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  1. Hi every one I have a problem I can't activate my NDP Charts! I don't no why??? Can some on help me??? Best Regards Jammin16
  2. Okay, thanks I'll check it out
  3. Okay, thanks for your repley. I think I would tried, but I don't know about this: Title Guid Description Origin InitialZoom InitialXyz InitialPbh Category SnapPbhAdjust SnapPbhReturn PanPbhAdjust PanPbhReturn Track ShowAxis AllowZoom ShowWeather XyzAdjust MomentumEffect ClipMode Can I use this???
  4. Hi every one, I have a question would it be possible to add wing view for the CRJ Pro??? I mean now I have found I could make my "own" wing view for the A330 were I set the XyzAdjust to Yes. Best Regards Jammin16
  5. Hi, I have a question, how can I fix the Jetways so I not have 4 Jetways in Frankfurt P3D v4.5??? I can't remember how i fix this!
  6. Man! I hate this flight sim world!!! There is nothing but competition, competition, competition, competition. First it was FS2004, FSX, then it became FSX: SE, then came P3D v2 then came X-plane, then came P3D v3 then came X-Plane 10, then came X-plane 11 Then came P3D v4, and now you are over for something it's just throwing out the window like X-Plane 10 and 11. There is a reason I stick to P3D and that is because I think there is nothing more better than P3D. But then I have to address some others who would be fighting the new Microsoft Fligth Sim.
  7. Hi every one and Aerosoft. Now I'm really annoyed that I can't use Bali X for P3D v4. But it also makes good sense that when I go to the Bali X purchase page that it says this is for FSX, FSX: SE, P3D v3. But honestly, I think it's bad that this doesn't turn into P3D v4. I like to pay $ 199.99 extra to get some airports made compatible with the P3D v4. It's really sad that you lost so many good airports when you switched to P3D v4. I know it's not Aerosoft that makes P3D v4 but I honestly think something needs to happen inside this. I'm not blaming aerosoft for anything, but I'd say I want some airports to be updated to P3D v4. Aerosoft are not the ones who got this message I intend to take it to Flytampa and Taxi2Gate. But I would also say that P3D could make it easier for you aircraft and airport programmer.
  8. Hi, I would like to hear about how I can get on google via the ipad in the A330, if I can get on google??? It's coul be fund to go in to Flightradar24. Best Regards Jammin16
  9. Hi, I have a question about how I can make my own liveries for the A330. What drawing program does it require, I have but I can't open the paint kit files in! I know that Adobe Photoshop is better but I can't afford to buy this every month or year! I hope some on can help me??? Best regards Jammin16 Happy New Year 2020
  10. Hi, I have I bought STB V4 for Prepar3D-V4 and I can't make it work! I can't find my problem so I would hope some one can help me??? best regards Jammin16 Happy New year 2020
  11. ( please note that I have no doubt that I am writing in the right place!) Hi every one, I noticed that when I wanted to keep quiet with the A330, the plane automatically rolls even though the throttle is at 0! is this the point???
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