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  1. Looking great! Can't wait for the finished product!
  2. Appreciate your updates! You're doing a brilliant job! Keep it up.
  3. I'm 90% sure it says 'Isle of Praslin'. In its original paint before if got this beautiful livery, it was under that name and believe that's the name of the aircraft. If you have any other questions, Rob, just ask
  4. I'm desperate for Air Seychelles repaints! Very impatient, as the livery is very nice looking and it will fit perfectly with Seychelles X!
  5. Potter, glad to hear you are considering or perhaps will be doing an Air Seychelles repaint for the Twotter. I am desperate for one! I bought Seychelles X, and all I need as icing on the cake is an Air Seychelles livery for the Twin Otter X Extended. Thank you for your interest in that. Sorry for the impatience, but do you have any ETA? Thanks in advance.
  6. Not sure if this has already been requested, but I'd like to see an Air Seychelles livery for the Twotter! It would certainly fit in well supplementing the new Aerosoft Seychelles X scenery!
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