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  1. Heeyy ! Hope you are good, this is my illustrated idea for you What do you think ? Safe Flights Cpt Vito
  2. Hello everybody, sorry for my google english :p I just saw the new addon football team bus for fernbus simulator and that makes me think that I recently searched for a Stadiums addon for P3D. Unfortunately I did not find anything like it. Have you ever thought about the idea? Is this one of your future projects? To conclude, I will simply add that it will be great to be able to fly over these big and beautiful European stadiums when approaching an airport. I take the example of the Allianz Stadium in Torino which is exactly on the route of the ILS Caselle. For a juve and an aviation fan like me, this approach on Caselle is necessarily one of my favorites. It's the little touch that makes the simulator great. Thank you for taking the time to read this message, good flights, good football season to the passionate (e) s friendly Cpt Vito
  3. Hello As a Juventus FC supporter, i would like to fly a CRJ with a Juventus repaint (something similar as this juventus bus). I like to reward the efforts of talented people and i'm willing to pay a few dozen euros for that. Merci
  4. Hi, you know that you have all LFBO's charts here
  5. Hi guys, This is my screenshot ! AirAustral flight approaching Malé (Republic of Maldives) VRMM after a trip of 4 hours from Saint Denis de La Réunion FMEE.
  6. Hello Aerosoft. I know I'm not going to teach you something by telling you that on the night of June 2 to 3, Berlin Tegel Airport sees the lastest aircrafts on its tarmac. This in order to let any light on the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (formerly Schönefeld). (I also know that it is perhaps not a simple thing for you knowing that it is an airport very recent and still under construction.) However I come to know if you plan to work on this project (I hope) in the coming months. Thank you in advance for your response. Cordially. Kevin (sorry for my google translate english)
  7. OOOH yes I totally agree this scenery is really remarkable and very charming. A really nice European destination. Sets are amazing, ground textures are F **** BEAUTIFUL! A PLACE WHERE IT IS GOOD TO GO! A SCENERY TO BUY ABSOLUTELY! THANK YOU and sorry for my bad english :/ ahahaha =) MERCI !!
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