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  1. The new LECO A Coruna scenery is very nice and the airport and the immediate surroundings are really well done. However, northeast of the airport are a large number of wind farms and they cause a large FPS drop. Are they there as part of the Aerosoft scenery or are they default? At any rate, could they be lessened so as to not interfere so much with the approach into LECO? Lee
  2. You are totally right, somehow the Administrator privileges were not activated, I reset it and it seems to be fine now. Thanks! Lee
  3. Here is a shot of the Bat file window upon running it Lee
  4. C:\P3D V5-Addons This folder was created by Aerosoft installers for V5. Lee
  5. Yes, I get an error saying path not found. The scenery is installed in the P3D V5 Addons folder, as per Simwings instructions. Lee
  6. I can't get SODE working in the new Simwings EDDM airport for P3D V5. I've downloaded the correct files from the Simwings site and installed them correctly by running the batch file , but EDDM shows no existing SODE gates installed. Any help will be appreciated. SODE working fine on my other sceneries. I have latest version SODE installed. Lee
    Really like the re-worked texturing in this. Looks really good in P3D V3.2 with the lighting and shadows.
  7. Aha! You are right, I missed one of the updates! It's working now. Thanks! Lee
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