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  1. Hello, I have German Airports - Hamburg professional and want to upgade to the V5 one. Is there a discount for the upgrade?
  2. Only use windows defender. It obviously went walkies. Reinstalled over the top. No issue. Thanks all!
  3. Yep. But I'll reinstall over the top. Thanks Tom.
  4. Hi there, For V5 I no longer have the config tool for EGLL. Should I redownload the scenery?
  5. Hi there, Looking in my products there is no SODE jetways option for EGLL, I thought there used to be one? I can see my Frankfurt having a downloadable option; Could Heathrow have the same?
  6. Hello,

    On the 747 download, which engine versions are matched to the QOTSIII release from pmdg?



    1. FlyPrecisely


      Boeing 747-400 profiles pack covers all available engine options. So far, there are no vital differences on Boeing 747-400 in flight performance within RB211-524H and -524G, for instance. Thrust rating mainly affects takeoff performance that is out of scope on PFPX.

  7. I am confused... The ICAO is LGIR but what are you saying?
  8. Only happens after installing the Airbus X
  9. Ok, I know aerosoft are the publishers on this one, but hats off to FSDG! But if you haven't bought already, Heraklion Xis amazing!!! The quality is spectatular, It is really important for FSX users to get more than just the airport, great packages include surrounding detail, for the approach and departure feeling.. The fps are spectacular and it is just a joy to fly in and out of [even though it is a long flight from the UK] It is my favourite Aerosoft product, and I think it will be for months if not years to come,
  10. It looks absolutley amazing! Will be purchasing without doubt.. Is there anyway to dim the night/runway lights, I always find Aerosoft night lights to be too harsh and bright.
  11. I know this competes with AES, GSX requires some kind of customisation for aerosoft products, Will aerosoft be supporting GSX? Alex
  12. Remove - Sorted by reinstalling the scenery
  13. Oli thank you so much for doing support here, He is such a talented scenery developer, and barbados is fantastic!
  14. Yep. This is really confusing me, do you want to see any files?
  15. UPDATE! Doesn't work at EGNX and TBPB which I added credits for. Other airports work fine [i have resynced and synced again.]
  16. Yeah I do Even if the window didn't show, it still doesn't work at airports I have installed..
  17. Correct, When I enter the short cut [ctrl+shift+w I think] it nothing comes up. Parking brakes engines off, nothing shows either. Kindest regards, Alex
  18. Hi there, Strange problem, don't know how it has happened, but I can no longer use AES within FSX. I reinstalled latest version, re synced, check the entry in my scnery library, all ok. but still nothing Any ideas? Alex
  19. I hope they expand on other geographical areas, but for now, I hope they set the benchmark. Stunning! Thank you very much,
  20. Beta tested and produced sounds for Airbus X. Mega Airport Orly
  21. Hi, I have bought dozens and dozens of scneries from Aerosoft over the years. I heard someone mention on the pmdg forum that Krakow is a good scenery. Let me tell you something, I only fly to aerodromes I have scenery for, Poland has not been on one of my visits. However. This scenery is stunning. Not only is it a funky lay out [the runway and aerodrome buildings is seperated by trees, and it feels like you go round a round-about when your dep or arr] but the fps are some of the best I have seen for an airport [name dropping UK2000 as a similar comparison to this scenery]. The c
  22. About 40miles away from landing [haven't seen the airport at all yet! ] from the screens it looks superb! Alex
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