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  1. Yeah, OR it needs a ASOBO/MS FMC update (someday) to fix the issue. Pure guess, maybe some truth behind it. Would explain the "helplessness" of AEROSOFT to fix it themselfs.... More than enough examples have been posted meanwhile (the last MONTHS) , me thinks Oliver (me HAPPILY flying other airliners and GAs with NO issues !! )
  2. Accepted, but i put it here for a (my) good reason ... Not everbody is happy with the product, so "lucky you" (no offense !)
  3. So Mr. Mathijs Kok i am really exited about the CRJ ? SU10 version you are looking at ... Feel free to tell us about, what to expect from this update. PLS. Will it fix the issues with LNAV ? Will it fix the sound issues reported ? Will it fix the PITCH issues reported ? Will it fix the wobbling around on the takeoff run in crosswind situations. (No, i don't fly with keyboard or XBOX controller - ;-)) Will it fix FMC issues when editing the FPL ? (SID/STAR, Direct to's, Inserts) My only quotes for today: "and even when SU10 is released it will need serious time to get ready for release" and "So we are following the sim, not leading" What means serious time ? One year has passed since release of this "study level" product and we are still facing issues present from day one. Reported here and probaply on the Ticket system, many times (from serious simmers and real world CRJ pilots, see Group One above (+ X-Plane guys, not to forget !) "Following the Sim ..." Just to name a few other studios, Leonardo, JustFlight, Flysimware, Simworks Studio, Milviz, PMDG, HyperPerformance Group, PMS, WorkingTitle, they seem to be able to do a much! better job. Why this post ? Well, a bit of reaction to this thread Oliver Kohl, Customer
  4. I have no hard feelings about the company, Sir. Just the quality, support and feedback (like this one) from you people ... If you look at my records, you'll see that i have bought MANY !! items for three different sims over all these years, so .... Oliver Kohl Customer 😉
  5. So true, no fixes have been released for the "burning" issues for this otherwise nice aircraft. (LNAV mainly and pitch behaviour in certain situations ..) I am afraid this will stay, since other (new) projects have priority. Same for the Twotter, from what i am reading ... IMO ! I see only excuses and delay tactics Unless these things get (really) fixed I'll not buy ANY "AEROSOFT quality" aircraft , for sure !! Sorry to say .. Oliver
  6. Back to the topic guys, pls. Otherwise some may find a reason to lock/close this one , too. First two flights in the released SU-9 shows the same LNAV and general autopilot quirks as reported many times in various forum topics. Flights were done with a clean community folder, stock nav-data. I did hope for, but not expect a change comming with SU-9 High time for an update soon ... Oliver
  7. I am "with you" 100%. So what is ASOBO waiting for to fix this finally ?. It hasn't been in the latest x Sim Updates .... Can't be that hard for the AP issue (s?) . LNAV is something different and i am still wondering why some simmers experience this and others don't ... Oliver
  8. What makes me feel sad is, that we got a beautiful looking hull with some minimal necessary interfacing to a default autopilot (ASOBO), a average sound implementation (is it 2 or 3 different switch sounds, some don't sound at all) and payed 50 Euros. I've got far better aircraft simulations on X-Plane for the same amount of money. We are speaking about TRIM here, not to mention LNAV and not to forget ILS issues Sorry, but i can't hold it... (1 year after)
  9. Hi, this is a bit of a different story. (ILS/VOR tracking). This thread should be all about (simple) LNAV tracking behaviour. NEVERTHELES another problem that needs to be looked at (again) ! Oliver
  10. Dear Mathijs Kok, i don't know how testing is done from the Dev(s) , but since people seem to notice issues with North/South oriented flights, maybe that is a clue for your further testing. Maybe construct some routes North/ South which have waypoints left/right of the direct North/South track or joining a North South bound track, with at least <140 deg direction changes for example. Easy to construct with SkyVectors drag&drop. 😉 Oliver EKCH MONAK PEROM TAGOB PODUS Z130 MAG KILNU ANELA VESIX T105 MIQ EDDM
  11. It's been almost 1 year after release. This aircraft is collecting dust in my hangar. How many updates it will need to be reliable and fun to fly it again ??? I lost MY faith .... Oliver
  12. I personally feel very disappointed too, by the current state of the aircraft and haven't touched her for quite a while now (the aircraft). And one more time it is for a AEROSOFT product. So i am holding off on buying the Twotter and other products from AS since a few months now and will be closly watching for Updates and Reviews on this otherwise beautiful airraft(s) ( And to be clear: I have tested the CRJ in a CLEAN MSFS install, many times. The screenshots, posted in this thread, are only a few made from my testing or normal flights. Not even covering SID and STAR issues i've noted, too Oliver
  13. Dear Crabby, except of #3 thats exactly what i did. Maybe i did not put it in text very good. Once in manual level flight with enough speed, i tried to have the AP to catch that current level, but instead it pitches up like crazy. The pitch trim seems to snap to a "default" wrong pitch up (7.5 iirc) all the time, which makes it hard to recover this SIM airplane. #4 see the above 😉 We will see, how the new version will act. Havent had the time to test it yet ... Oliver
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