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  1. US Airways A 319-112
  2. BTW, which liveries are inlcuded in this package ? Also, I second the Delta repaint as well as Jet Blue and USAIr if not included in the original release. Thanks. Carlos
  3. You are perfectly right. Based on his statement on difficult to isolate bugs, release is possible mid August.
  4. I think that so far a no answer could mean good news !
  5. Can we use FSUIPC to set up the throttles, Elevator, etc axis ? The other Bus in development had significant problems with FSUIPC inputs specially throttles, etc.
  6. Sorry if this question have been answered before. What will be the interaction between the Airbus and FSUIPC ? Independent ? In the other Bus in development multiples issues have come up due to FSUIPC lack of support. Thanks
  7. coqui

    GPWS Sounds

    Ok, I see now. Just the new buses ( 319, 320 ,etc) have the new airbus altitude calls. Well, NP. This bird is a really beautiful FSX native aircraft. Good job. Hope to see future planes with this quality and care. Thanks
  8. coqui

    GPWS Sounds

    First of all congratulations for this wonderful bird. Almost perfect release in regard bugs. Very high quality systems simulation. One question only: in the GPWS sounds ( Calls out such as 1000, 500, etc) ) you guys seen to be using the default FSX ones. Any changes for the Airbus ones ? Thanks
  9. Any chance of getting the manuals prior to release so we can review them in advance ? Thanks
  10. Are we going to have some of the USA carriers? JetBlue, USAIR, United ? Thanks
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