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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know if it's possible to change pilots in an aircraft or is a pilot actually part of the aircraft and cannot be changed no matter what. Cheers
  2. That's strange, I've never seen a real aeroplane do it.
  3. Can someone tell me, when sometimes while my plane is on the ground it jumps up and down a bit when changing views for instance from tower view to spot view and usually with a little bit of smoke thrown in from the tyres and is there anything I can do about it. Thanks Kev.
  4. Hey thanks Shaun I'll give it a go. Cheers Kevin.
  5. Why are you running with all your sliders maxed out? This isn't like FS9, most addon scenery is designed to run at a specific resolution for optimum results. Moving them higher won't change the look of the scenery, but it will affect performance. As long as you're willing to compromise on the other sliders, you'll be able to increase your autogen. No I wont I have already said in my original post that even with All sliders at 0 the Autogen effects FSX with anymore than sparse. Pleaser read original post's before replying.
  6. Yes but there are other people using similar hardware to mine but I haven't heard of anyone else complaining about their Autogen.
  7. Hi all, I can run FSX with all sliders in the scenery maxed out all except Autogen, I can just about run it with the autogen set to sparse any more than this just kills the frame rates and even with all all other sliders set to minimum and just using the autogen slider it still becomes unusable with autogen set to anymore than sparse, looking at an aircraft externally in spot view when you slew around the aircraft 360 degrees I get 30fps (locked) but as soon as it comes into contact with any autogen the fps jump down to as low as 9fps causing really bad stutters. I've tried setting the frame rate slider to unlimited but it makes no difference. Nothing else in FSX kills the frame rates just the autogen, is there something I can do about it. And yes I do have FSX set up properly. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Kev. My Specs. Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 Motherboard. Intel core i7 920 D0 Stepping CPU Corsair 6gb (3x2gb) 2,000MHz Memory Cooler Master V10 Hybrid TEC Cooler 2 x Western Digital Velociraptor 150GB 10,000rpm Hard Drive and 1x 300GB Western Digital Velociraptor Asus ENGTX285 CoolerMaster Real Power 1250w Power Supply
  8. Hi all, I want to populate my airfield with my own static aircraft, they don't need to move anywhere they just need to look the part. Can someone tell me in layman's terms how to do it, I know it could have a big effect on my frame rates but you know what they say "nothing ventured nothing gained" or something like that. The aircraft I want to use is the A2A B-17 it does'nt matter about parking spaces as I have no ai aircraft loaded. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kevin.
  9. Yes I put a post on here recently about the EZ walk camera I did download it but I could not make head nor tail of the manual, if you know how to use it could you tell me please. Thanks Kevin.
  10. Yes , thats the only one I've found but at 20 euros I think it's a bit expensive.
  11. Hi, Can some one recommend a good walk around camera, free or payware as long as it's not too expensive for use with fsx. Thanks Kevin.
  12. First Officer / Captain

  13. Hi both, Yes I am using nhancer set to Nicks specs. I will try Anisotropic and Anti-Aliasing ticked on. Here are my slider settings
  14. Hi Shaun, Thanks for your quick answer I don't really know how long it's been like this as I haven't had fsx installed all that long so it has probably been like this from the start,as for the graphics card it's a Asus ENGTX 285 Thanks again Kevin.
  15. Sitting inside the aircraft in this case the Catalina and pressing button 'A' on the key board cycles you through different parts of the aircraft, as I use the back wall and the steering bar quite a lot I was wondering if it is possible to assign these two views to there own separate keys on the keyboard and if so how to do it. I know you can left click the mouse button and select the back wall and steering bar from the dropdown list but unfortunately this sometimes causes a serious error in the flightsim and causes FSX to close down which is a real pain. Thanks Kevin.
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