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  1. That's also OK, there is no 2D panel in this plane. Do this: 1: Run RXP config tool, select the Katana and click "configure aircraft" 2: When you get the "the application failed to load the window 00 bitmap" message, click "OK" 3: Select /enable the tickbox "GNS unit" and select GNS 530. 4: Press "apply" and "OK" and close the config tool. I have no idea why this works, but it does. Once you've done that you can select the RXP GPS either by clicking shift+2 or by clicking on the GNS screen in the VC.
  2. I had that too. Simply run the RXP config tool as you would, adding the 530 2D panel via there. That makes it work just fine.
  3. Fantastic pictures (as always by mr churchill), what scenery is that in the background of the airbrake picture? I'm a sucker for instrument close ups... Also, and not meaning to dismiss the excellent work on your GPS, as it seems to have all the most useful features, but will you have an RXP enabled model? I'm thinking the 430 would fit beautifully in the centre console... perhaps in place of the nav radio unit (the GPS has a nav unit built in and a backup radio is preferable I think) BTW is the Hoffmann H36 manual I found here usable?:
  4. Ok, the HK did look a bit newer. and a bit different with the tricycle gear, cockpit layout and wings. Prob. different engine as well? Out of curiosity - what are the differences between the three instrumentation levels? Can you post developer's screenshots of each or perhaps state which instruments will (probably) be in each?
  5. Don't know if you've seen this, but here's a couple of official Diamond vids about the Dimona from Flightlevel20's youtube channel: Preflight: Startup, cruise, soar and landing (power on and off):
  6. Hi again, thought I'd post an update. I'm now a happy owner of a Katana. The payment was registered on thursday, but the order itself wasn't on my orders / history page, and I hadn't recieved an email until early today. I was a bit too late to ask for it, as you'd closed shop friday afternoon. But once you opened on monday, the order was immediately registered. Thanks for fast support! The plane seems unbelievably detailed. I pity the flies in the virtual skies!
  7. Well at least you guys are downloading it at all, I payed for it on Thursday afternoon and I'm still waiting for my download link.
  8. I'm still waiting though, I really hope it being Friday evening doesn't mean I have to wait for Monday. I only have time to sim on weekends.
  9. I'm waiting too, the Katana looks fantastic. I got the email from with details just fine, but no email with DL link from you (usually that comes immediately after the saferpay email) and no mention of the order on my download shop orders page.
  10. So no SID/STAR entry. That's OK as stated most rerouting online is DCT anyway, except for the rare occasion when STAR changes. But will we be able to manually enter waypoints that aren't in the navdata? 1: via coordinates? For example the LOWI TULSI 3A arrival where TULSI is located at N 47 42.06 E011 47.20 2: via VOR/Radial/DME? For example the ENHD SUBEK 3V arrival where HD310 is at R131 KRM DME 7.4 I've seen both ways of defining waypoints on european charts. (These examples are probably outdated BTW, I haven't flown there in quite some time and just grabbed some old charts.)
  11. Thanks for the quick reply, wonder what those screens are in real life though. I wish we could get a finite answer on Reality XP weather radar integration, seems that more than me have asked for this. Also it seems that RXP are really willing to assist in making this possible, Realair and Dreamfleet are two examples of developers who've gotten permission or help to integrate RXP gauges. A good business move on both RXP's and the developers' part I think.
  12. Hi sorry for bringing this up again. I'm not asking for weather radar integration, I'm just asking if the screens on the side (not on the pedestal but the outer sides, left of the captain and right of the first officer) are supposed to be weather radar screens? And the follow up question - If so, what would the VC coordinates for those spots be? i'm not asking for support on a 3rd party gauge, but I'm interested to know if there's any chance I'd be able to "glue" the RXP WX500 gauge in there somewhere. All that's needed are some VC coordinates. Supposing of course that FSX allows a gauge to be pasted on top of a panel bitmap, I've never tried doing that before, only direct gauge replacements.
  13. Can you add waypoints after you've taken off? I'm a bit conserned about this as some places waypoints don't have navaids associated with them, not even a distance/bearing on the charts. And actual STAR can be changed by ATC after you take off, leaving your route a bit out-dated. BTW here's a nice INS tutorial - originally made for a freeware gauge from FS2002. I don't know if the Aerosoft one is as deeply modelled as this one though: (part 1 of 6, see "related videos" for the rest of them) And here's a quick guide for the same INS gauge: Is the Aerosoft one just as detailed?
  14. I'm considering this bird very much. Two questions I'd like to have answered: 1: The INS - I fly 99% of the time on Vatsim and can't easily accept rerouting or SID/STARs without ability to enter custom coordinates as waypoints on the go. I'm curious to find out if it can be used online without being compeletely hampered. Any experiences with this? I had some success replacing the strange but very accurate GPS in the Catalina with the RXP Garmin 430. But that was easy, I just replaced the gauge and used the existing coordinates. Adding a wholly new gauge (I'm thinking between the INS gauges) is a wholly different thing. Has anybody tried this? Or can the developer give out what numbers to punch in for a square gauge that fills the area on the pedestal suitably? - Tore
  15. Hi Mr Knudsen, I used your config settings with great success back in FS9! Please add to this post so that he can measure how many want norwegian Airfields, we'd better organize our efforts I think.
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