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  1. OK thanks. I'm guessing the artist might know about this and will soon upload a corrected download version. Lee
  2. I just downloaded the Aer Lingus Airbus 320 new colors paint. Upon installation the VC and panel seems all messed up like it has incorrect files. All my other A320 paints are fine. I was wondering what might be te cause of this. Lee
  3. Okay, thanks for the update. Okay, Celsius it is. Still a great package! Lee
  4. Mathijs closed my query about abnormal temperature entry, but I am still wondering how to enter a temperature above 99F in the Appr page of the MCDU. This came up in planning a flight to Phoenix, Arizona where the temperature was 113F and the MCDU would not accept that entry. Might this be a fix for later on perhaps? Lee
  5. Okay, the 1st shows entering today's temp at 113 F, the 2nd shows the MCDU rejecting it, the third shows it will accept 99F. The problem seems to be that it can't deal with 3 digit temperatures, which will come up in many parts of the world. Oops, the image link reversed the order to 3, 2 and 1, but you can still see. Lee
  6. Today I did a flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix. The temperature was 115 F in Phoenix today. I was unable to enter that figure into the arrival page of the MCDU, it kept saying that the format was bad. I tried 115F or just 115. I even tried 46C but it would not accept it. I was wondering if you might have a suggestion for me. I completed the flight anyway and just left that entry blank. Lee
  7. Got it! Thank you so much. It's a great package, by the way. Lee
  8. I'm not getting how to save a company route. As per the manual, I go to the left MCDU, press the MCDU Menu button, but then where? There's nothing in that MCDU screen indicating where to enter a newly created route. Any help will be appreciated. I must be missing a step. Lee
  9. Okay, I may have solved this one by un-installing all the Aerosoft sceneries and starting over installing them one by one. Something must have glitched in one of the installs and P3D V4 did not like it. Now everything seems to be normal. Very odd, but there you are. Lee
  10. I'm trying an experiment. I've shut off all Aerosoft sceneries except Ciampino and P3D V4 loads Ciampino just fine. I will now load each Aerosoft scenery one at a time and see what happens. There could be a conflict between two sceneries, this is the only way to find out. I tried AI on and off, but it made no difference. Lee
  11. Yes, if I disable Ciampino, P3D V4 loads fine. It's only when that scenery is on that I get the crash. It's very odd, I can't figure this one out. I tried re-installing SODE, but no change. Masterhawk, your thought about it conflicting with another program is a good one. I will experiment with that. Lee
  12. Hi Diego, I only have FTX Global and Europe LC from ORBX installed. No other meshes etc. The SODE version is 1.5.3 As far as position on the scenery list, Ciampino is near the top. Do you think that a complete re-installation of SODE might help? SODE is working fine in recent installs of Trondheim and Bergen from Aerosoft. Lee
  13. Unfortunately, the P3D logging doesn't help because the crash occurs during initial P3D loading. What I suspect is a rogue file in the Ciampino scenery that is incompatible with P3D V4.1. It wouldn't be a problem for P3D V3.4 or FSX. But the newer 4.1 version is quite intolerant of incompatible files, especially if it is an older FS9 SDK file. Lee
  14. I'm getting a crash in P3D V4 with the new Ciampino scenery. If I de-activate the scenery, P3D is fine, if I activate it P3D crashes. I have several new Aerosoft sceneries for P3D V4 which work fine. Details are W7, latest Nvidia drivers, P3D hotfix 4.1 applied, scenery administrator installed. Any thoughts or help will be greatly appreciated. Here is the log: Lee Prepar3D.exe 594a7255 ntdll.dll 6.1.7601.23807 5915fdce c0000374 00000000000bf3e2 1a6c 01d2f1afcd99ed95 C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll 210fe235-5da3-11e7-be27-d050991b3d89
  15. If I may make a suggestion, I think the problem is P3D 2.5. You need to upgrade to the most recent P3D (3.42) and do a fresh, clean install from scratch. Do not use older scenery that is no longer compatible with the latest SDK, just the newer stuff. I did this clean out recently and it makes a big difference. I don't tweak P3D at all and it runs so much better. AVSIM has a really good guide for P3D installations. Also, may I recommend the newer AS2016, so much more efficient. I think your older installation is corrupted. The older sceneries might be okay, but the newer stuff needs to be with 3.4. Just a thought, but it worked well for me. Lee
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