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  1. Try this link: LOWI-X It´s named as FS2004 scenery but in the description line there you´ll find FSX V1.00. But I´m not 100% sure if that is the new version. Let´s see when the official announcement comes.
  2. Maybe you´ll try this for the logo: Airbus Logo EPS Or maybe that one: Logo PNG Or are they not good enough? For a pic maybe you can use this one: airliners.net Or have a alook here: Airliners.net Hope this helps
  3. Really cool! Great pics! I think I´ll have to do some cross wind trainings there! Good work!
  4. It´s the same discussion going on in the Airbus thread: hardcore (airliner) simmer vs. the rest. This discussion is absolutely senseless (in my eyes) because there´s no "right way" using FS. Just my 2cents on this: if your Huey is just an easy to fly Huey (easier or as easy as the default FSX Bell 206) I won´t buy it (but many others will). If you´re going for a high realistic flight model, I´ll buy it for sure (but many others won´t). And if you´re going to make an easy to fly basic model with an additional small fee for more realistic flight dynamics, I´ll buy both parts (and many others
  5. Hi Shaun! Here´s a statement copied out of the German Version of your product description: my English isn´t perfect so here just a try to translate: "if you explore the big number of islands with a float plane (or an amphibium plane, like our Twin Otter or Catalina), you´ll see..." so I think this part is the reason for the missunderstanding. @Thorsten: Chris Brisland made already a beautiful repaint for the Aerosoft Twin Otter (TMA) which can be found at flightsim.com: TMA repaint Aerosoft Twin Otter at flightsim.com
  6. I´ve started to model this bird some time ago because our aeroclub has one too but never finished it. Maybe I´ll have a look where it is right now. But it would be still a lot of work and it was the "old" G3 Version. Concerning the MTOW of UL´s: the maximum MTOW for UL´s in Europe is 450kg. If there´s a rescue system on bord (parachute system for the whole plane) the MTOW is raised up to 472,5kg. For the Remos: the MTOW of the UL-version is exactly 472,5kg with the rescue system but there´s also a LSA-version available with a MTOW of 650kg. So you have to be carefull which version you choos
  7. # Single Trainer/ GA. A C182, C172 or PA28 would be fine although I´d LOVE to see a Diamond DA40 or a good DV/DA 20 # Helicopter. The very poular AS 350 B3 would be fine (I can provide pictures if you need - just tell me what you´d like to see). And of course the R-22 as trainer. # Ultralight. Ever thought about a Gyrocopter? Next to this an Eurostar, CT or Remos would be great. If you need pictures, that wouldn´t be a problem for me
  8. first of all I think the concept of the Microsoft FS-series providing a good "operating system" with enough features implemented for the casual users to have fun is the right way! Leave things like hyperrealistic ariports, superspecialfeatureairliners in the hand of third party developers. And my biggest wish of all would be not to be able using old MSFS stuff inside the new sim! A totally new start! ATC something like the FSX-ATC but using the correct terms and procedures of the part of the world you´re flying and not the US-sysetm all over the world. For the "as real as it gets" users there
  9. interessante Ansichten. Um mal in Peters Argumentationsweise zu bleiben: was soll ich mit dem ganzen Eyecandymist. Ich brauch das nicht also laßt es genz einfach weg. Genau diese Denkweise stört mich doch sehr. Nur weil ICH etwas nicht brauch, heißt das doch noch lange nicht, das es andere nicht wollen oder? Sicher? Wäre denn nicht genau hier eben doch der "Standardbaukasten" der bessere Weg, da dadurch Aufwnad und Preis in einem besseren Verhältnis stehen? Das versteh ich nicht ganz. Warum bricht der Umsatz zugunsten der lite Version ein, wenn es doch, so wie Du vorher geschrieben hast, k
  10. Danke für das update. Die Frage ist, ob es für Aerosoft denkbar wäre, die downloadversion 1.2 für User der Boxversion verfügbar zu machen oder ob das nicht möglich ist.
  11. ich find die Diskussion gut und wäre auch für eine gewisse Art Masse statt Klasse. Den Mehraufwand seh ich nicht ganz so, denn eigentlich könnte die lite Version ja schon VOR der Heavy-Version erscheinen, also in einem Entwicklungsstand, der eben noch nicht mehr bietet als z.B. AFCAD files und die Gebäude. Dadurch käme auch der Entwickler schon früher an etwas Kohle und müßte nicht eine so lange Durststrecke durchhalten und auch noch Gefahr laufen, dass ihm wer zuvor kommt. Und wer dann gerne noch die ganzen Gepäckwagerl, Fueltrucks, Autobahnzubringer samt Hinweisschilder, Werbetafeln, etc. ha
  12. Looks really great! Can´t wait to fly my DODO Bell to Africa!
  13. Das ist offenbar aber kein Problem von Aerosoft generell sondern wohl eher ein Problem mancher Entwickler. Die FSX-Katana ist bis heute nicht DX10 fähig, ebenso die DO27, etc. obwohl die Twin Otter u.v.a es schon sind. Bei den Szenerien das Selbe! Und dass die Dokumentation so schlecht sei, ist auch nur eine Ausrede. Bei OrbX in Australien ist ALLES DX10 fähig. Und da weiß ich wovon ich spreche. Ganz richtig kann diese Aussage auch nicht sein, Sascha denn sowohl Tahiti als auch Lord Howe funktionieren gut unter DX10 Aber gut zu wissen, dass manche bei Aerosoft offenbar kein Interesse an meine
  14. Find ich auch! Langsam wird´s Zeit für das update oder wenn es dem Hersteller nicht möglich ist, ein update zu erstellen, wie wär´s wenn man wenigstens den bestehenden Kunden Zugang zum neuen Gesamt-Download ermöglichen würde. Zumindest ein Kommentar, warum es so lange dauert, ein update zu erstellen, wo doch die Vollversion schon längst erhältlich ist, wäre angebracht! Ich WAR bisher ein großer Fan der Serie und hab alle Versionen seit dem FS98 aber was diesmal geboten wird fällt für mich in die Kategorie "miesester Support des Jahres"
  15. Hi Dave! Unfortunately the DA-20 isn´t SP2 DX10 compatible (I miss mine really but I´m DX10 only flyer) and it doesn´t seem that the designers have an interest to change this. So no good Katana for FSX SP2 DX10 out there. Im even not sure if it works with FSX SP2 DX9 fine.
  16. Thank you for this update! I LOVE my low-poly model, high-res texture Bush Hawk! No it´s a really fluid flightsim feeling! I had another regedit problem (the FSX path wasn´t set although I´ve installed the Hawk as Admin) but I could solve that after I´ve heard about possible registry troubles so no big deal. I´ve to leave now for some island hopping in Tahiti! Thanks for the configurator to find out the best combination of high and low settings!
  17. I´d really LOVE to see MaldivesX and I don´t think it´s possible to build every island but some of the main tourist islands operated by TMA and MAT would be fine. Maybe it would be possible to create something like "standard islands" (maybe three or four different types) and drop them into the Indian ocean. @Marc: there are four more domestic airports next to MALE (VRMM): Gan International (VRMG) Hanimaadhoo Domestic Airport (VRMH): for example ATR 42 Kaadedhdhoo Domestic Airport (VRMT) Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport (VRMK) Maldivian Domestic airports so MaledivesX would be something for bigg
  18. Hi Chris! Anything except the one above was in my mind and done. I´ve to leave in some minutes so I´ll try your suggestion when I´m back. Thanks for your advice!
  19. Hi Mathijs! Well it helped a little bit and here´s the result: cold and dark, VC looking to the front (cowling): 36fps (unlimited) cold and dark, VC cockpit looking to the tail: 20fps (unlimited) fired up the gauges but NOT the engine (just before firing up the engine), VC looking to the front (cowling): 25fps (unlimited) fired up the gauges but NOT the engine (just before firing up the engine), VC cockpit looking to the tail: 16fps (unlimited) right after engine startup, VC looking to the front (cowling): 15fps (unlimited) right after engine startup, VC cockpit looking to the tail: 10fps (u
  20. Ah OK! Good point Bill! I´ve forgotten to mention: I´ve turned the BushHawk in 90 degree steps once around and got always the same frames. And doing this in a desert area it was just 1-2 fps better in the worst case. And I´ve used the taildragger C-FDBR (VFR) for this test
  21. OK I´ve just be playing around with the Bush Hawk and came to the following result. Maybe this will help you finding a solution (or find out that there´s no solution): I´ve tested the BushHawk at TahitiX Bora Bora Airport sitting on the runway, good weather conditions, no freight on board and got following average frames (first time I really used this counter): cold and dark, VC looking to the front (cowling): 28fps (locked at 28) cold and dark, VC cockpit looking to the tail: 18fps (locked at 28) fired up the gauges but NOT the engine (just before firing up the engine), VC looking to the fr
  22. One more unlucky VISTA FSX Acceleration DX10 Bush Hawk driver reagrding the frame rate issue here! I can´t tell you how many frames I get because I don´t care about the numbers but the little Hawk is really hard to fly in Tahiti X or the OrbX-Environment. And I don´t have serious framrate problems with other Aircraft. OH and I´ve a totally fresh installed FSX Acceleration just with OrbX, TahitiX, Lord Howe, FlyTampa St. Maarten, the Twin Otter, RealAir Citabria and the Nemeth EC-135 on board. So I´d really be happy to see a solution for this issue!
  23. come on! I´ve even reinstalled my complete FSX for this baby so don´t let me wait any longer!!!
  24. really interesting! I know MANY designers who have stopped their FS9 work an switched to FSX. It´s true that many designers stay with FS9 because in FS9 you can still use design codes and techniques from FS98 onwards! Means: they have a lot of practise and tricks to work efficient for FS9 but would have to "learn" new things or read the SDK. And if FSX is really as bad as many people say why are designers like Holger Sandmann or the FTX-Team so happy with FSX? Why has flytampa released a new FSX-version of their TNCM package although they stated during the first month after the FSX-release the
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