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  1. or, "How shoddy airmenship can sometimes lead to the most memorable flights." So I'm happily flying along in cold Ontario, Canada coming in for landing Windsor International Airport (which is a rather grandiose title, the default MSFS rendition is really not befitting its name) and doing a circuit around the field, lowering my flaps as I go. But I'm having trouble getting my airspeed below about 110 knots. Lowering the power ever further, pulling the nose up more, trimming ... nothing seems to have much affect. Meanwhile the stall horn keeps going off. I'm getting annoyed : "What the heck, how is it stalling in this configuration, rah rah rah". I manage to pull off a decent landing anyway, full flaps, airspeed still at least 100knots, stall horn blaring the whole way down. The plane starts rolling out and really slowing down now, but the airspeed is still pegged at 100kts. I'm now convinced I've found a bug, so grumbling get out my phone and shoot some video so I can make a bug report on this fine forum. Then I realise ... waidaminute ... I'm in Canada ... it's flipping freezing here right now. I check my pitot heat ... yes, dear reader... apart from forgetting to set flaps 10 on takeoff earlier, your captain for today has also forgotten to turn on the pitot heat. I flick it on ... wait a minute or so and poof .. airspeed indicator pops back into action (and runs straight back down to 0). My performance was nothing to write home about today, but boy will I never forget to turn that pitot heat on ever again!
  2. As I stated above I’m not happy with the sounds either, but I don’t believe that’s the case. This whole Xbox vs PC situation is not ideal, and Mathijs’ statements about this have only helped to fan those flames, but I don’t believe that’s applicable here. Happy to be proven wrong, but a sound mix is a sound mix, whether it plays on your PC, your XBox or your phone. It’s got nothing to do with performance optimisation or anything like that.
  3. Let’s all be honest with each other: the sounds are not good. The patch helped a bit, but they’re by no means up to par. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that they’re probably the worst out of any plane currently in MSFS, including the defaults, which for all their little oddities do have nice sounds. I’m not gonna rant and rave or set Aerosoft any demands or ‘ultimatums’, what I simply want to know is: Is Aerosoft happy with these sounds; after the first patch, is this it now? Or is further work planned to improve the situation? -René
  4. Actually, ignore me, I think I understand better now. I was conflating the overhead red fuel levers (which control the actual fuel supply) and the fuel boost pumps (which pump the fuel around) Feel free to close this topic 🙂
  5. So condensing all this for my layman brain: the engines can in fact start and continue running with both Boost pumps off, because standby pumps take over? @Mathijs Koki understand the limitations of the simulation and what Aerosoft have chosen to model and not model, and I’m perfectly fine with that. But in this instance, it’s about where you draw that line - even the default MSFS aircraft will not run without their fuel supply turned on. (ignoring the above standby pump thing for a second).
  6. I can't be sure, but I interpreted this as 'ambience' sounds - cockpit chatter, or passengers leaving the plane.
  7. I usually put the fuel booster switch (aft and fwd) on when starting the engines, leave them in that position the whole flight, and turn them off at engine shut down. As far as I understand that's correct procedure. But my question is, are these switches actually operative in the sim? I can happily start my engines with either or both of them in the 'off' position, or switch them off during the flight without any apparent ill effects. Am I missing something?
  8. I agree, it feels a bit cheaty, but the other day I read someone saying it helps if you think of it as an external app that you would use on your iPad while flying. Like people use apps like SkyDemon or something. So that's not *that* unrealistic. I thought that was a nice way of thinking about it.
  9. Sure let me just fire up the old Pho …. Ridiculous suggestion mate. Clearly not what the OP was asking
  10. Do not quote me on this, but I think I remember Mathijs Kok mentioning somewhere they do intend to implement this, but they wanted to think about it some more.
  11. In the Compass section, on page 71, the manual states the following : " ... above it, you will find the correction card; this corrects the deviation values of the compass, which can occur due to magnetic fields in the vicinity of the compass. If the windshield heater is on, the compass information is useless." (emphasis mine) Is this currently simulated? Just wondering if this is relevant to OPs question.
  12. Not sure I'm allowed to literally copy/paste from the manual here, but on page 66 it certainly implies they are in fact buttons and clickable: MDA If the approach to the destination airport is to be performed using the ILS and the MDA procedure, the MDA button must be pressed. The MDA button lights up when the Minimum Decision Altitude (MDA) is reached. GO AROUND If the crew wants to initiate the automatic Go Around, the GO AROUND button must be pressed. This button lights up immediately. ALT ALERT This push button is part of the autopilot and will level out the Twin Otter once activated, and the selected altitude has been reached on the Altitude Alerter. The autopilot will then display ALT HOLD.
  13. I understand it does not work currently, and I believe that was also mentioned in the manual, but I didn't want to assume that meant they wouldn't present in the visual model, functional or not. And I had no idea what they looked like or what to look for
  14. On page 66, the manual talks about these buttons, but they don't appear very clickable in the sim? Are they implemented? I have seen the Alt Alert light come on, but I'm not sure the buttons themselves are clickable or not animated or what.
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