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  1. Dear Aerosoft CRJ-Team, I would like to report two issues with the CRJ550 and CRJ700. Issue 1: There is an issue with the display the "CLB/CRZ Gap" and the "Idle/Reverse Gap" in the menu "throttle calibration" in the EFB. If you set a custom value, this value is saved to the configuration file on your HDD and will be display correctly in the EFB when you close and reopen the menu during the flight. But if you reload the aircraft or start a new flight the calibration menu displays the default values of "500" und "2000". There is a small issue displaying the saved custom values from the configuration file. This is not a big problem, but it confused me a little while adjusting the configuration. 🙂 Issue 2: I flew in heavy rain and the air resistance/friction/drag and lost of thrust when flying in heavy rain were a little bit too much for my opinion, but that is not the problem. After landing the friction during taxiing is too high in my opinion. The aircraft does not begin to move until the engine thrust is above ~55% and only stays moving at ~45% of thrust. I think, this is a little bit too much friction/drag while taxiing on a taxiway. I use the default values from MSFS (modern/realistic flight model/characteristics). The value for "wear and tear" (adding up to 10% parasite drag) in the menu customization is set to "0,00%". I bought the CRJ from MS Store/MSFS in-game marketplace and tested this behavior at Aerosoft's EDDK and EDLP airports (tested with preset weather rain, storm and live weather in thunderstorms). It would be nice, if you could check this two issues and fix it, if neccessary. Thank you very much.
  2. Yes, I can confirm this issue. I bought the CRJ from the Microsoft Store and the last two Updates worked fine, means no errors while downloading and installing. But the CRJ550 has no custom liveries anymore and only the private jet livery from Aerosoft is shown. I can also confirm that the Cache-Files "m.....cache/dll/lib/pdb" will not regenerated after deleting it for a clean install. A strange bug has secretly crept in, maybe it only affects the Microsoft Store? Best regards.
  3. This fix works very well. MSFS does not crash and works fine and stable. Thank you very much!
  4. 2. random post: Always happy landings... . PS: Please do not block me, I just wanted to activate the personal message feature. 🙂
  5. 1. random post: Crash dumbs are crash dumbs and crash test dummies are crash test dummies.
  6. @Hans Hartmann Hello Hans Hartmann, my upload of a crash dump file is nearly complete, but I can't send you a personal message. I do not have the required 3 content items, whatever this means. Could you please send me a personal message with your company email address or give me the rights to send personal messages, so I can send you the link to the crash dumb file? Best regards
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