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  1. Hey @Mathijs Kok, Asobo has pushed a mini patch this morning , is this something related to the CRJ to get it working :D? Thank you
  2. External lighting are working? Because I didn't notice the Nav/Strobe light working in the pervious screenshots
  3. By the way another question, how is the performance of WASM in the sim in terms of fps and limitation on the CPU? There are some folks claiming that WASM has big performance impact on the sim, hence I'm wondering about it.
  4. Oh my ... 😍. Never recalled the CRJ looked that good, wow MSFS engine has changed many things, I saw one of interview that Asobo is using Forza game engine which may explain this insane details of graphics. Awesome job guys and looking forward to this release ! By the way, is there any photos for the night lighting of the plane internally and externally? I bet it looks beautiful at night as well !
  5. Good to hear that ! I have question, do you think we can still get it this year in light of the recent sim update if it improved things for you guys? 🙂
  6. Honestly, some hardcore P3D simmers have been acting in very annoying way, even long before the release of MSFS, bashing other sims like X-Plane at that time and MSFS before it was even released (I own the three platforms). That behavior pushed me away from P3D and its ecosystem to X-Plane (long before the release of MSFS), I was very annoyed seeing some "chosen" ones in P3D circle and the rest of the community is basically out of touch from LM and its development roadmap. I appreciate a company that engages well with the community, with open dialog and transparency and what I can see, LR and
  7. Great writing @Mathijs KokKok! There are just people will keep fight for their position, the best just ignore and carry on. Sooner or later , they will accept it and will move on as well. Regarding P3D, I'm honeslty predicting that it will be more and more only for the professional license. That what they actually made it for , isn't? However I am predicting the future of the real competition will be between MSFS and X-Plane. Very hard because I love both 😉.
  8. Okay Aerosoft team, after intensive tests (removing all mods and reduce all settings to low), I am convinced is an issue from MSFS, not from Aerosoft EDDK. It is even reproducible on a clean setup. I am honestly clueless why it happens, what puzzles me more that I don't see much complaining in the official forum about an issue like mine. However it is even tricky to reproduce it :(.
  9. After the update I tried again in this issue. It is still producible upon arriving to EDDK. At least now I know how to produce it (using the developer camera but is the similar issue if I land), here we go for how from my end: 1. Start from EDDK and use the developer camera. If you play around with the camera here, you would get a good fps 2. To simulate arriving to EDDK , use the developer to move the camera to another location , let's see to Düsseldorf ,just to force the sim to start loading new location . 3. Now take back the developer camera to EDDK, wait until the CPU compl
  10. That would make sense, I thought the missing stuff from the SDK (or from Simconnect) more than that. By the way, internet access from WASM not from Javascript, isn't? Because I think from Javascript is pretty much doable as far as I recall.
  11. Honestly, this movie for crying about P3D is like FSX and FS9 all over again. Sure, some at the moment will say "no I am staying on P3D, MSFS is a game" forgetting that P3D is based on FSX which is a "game" but it can be a sim at the same time, the same goes for MSFS . LM had like how many? 10 years? And yet P3D without all these add-ones looks like FSX or even worse like Minecraft with the EA at the initial release. MSFS is also based on FSX, Microsoft and Asobo started on it back to 4 years and look at it now. Sure it has bugs, I will give it one year but pretty sure, it will domi
  12. I asked this question in flightaim sub reddit a week on their most used sim right now Of course this is not representative but it is just an Idea. But I am glad that X-Plane is still shows some good interest as I love it as much I love MSFS :). In regards to P3Dv5, I am glad that LM has released it which made me disappointed (I was using P3Dv4.5) and instantly, I started looking at X-Plane as alternative and now guess what, X-Plane is my main sim besides MSFS.
  13. Hey @Mathijs Kok, I have another question, does the Aerosoft CRJ support nose wheel tiller? If yes, I guess we will need FSUPIC 7 for that since there is a native tiller axis in MSFS? Thank you
  14. Hey @Mathijs Kok, Forgot to ask this question, before in P3D and FSX we can popup the displays of the CRJ which allows flexibility on multiple monitors setup. Will this be possible in the MSFS version? Thank you,
  15. Out of curiosity, do you have an idea which part of the SDK that are still missing? Is this something related to WASM for missing some APIs perhaps?
  16. I do understand what you mean here but the drop that I see is really abnormal sometimes, for example out of sudden from 40fps to 20fps although the scene has already rendered. I have tested my settings very carefully in order to not stress GPU and I kinda found my sweetspot in the configs. However, this issue started to be visible with me since patch #5, it could be something from my PC, no idea, I am still tweaking hoping to reduce issue and let's see what could work out.
  17. Yeah that is off. As I think this is an issue from the sim rather than the scenery, I'd wait and see patch #7 for the CPU optimization if this can be improved further. Thank you for your time.
  18. I tested again on other airports as well, unfortunately it happens as well in other larger airports. I presume this is an issue from the sim core? What actually puzzles me, I don't really see much reports about it, hence I don't think it happens to other folks out there?
  19. Hello All, I have noticed very weird issue, If I land in a EDDK (with Aerosoft scenery), the FPS will drop (40 to 25), this does not happen if I start from the airport’s gate, only on landing. It can be visible if when I start taxing to the gate. The GPU will maxed out and it will become GPU limited. Anybody noticed something similar? My specs: i9-9900k RTX2080Super 32gb RAM I am running with high to ultra settings, 100% render scale and on 2K resolution. P/S: I noticed that, If I try to resize MSFS window, let's say smaller and then bigger again
  20. True. Talking about P3Dv5.1, for me at least it was disappointing, EA is still broken in many ways, CTDs (hang up devices errors due to vram) are still a norm, performance is not super great. Now comparing this to my setup of MSFS, since I bought it in August, I only had one CTD and performance at least for me is smoother than what I would get in P3D5.1, mind you I am running on ultra settings comparing to my P3D settings which are really modest due to the annoying vram issues in P3D that I cant push sliders or vram will just explode. The only thing that can hold P3D for now, is just air
  21. Very nice! Question, are we going to see docking gate guidance system and custom 3D runway/taxiway lightings (3D model)? Thank you
  22. Hello aerosoft, I was wondering, do you guys have some plans on bringing Düsseldorf Airport (EDDL) to MSFS? Köln is getting some love from Aerosoft, do you guys prefer Kölsch beer more than Alt beer or what? 😉
  23. Well not all the one million but good percentage of them will definitely show their interest in simming, we are all gotta start somewhere, I remember that I started with FS9 and I was super happy to just fly the default 737 (that default 737 of FS9 if I recall waaay basic than the NEO) when I was 16years old, hence with the new generation their new start would be with MSFS and its appealing accessibility
  24. I think MSFS has many new users which are potentially new simmers (I wouldn't call them gamers as they won't be interested to buy addones :)). And that's the beauty of MSFS that is opening a new market segment and introduces new users to be new generation simmers. And regarding P3Dv5, I am also skeptical about it, unless LM bring stability updates, maybe there will be chance to it to bounce, but buying an expensive GPU card with a lot vram on it just to run P3Dv5 with no crashes and with less quality graphics as MSFS, makes nosense to me, why would I invest 1800euro on RTX3090 whereby my
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