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  1. http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=155265 for the saudi A320
  2. For a clean version try this one: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/467-a320-cfm-air-france-f-gjvw/
  3. Sorry guys! Had some troubles when changing from VISTA to Win7 and lost some files (yes I know - stupid man)! But it´ll take some more time as my real world commitments take a lot of time these days. But this paint is not canceled!
  4. Sorry for the late reply and sorry but no (visible) progress right now! Will show you if there are any new pictures!
  5. Oh yes, I loved flying my R/C choppers until I recognized it´s cheaper for me making the PPL!
  6. The Tomahawk was my first trainer when making my PPL so if you need something - let me know
  7. Yes it is but still a long way to go as there are many parts which need some rework, some parts aren´t even started right now. Here´s a little sneak preview. But as said: it´ll take time. If anyone else wants to do this bird and has more time let me know! I really don´t want to go on with that one if anyone else is working on that livery and finish it in the near future.
  8. well it is not easy but if you can be patient you might have a good chance that this one will be released in 2011 by me. I´m already working on that one but the progress is not far enough to show some pics right now. If anyone can provide some good pics or drawings from the side I´d be really happy. Everything I´ve found on airliners.net, jetphotos, etc. is good but the wing always hides some parts. But as I´ve said: don´t expect a release in the next few weeks.
  9. Until the download section here at Aerosoft works again you´ll find my paint here: avsim download library
  10. Thank you for the kind words! I´ve been rather skeptic too if it would look nice but I like it! Here´s the link to the avsim file: avsim download link
  11. This is a repaint for Aerosofts AirbusX in the fictional colors of an A320 IAE how it may look wearing the new United / Continental livery at the real world N440UA A320 (Version1), based on the Aerosoft paintkit. P.S. uploading at avsim right now. Should be available during the next one or two days. I´ll post the link at this post if the repaint will be available there.
  12. After moving the gold stripe and if the download section here at Aerosoft won´t work, I´ll upload it to avsim the upcoming days (hopefully)
  13. I hope to get it finished this week and if the download section works again you should be able to fly this bird the upcoming weekend.
  14. Yes Ive been in contact with Shaun regarding that issue and he promised to get it fixed soon. I haven´t heard any news for a while now. I´ll try to get some news.
  15. Hi Clive! Thank you for the kind words! As you can see in this thread the paint is finished but as the download section still doesn´t work here at the Aerosoft site, I haven´t uploaded it right now. I hope it´ll work again soon!
  16. Normally here: Aerosoft download section But I´m not sure if it works at the moment
  17. Hi Guys! Thank you for your comments. Some more progress on this bird. Let me know what you like / dislike and I´ll try to change it.
  18. I know that there´s nothing like that livery in the real world right now but maybe in some years? So let me know what you think about this first impression (early Beta) and the Logo at the tail is missing totally but could this bird become real some day? What would you change (size of United, colors, etc.)? If you like it, tell me what should be changed, made better, etc. and I´ll finish that paint. If not, I´ll just put it in the garbage bin
  19. This is a repaint for Aerosofts AirbusX in the colors of the audi Arabian Airlines HZ-AS12 A320 CFM (Version1), based on the Aerosoft paintkit. [EDIT] FILE UPLOAD DOESN´T WORK AT THE MOMENT [EDIT END]
  20. Hi Nolan! It´s OK! Apologize accepted! no need to worry. Everybody can be in a bad mood sometimes. It´s just not nice to see posts where I get the feeling I´ve wasted my rather rare spare time. But I think it´s better to stop such discussions right now. Hope you all enjoy our paints! I´m always glad to see a screenshot, story, etc. anywhere out there with my paints involved!
  21. Thank you guys! If you find any glitches, errors, etc. let me know. I´ll do a complete update round for all of my liveries where some errors were reported soon so if you need some changes to the US Airways fleet let me know!
  22. Here´s an early Beta of Saudi Arabian Airlines. Still some work to do (lining, Logo, etc.) but I hope you like the preview:
  23. This is a repaint for Aerosofts AirbusX in the colors of the US Airways N169UW A321 CFM (Version1), based on the Aerosoft paintkit.
  24. This is a repaint for Aerosofts AirbusX in the colors of the US Airways N508AY A321 IAE (Version1), based on the Aerosoft paintkit.
  25. 1009 downloads

    This is a repaint for Aeosofts AirbusX in the colors of the US Airways N508AY A321 IAE (Version 1.0) Repaint by Andreas Scharler, based on the Aerosoft paintkit.
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