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  1. Well, you may be right on this, but that does not explain the FL340 at BIRKA as you can see on my screenshot of the FMC above.... We will have to wait for the next update and see if things have been fixed. The CRJ is definitely not one of all my other aircraft you can leave alone for a p.... (732,733,Maddog, DC-6 ...) Oliver
  2. Quick: I didn't use the transition.... I am aware of vector segments and their "problems" Oliver
  3. G'morning 😉 Route: LGAV/21L KOR1F KOR UL53 GARTA UV60 YNN UL604 DIMIS DCT RETRA DCT PERAN DCT IRDIV DCT PETOV DCT LAMSI DCT LASGA M726 LASTO M852 BIRKA T803 GITEX GITEX4R EDDV/09L ROBEG (IAF) has no constraint. Next DESIM, 3000ft is required to catch the ILS into 9L EDDV. Wenn i initially checked the FPL (SID,STAR,APP), all was okay. It happened inflight, magically, the FMC shows still 577NM away from DEST. Happy days Oliver
  4. Hi again, half way through my flight, FMC untouched, i see this Some Magic is happening ... Could not get it fixed either: Deleting RSKs , Resetting Altitude in PERF, CLMB/DESC via AP and Level OFF ... Oliver
  5. G-Day, today another strange occurance of LNAV not behaving A/C inbound KOR waypoint, started its turn towards PIKAD waypoint. It continued on that left turn WITHOUT correcting to PIKAD. I did Heading correction (inbound track and a Paste & Copy IXONI waypoint . Toggled NAV and A/C continued as expected. Winds 294/35 Oliver
  6. Intercepting heading, yes oc, but in my case i was on track already. SID was a straight out departure with a easy turn about 9 miles out. And as i said, switching NAV mode after takeoff (w/o autopilot on) worked. Only Arming NAV on the ground didn't do what i was expecting it to do, except showing it "Armed" (white). I was only trying to fly the SID manually and get the appropriate FD directions and hit the AP at a later stage.... All good ! I hope the AS team will have time to check. (On the ground, arming NAV before TO) Oliver
  7. JetNoise

    Brake Temp

    Thank you for this info. *solved* and can be closed, Oliver
  8. Of course, for the SOP In my case, it was just a trial and the aircraft allowed it 😉 Last departure, i had it in TO/TO and armed NAV (FMS1) in the air. This time it went GREEN immediatly when AP was engaged. It just doesn't do it when armed on the ground, BUT is indicating the same ! The manual (SMARTCOCKPIT CRJ) is not realy clear about it ... Oliver
  9. JetNoise

    Brake Temp

    Dear Support, during Taxi, i hit the ParkBrake for an incoming Phonecall and brakes went a bit hot 😉 . Temps counted down (to 00 during Departure, left the gear out a bit longer)) BUT never changed back to "green", even at 00 (Zero) Upon Approach indication was still "red" at "00" Oliver
  10. Dear Captains, i am wondering if this possible issue has been reported or noted already. A search in this forum at least, strangely, had no results.... Situation: Lined up, ready to depart. TOGA pressed (TO/TO), now arming NAV Mode, FMS1 (white, armed) is indicated. Well after TO, above 1000ft AGL, Autopilot engaged: FMS1 (white,armed) will NOT engage. Prerequisites: Lined up with Track, SID or at least on intercepting heading, Next active waypoint ahead. Now: pressing NAV mode again (FMS1 disappears) and press again, will immediatly switch FMS1 to "green" and flies SID as expected. Bug or am i missing something ? Oliver EDIT: I forgot: I watched a video on YT with a RW CRJ pilot who experienced the same issue and was expecting it to work. (in rw CRJ it does) HE /me are having the same issue with SPEED mode armed and engaging after TO
  11. I can only second that @JRBarrett. Very comprehensive and insightful and very much appreciated !!! ... I had a flight yesterday where it took 7 (seven) turns to get back on track (~80kts of winds involved, FL360) . On the other hand i have seen a departure with an almost 180 turn (as per SID), flown almost perfect (imho) ... Oliver
  12. Works every time. You're probably missing something, but without any further info/screenshot/we have to have our glasbowls set-up 😉 Oliver
  13. Same here, !! I suggested a Known Bugs thread in the beginning, but that was denied. It could have solved MOST of your (our) points. I don't even know, if a issue i reported is even a bug. But maybe this is intended, who knows. I am realy enjoying this aircraft (my sim-career started with the CRJ200 from JRollon). I am not sorry for the money I spent either. If only some more issues could be solved/corrected/etc. SOON 😉 Oliver
  14. Theres videos on youtube from LesOReilly He's THE Spad.Next expert around here Oliver
  15. Hi, haven't seen this one, sorry to say. Can you make sure that the FMA is indicating exactly what you want the AP to do .... You might be missing something .... Climb/descent in IAS actually works pretty good. Try without the Livery Mod, too ... (Yes, honestly !) Oliver
  16. That is true, but thats using extra tools, lol...
  17. Hi Crabby, and others that "move everything out of Community" has spread wildely amongst users. There is a much easier way : Rename that folder to like Comunityxx (MSFS closed oc) In this cas ! Move only the CRJ folder back to a new created "Community" folder. In all other "clean out CommunityFolder" cases, MSFS is creating a new empty one anyway Once you're done rename the two folders back and youre done. Takes seconds, since its done on the same drive 😉 IN SOME CASES it is recomended (other MSFS forums) to delete ONLY the "m" files in : xxx:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-2604788356-4290646583-1899439974-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\aerosoft-crj The CRJ will recreate upon the next loading. So far i had only 2 or 3 CTDs, BUT they were not caused by the CRJ. It was some incopatible livery and freeware scenery. Happy flying Oliver
  18. 2 more flights today (CRJ) no issues. Lots of payware/freeware. (old known issues: wrong turns while on star/sid even drawings on ND were correct, cutting/early turns enroute, FPL editing, sometimes, Direct to's). Oliver
  19. Dear Devs, since 24. August this year ;-), not a single comment from you guys on this topic. Valuable members of this forum have chimed in and i am very pleased with their comments and suggestions. Thank you all for that. Just saying Oliver
  20. And IIRC , you will see aside from the FMS1 (NavSource) a LOC1 green ... Oliver
  21. 2 Flights , no issues, except the known old ones ... Oliver
  22. But isn't it more likely, in this example that the FMC is supposed to intercept the LEG and not the next waypoint in a DIRECT TO mode ?? I may be wrong here, but I have seen this an many other aircraft (XPlane) Oliver
  23. Thats the info we are looking for. Thank you, Matthias. Now take all this and compare it to what the Sim-CRJ does....... see screenshots above ! Oliver
  24. Now the orange curve shows the same radius of the (green) initial turn. So with the same turn-radius (dep on speed) and the fixed bank-angle, the a/c should have turned later (red marks) to catch the course (orange line), without the need to constantly and excessivly correct back to course. (the corrections are also done with the same bank-angle, (fixed), which leeds to the (self-induced) zigzag course. Oliver
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