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  1. Hello aerosoft, I was wondering, do you guys have some plans on bringing Düsseldorf Airport (EDDL) to MSFS? Köln is getting some love from Aerosoft, do you guys prefer Kölsch beer more than Alt beer or what? 😉
  2. Well not all the one million but good percentage of them will definitely show their interest in simming, we are all gotta start somewhere, I remember that I started with FS9 and I was super happy to just fly the default 737 (that default 737 of FS9 if I recall waaay basic than the NEO) when I was 16years old, hence with the new generation their new start would be with MSFS and its appealing accessibility
  3. I think MSFS has many new users which are potentially new simmers (I wouldn't call them gamers as they won't be interested to buy addones :)). And that's the beauty of MSFS that is opening a new market segment and introduces new users to be new generation simmers. And regarding P3Dv5, I am also skeptical about it, unless LM bring stability updates, maybe there will be chance to it to bounce, but buying an expensive GPU card with a lot vram on it just to run P3Dv5 with no crashes and with less quality graphics as MSFS, makes nosense to me, why would I invest 1800euro on RTX3090 whereby my
  4. Hello Aerosoft Scenery gurus :), First of all, thank you for contributing to our sim community with amazing addones and also your work with Asobo to bring MSFS to the best possible level. I am working currently on small scenery landmark for MSFS and I have figured out most parts thanks to the community YouTube tutorials. I have also added some lights to my landmark (default from scenery editor) which looks good. I wanted to add red beacon light on the top of my landmark, I have somehow managed to do this by exporting a sphere that emits red light from blender, that works nic
  5. Indeed very sad to see whiners on steam, fs forums, avsim, attacking the sim after just trying it for one hour, I was really shocked to read these comments. What those people don't understand, is a new platform that needs some learning curve at the beginning, getting yourself familiar with the camera system and whatnot or the new UI. I think many expected FSX/P3D/XP with improved graphics which is nonsense. From my end, I love it, is really brilliant, magnificent and that beautiful weather, is exactly what we have been craving for the past decade. Thank you Microsoft, Asobo a
  6. Thank you @Mathijs Kok for these awesome photos, looking forward to it! However, you have mentioned that uses P3Dv5 standards, however does CRJ (as well Aerosoft Airbuses) will utilize the new features available in MSFS such as the icing effects and the new flight model? Thank you
  7. Hi Mathis, Thank you for this awesome news. As others asked, I would like to get confirmation if the code included in the box will entitle us to own the fully digital download as well, e.g: in case I misplaced the DVDs, you can just download the full content from MS Store. If that is the case, I would definitely pre-order it, although my internet speed like 100mb but is very unstable, one day I get full speed and other day I get 20% of the speed. Regards, Omar
  8. Hello Team, After the update to just now, I have noticed my logo light is always off with Nav & Logo light both positions 1 and 2. Can someone please verify it? Thank you! Omar
  9. Hello AS team, First of all, thank you for bringing this bird to use, I am really enjoying it. However, I was struggling recently with manual control of the plane. Since I use FSUPIC to calibrate my joystick, I was having a hard time to figure out what would be the best sensitivity (slope) for my joystick until I settled on slope of 5-6 on both aileron and elevator and it really helped and now I can fly with it in enjoyable way! Thus, would be nice to include the optimal settings in the manual in regards FSUPIC in order to raise the awareness of the users whom use FSUPIC as their
  10. seriously 5 staaaars ... Can I request Qatar Airways as well ?
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