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  1. Disregard, found the solution. Limited numbers of possible activations... Steff
  2. Hi, as stated in the title, after updating/downloading version 1.9.15 activation error occurs. XP11.32 Any ideas? Best Steff
  3. Hi, when can we expect the newest version (1.9.14) in our download list ? Best wishes Steff
  4. Yes dear Mace, I remembered your advice and tested it. So I have to check what hardware reason it can be. Best wishes Steff
  5. Hi, sorry had no time last days for further tests. But I disconnected the second monitor from my system, and look at this: It seems to be the reason ! With only one monitor it works. Seems to be the GPU connected to two screens on my system which leads to the problem.. I have to investigate a bit more, but... Thank you all for your really kind help so far! Best Steff
  6. Thank you all for trying to help. Its always there, only at the DC8 as I said. Also after reinstallation without TrueGlass. So I can not use it, but I am lucky to support Aerosoft for good products anyway..:-) Since how many years ? Can´t count... Best Steff
  7. Hi Mace, as far as I know: No, just the DC8.. Do you think that can be the reason ? THx for your help!! Steff
  8. Hi Mace, thx for jumping in here. Yes I have it always when I am using the DC8. Curious. No other a/c has this problem.. Using NvidiaInspector for driving the Fan of my GPU. Latest driver for Nvidia is installed.. So. I have no idea.. Best Steff
  9. Hi Michael, thanks for jumping in here. Sorry that I wrote in german, thought it is the german forum... So, I have to explore what this is with the crash of P3D. Last time, 20 minutes ago, it crashed the hole computer. Grrr... Best Steff
  10. Hi, wenn ich in der DC8 mittels button A die Sichten wechsle, kommt der allseits beliebte Hung Fehler, siehe Bild. Passiert nur bei der DC 8. Any help? Neueste Nvidia Treiber sind installiert. Karte ist die 970-er. Best Steffen
  11. Danke... Dann ist sie leider ein No Go ! Gruß Steffen
  12. Wenn ich mich genau erinnere war es bei der Version für den FS2004 unmöglich ein CIVA INS in die 727 zu implementieren, da das Panel als eine einzige gauge angelegt war. Kann man nun das CIVA INS hier einbauen ? Danke Steffen Rabenau
  13. Hi Björn, I am really sure that I used your A300 panel in some FS versions, it was great... Meanwhile I flew some legs with your new baby, and let me say, all the little things I mentioned aren´t big enough to discuss too long. Will say, as your first commercial baby it a really good one. As you know, I as a hard core simulant would like to have it as real as it gets :-) The INS is good for someone who wants just to fly with the A300, for me, as you can guess, it is not enough. I have no idea how much work is to do to implement CIVA but if I I all count together, I would prefer to have the CIVA also linked to the HSI. Sorry to say this again... I think it will be a good decision to make this and the panel lights separated from the instrument lights and lot of hard core simulants will follow you, also here at Stevens VA, where we always looking for good cargo planes... Anyway, many thanks for joining in here. Good luck with the business part of the A300, may the time and power you spent in this project comes back in your wallet now, at least a little... Cheers Steffen Rabenau Not perfect my english, isn´t it ? :-)
  14. Sorry same here, no callouts at on approach... Best Steffen Rabenau
  15. Hi, is there a way to program a Dome light like we have it and a Instrument light, which just lighten up the instrument or is this to hard regarding the framerates? Best Steffen Rabenau
  16. Hi, on my 747-200 by RFP flights I always program just the first eight waypoints into the INS, so I am able to use number nine for directs given by ATC. Precondition is, that you have the coordinates for the direct available :-) Hopefully ATC give you a direct to a waypoint out of your flightplan, otherwise I say "unable" and ATC has to react on this. Sometimes ATC can direct you to a VOR which is easy to follow. Good luck.... Steffen
  17. Danke, genau das ist die völig ausreichende Antwort... Steffen P.S.: hier meine ersten Eindrücke von dem Vögelchen: English Forum: My first impressions
  18. For my background: appr. 3000 hrs on 747-400 PS1 and PMDG, 1000 hrs on 747-200 RFP, 500 hrs on MD11PMDG, 100 hrs on JS4100 PMDG, and 5 hrs on A300B4 Simcheck :-) My first impressions: - Night light in VC to bright - ADF 2 tuning in VC first digit unable to tune (works in 2D panel) - ADF 2 no morse indication possible using the ADF2 button (not set) - Logo light always on, ignoring the switch position - N1 limit not to set manually - no reset for max N1, max EGT, max N2 As I said, my first impressions, not mentioned to say if this ac is good or bad, just telling what I expierenced so far. some might be user failures... I miss a complete INS like CIVA very much. This decreases the fun of flying for me, but... Okay testflights will go on. Best Steffen
  19. Kannst Du im Taskmanager bei Prozessen diew Zugehörigkeit auf CPU 0 bis 3 festlegen? Also den Prozess FSX.exe mit rechter Maustaste anklicken, dann Zugehörigkeit festlegen wählen. Meist sind die CPU´s schon angewählt aber erst nach duiesem Aufruf wirklich aktiv. Bei meinem Zwei-Kern-system gehts so und die Auslastung auf beiden Kernen ist danach sichtbar. hope this helps... Steffen
  20. Einfach in "1" umbenennen? Oder 1.pln oder welches Format ? Danke... Steffen Rabenau
  21. Sorry if this is asked before, could´nt find something what helps me... How deep are the INS simulated, there stands just "on basis of CIVA INS". This (sorry) sounds suspect to me, that the functionality isn´t complete on this systems. Thanks in advance ! Steffen Rabenau
  22. Fast hab ich es mir gedacht !! Danke für die schnelle Antwort !! Beste Grüße Steffen
  23. In der Beschreibung des Produktes steht AES kompatibel ab 2.04, 2.05 ist installiert. Ich kann mittels AES Help kein ELLX finden.... AES ist oberhalb von Luxembourg Airports in der Scenerybibliothek... Any help? Danke und Gruß Steffen
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