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  1. Man! I hate this flight sim world!!! There is nothing but competition, competition, competition, competition. First it was FS2004, FSX, then it became FSX: SE, then came P3D v2 then came X-plane, then came P3D v3 then came X-Plane 10, then came X-plane 11 Then came P3D v4, and now you are over for something it's just throwing out the window like X-Plane 10 and 11. There is a reason I stick to P3D and that is because I think there is nothing more better than P3D. But then I have to address some others who would be fighting the new Microsoft Fligth Sim.
  2. Hi every one and Aerosoft. Now I'm really annoyed that I can't use Bali X for P3D v4. But it also makes good sense that when I go to the Bali X purchase page that it says this is for FSX, FSX: SE, P3D v3. But honestly, I think it's bad that this doesn't turn into P3D v4. I like to pay $ 199.99 extra to get some airports made compatible with the P3D v4. It's really sad that you lost so many good airports when you switched to P3D v4. I know it's not Aerosoft that makes P3D v4 but I honestly think something needs to happen inside this. I'm not blaming aerosoft for anything, but I'd say I want some airports to be updated to P3D v4. Aerosoft are not the ones who got this message I intend to take it to Flytampa and Taxi2Gate. But I would also say that P3D could make it easier for you aircraft and airport programmer.
  3. Hi, I would like to hear about how I can get on google via the ipad in the A330, if I can get on google??? It's coul be fund to go in to Flightradar24. Best Regards Jammin16
  4. Hi, I have a question about how I can make my own liveries for the A330. What drawing program does it require, I have pain.net but I can't open the paint kit files in pain.net! I know that Adobe Photoshop is better but I can't afford to buy this every month or year! I hope some on can help me??? Best regards Jammin16 Happy New Year 2020
  5. Hi, I have I bought STB V4 for Prepar3D-V4 and I can't make it work! I can't find my problem so I would hope some one can help me??? best regards Jammin16 Happy New year 2020
  6. ( please note that I have no doubt that I am writing in the right place!) Hi every one, I noticed that when I wanted to keep quiet with the A330, the plane automatically rolls even though the throttle is at 0! is this the point???
  7. Hi any one, I would requests some liveries for the new A330-300 Professional. Liveries: Scandinavian Airlines (LN-RKN and LN-RKO) with white box, on the roof near the tail. Thomas Cook (OY-VKG) SWISS (HB-JHB) with white box, on the roof near the tail. Air Canada (C-GFAH/ "Green" old liveries) Air Europa (EC-MHL) with white box, on the roof near the tail. China Eastern (B-6126 special) Etihad Airways (A6-AFA) South African Airways (ZS-SXI) WOW Air (TF-WOW) with white box, on the roof near the tail. FIJI .
  8. I have delete the folder but, I have still the light effect from the airport light! (i mean the light reflection) Like as you see on Mathijs night picture, and have just a GTX! I know that RTX card make the special light effect! May be we can write about this somewhere else ???
  9. Okay, but I have tried to uninstall Tomato-shade and I have still som efect back from tomato-shade and i didn't know how i fixed! ??? Do you happen to know how to fix it ???
  10. Hmm... okay it's really weird! But I imagine it is because at one point I had installed Tomato Shade for p3d v4! Therefore, do not use freeware!
  11. Okay, but it's seems to work fine now (Sweet Lord!) so I would went back if i have a other problem! But now i flight in swiss but if I flight in Eurowings I have stille he same problem none light on the tail in the air or on the ground!
  12. Okay, when the aircaft stay on the ground the Tail light is on, when after take off and landing the tail light is off!
  13. Hi any one, I would requests some liveries for the new A330-300 Professional. Liveries Scandinavian Airlines (LN-RKN and LN-RKO) Thomas Cook (OY-VKG) SWISS (HB-JHB)
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