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  1. Thank you Darryl for the kind words! Will have a look at avsim if I´ll find your thread! BTW new color Air France A320 is near to completion
  2. I´m nearly every month in Vienna so be careful with such promises!
  3. OK, then let´s go with OE-LBS "Waldviertel". I´ll do the new "engine cover" (austrian.com) version so that it can easily be changed to my A321 (just rename it) and vice versa. Will start tomorrow.
  4. @Jerry: Austrian vs. Niki maybe a litle bit off topic here. If I´ve a little bit more time, I´ll send you a PN @Darryl: I consider doing an Air France A320 new color and maybe the new US Airways (love the stripes at the tail). But first I´ve to do some minor changes to my Retro Birds and the Austrian A320. If there´s bad weather this weekend and I can´t go flying I´ll have much time for that! Let´s see.
  5. So it works for you right now but you didn´t change anything right? Very strange. Let´s see if more people run into this problem. Otherwise I hope it´s a "selffixing problem"
  6. Hmmm... I don´t have UT2 but could you have a look if there´s an OE-LBB included in the UT2 package? Maybe there´s anything interfering with my Autrian entries in the aircraft.cfg and UT2.
  7. Hi! Have already heard about this problem! I´m not on my FS-PC until this weekend but I´ll try to find out what´s the reason for that. Sorry!
  8. I´m using Photoshop too but two ideas: First: there are too many layers for PSP in the paintkit (have heard about such an issue some time ago) second: there are some fonts used you haven´t installed and they bring up this compatbilöity problem. But I can just guess. Sorry
  9. really? *beep*! Can anyone confirm that? Right now I´ve not really an idea! Will not be at my FS-computer until this weekend but if someone could double check that in the meantime and I´ll look what I can do! Really strange! Had that never before! Sorry
  10. OK so here´s the deal: you check out my A321 for improvements and errors and give me your favourite Reg (OE-Lxx) for the A320 and I´ll do it this weekend! And yes, I know austrianaviation very well! Some nice discussions about that topic there
  11. This is the first version of my paint for the Austrian A321 OE-LBB "Pinzgau". Please report any bugs, errors, glitches, etc. and I´ll try to improve the paint.
  12. 1284 downloads

    This is a repaint for Aeosofts AirbusX in the colors of the Austrian OE-LBB "Pinzgau" (Version1) Repaint by Andreas Scharler, based on the Aerosoft paintkit
  13. Niki vs. Austrian! A never ending story! Release: as soon as possible! I´m not at home since release of AirbusX and not sure if I´ll be able to upload them before the upcoming weekend! If everything works like expected I´ll try to release the A321 tomorrow. The "Retro bird" needs some minor changes and I can´t do this before Saturday. But then it should be fine. Is an A320 in standard livery required too?
  14. What I´ve done was drawing some lines (seperat layer which can be made invisible) in different colors (line 1 pixel, space between lines 4 pixel) to check out how much the difference is. This helped a lot when it comes to find the right adjustment (up or down). Hope this helps you too
  15. Done for A321 standard and A320 retro: project liveries thread and project liveries thread
  16. An Austrian A321 and the Austrian Retro Bird (A320) are finished, the Lufthansa Retro Bird needs some more work. But next weekend I´m thinking of doing at least one other paint. No idea which one. let´s see.
  17. If it should be one of the list, I´d take the A4! But what´s about something french like the Super Entendard, Jaguar or the new Rafale? Or anything from Russia? For me a really good SU-27 / Su-33 would be great! Or if your programmers need a challenge I´m voting for the famous Harrier!
  18. Hi Archhammer! First post and a way of language which shows me that I can´t take you serious But: Snave is right on the issue that the DA FSX Katana is just a quick and dirty port over from FS9 and I care a lot about those things because it won´t work under DX10 preview which is an essential issue for me (runs way smoother than DX9) and it´s not frustrating for me buying the "new" Katana from Marcel (rather having paid for the losy port over which can be done for owners of the FS9 version with some tweaking by themselves). Well calling someone "dumb ass", "bitch" etc. on a public for
  19. I´ve seen some pics of a swiss paint but none of a Edelweiss. Maybe I´ll have a closer look at this paint. Doesn´t seem to be too hard! But I can´t promise anything.
  20. Hi guys! I need your help on the shown project below. I couldn´t find the right font for the "LUFTHANSA" lettering. If anyone could point me to the correct (freeware)font or a high quality foto where I can "draw" the writing (I had a look at airliners.net but couldn´t find a pic where the writing was taken big enough and with 90°) I´d be happy. So here´s just a little teaser. Only the fuselage is made and don´t care about the color change at the wing section of the fuselage. It´s already changed. Take it a s early Alpha with many parts beeing adjusted:
  21. Hi Greg! Don´t know about the -1 too! I wouldn´t care about such things too much. OK, the "too light" was a misunderstanding by me but for me it seems to be too light and of course, every feedback given to my paints will be checked! I´m glad if you like the paint, especially the wings although the main part was done by Stefan in the latest paint kit. I´ve just adjusted them to what I think it should look like. Maybe Stefan won´t like it. Concerning the question about the new set from Stefan: I don´t know what others will do but I´m always using the latest version of the paintkit and upd
  22. Hi Greg! Concerning the Austrian A321 you wrote the above and I hope that my new wing color of the A320 will fit your suggestion. The engine nacelle was changed to this very light grey to be able to adjust it to a darker tone easily. So that´s still work in progress (as you can see at the rear door missing the red frame) and I´m working on it but it made me laugh to read your post about the too light color of the nacelle! You made my day! Thanks for the comment!
  23. Some more work in progress. There´s still a lot to do (lines matching not 100%, back door isn´t finished, etc.) but I hope you´ll get an idea what it should look like at the end:
  24. He´s doing repaints for this Airbus and so he should be able to put his textures somewhere to check. I think that´s the reason.
  25. I´ll try to make it as perfect as possible so if anyone can provide a good pic where I can identify the color of the wing areas (most of the ones I found were too dark or too bright)I´ll do my best to chang that issue!
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