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  1. Hi AhmedAhzaam18, Is there anyone who greatly desires the A380 Professional for P3D v4 it saw me and many others. I used to ask Aerosoft (Mathijs Kok) if they couldn't make the A380, but it seems there is some information about the Airbus A380 that Aerosoft can't get hold of. Why not give this information I do not know but I think we can all agree that it is a pity that they can not afford / get the info they need to make the A380. This may be a matter of time, if not that it may never turn into something. But we have to be confident and see what happens in the future But I understand very well that we all wanted the king over the air in P3D v4, But right now we just have to hope that one day, Aerosoft will get the Info and permission to make the A380. Best Regards Jammin16
  2. When can we then wait for this beauty to come out, before A330 or after???😁
  3. It will be so cool to see this aircraft and fly this aircraft with an RTX 2080Ti. I like the new night picture with the A330 it looks very nice. Can't still wait
  4. Yeah I have tried what you said and that has solved my problem, so thank you data63
  5. Okay, I have tried here today for 2 hours ago, and have still same problem???
  6. Hi, Today have I fly from Copenhagen to Las Palmas with my A321 SAS, but when I taxing to gate and I took a look on the jetways this happening??? Can som one help me???
  7. Well, I have no comment!!! Besides that, there is just an extra "joy" stick in the cockpit XD There was that Christmas present XD LOL JESUS!!! XD WHAT, why not??? XD LOL
  8. WOW, it's looks very nice, it's a nice idea about the sunshades. But would the Airbus A318/ A319/ A320/ A321 also get some sunshades???
  9. Hi mopperle, Sorry for me late repley, I wanted to hear about Bangkok (VTBS) and Phuket (VTSP) could be made for P3D v4 ???
  10. Hey there, I have 2 Questions. 1: Do some one from Aerosoft think that, they maybe could make A380 for P3D v4??? I could understand that Aerosoft couldn't make this A380 because of the lack of info about the plane. But I just think now that Airbus has / or would stop the production of the A380, so it might be a good opportunity to get the A380 Pro made. Of course, I am well aware that it is very difficult to get these information to make A380. But if the plane is still not made any more, what is the problem in giving Aerosoft the info and permission it requires to make this nice flyer??? 2: Ville høre om Bangkok (VTBS) og Phuket (VTSP) kunne blivet lavet til P3D v4??? Best summer regards Jammin16
  11. Hi Opabst, It's sound good you work hard to give us Las Palmas (GCLP) next week. I had bought Tenerife Sur yesterday and it's looks good, my plan is I would buy all Cran Canaria Islands Airports but I wait to buy the other Airports to I have Tenerife Sur (GCTS) and Cran Canaria (GCLP).
  12. Am I the only one who has a problem with this ???
  13. Hi As there stay in the picture, so it's could be so nice if the airport vehicles could hold back when the plane crossed the vehicles roads. I wish it for all airports!
  14. Hi there, I would hear if this could be put into practice that Aerosoft made Fokker 70 & 100 passenger aircraft for P3D v4 ???
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