
  11. 3 threads down from yours. LNAV behaviour...... Status: unchanged
  12. I often notice that putting a waypoint there, puts the magenta to that waypoint and directly sequences to the next waypoint. Very bad if you are on an approach.... This FMC and Autopilot definitely needs some more love from the Dev.... (See topic LNAV - obvious ....) Oliver
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