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  1. Thanks for the response Jo - yeah I tried reinstalling but no luck! And I tried going offline and on again with the Bing maps and even all the online services through MSFS. Is there perhaps an easy way to create an exclusion polygon to remove the trees manually?
  2. I just got Orbx Alesund, however I had the issue before I bought that. Otherwise closest scenery is Flytampa Copenhagen! Not sure if that would conflict.....
  3. Hey everyone, Apologies for opening up another thread on the same issue. The trees, and feels like it got worse with the latest patch!! It has been now several weeks since there was an update (1.0.1) for Aerosoft Trondheim. But via Marketplace it says 0.1.0 which I do not get. I am guessing Microsoft just have to approve the update? Is there a way I can contact them? I put forward a zendesk report long time ago but no response.. I am using the scenery a lot but its ruining the experience quite a bit! Thanks in advance. Da
  4. Thanks Herman, Yeah now I figured. I hope Jo Erland still gets the same fair share from the sales from marketplace vs Aerosoft.
  5. So here it says 0.1.0....and up to date..
  6. I downloaded from MS marketplace....so perhaps not. Can I download the update outside the marketplace (I understand it may not be updated as often)?
  7. First of all, this Trondheim scenery is unreal. Flown and used it a lot. Attention to detail is fantastic. I do however have this issue with trees with the scenery. Any ideas? Someone told me it happens at other airports too, but I checked many others and could not replicate the issue. Thanks in advance and keep up the amazing work being done!
  8. When will Trondheim make it to MSFS marketplace? Thanks
  9. Hi guys, Is it possible to make an A320neo template quite easily from MSFS to use in PFPX? Is there one already out there or how easy could I edit a A320 template to make it neo? Many thanks
  10. Looking great! Can't wait for the finished product!
  11. Appreciate your updates! You're doing a brilliant job! Keep it up.
  12. I'm 90% sure it says 'Isle of Praslin'. In its original paint before if got this beautiful livery, it was under that name and believe that's the name of the aircraft. If you have any other questions, Rob, just ask
  13. I'm desperate for Air Seychelles repaints! Very impatient, as the livery is very nice looking and it will fit perfectly with Seychelles X!
  14. Potter, glad to hear you are considering or perhaps will be doing an Air Seychelles repaint for the Twotter. I am desperate for one! I bought Seychelles X, and all I need as icing on the cake is an Air Seychelles livery for the Twin Otter X Extended. Thank you for your interest in that. Sorry for the impatience, but do you have any ETA? Thanks in advance.
  15. Not sure if this has already been requested, but I'd like to see an Air Seychelles livery for the Twotter! It would certainly fit in well supplementing the new Aerosoft Seychelles X scenery!
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