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  1. Debatable, at this point. Let’s just say I don’t believe that plane is taking up very much of his time at the moment …
  2. Are you on XBox or PC? Have you got AI Assistance Settings turned off? Can you confirm if this is a 'normal' flight : you picked the CRJ on the map screen, you picked a departure airport from the list (or clicking on the globe) and you pressed "Fly now"?
  3. I’m happy with the product: I think it’s a good plane at its core. But it’s not perfect, and it’s not objectively great, *yet*. It has problems, some of them you listed, and I was merely expressing my wishes and hopes that the team keep at it, to solve those issues, and turn this into a *great* plane. As to Mathijs’ comments: I fall into the middle camp - I don’t necessarily need hardcore 100% study level (and that was never promised) but I do want the stuff that *is* there to work reliably and correctly. I guess I’m an 80% study level guy. 😉
  4. Yeah, so nice thread highjack. If you read the original topic, this is expressly not one of *those* threads again, there’s plenty of them already. If this is a reaction to another thread, you should’ve put it there.
  5. I just wanted to express some words of appreciation for the CRJ and encouragement for the team. I was watching a stream by BritishAvgeek just now, and I was reminded how much I really like the CRJ - it’s really well done overall, and very enjoyable to fly. Yes, there are a few niggles, we all know them, and I absolutely hope the team make good on their statements about long-term plans they have for this product. Regardless, I think it’s a good plane, and just so short of greatness. I really hope they keep beavering away at it. There’s still no other comparable plane in this segment, it fills a nice spot in my hangar, right between all my GA planes and the 737s and A320s
  6. I don't want to harp on about this much more, the internet has enough snark as it is, but yes : Aerosoft has definitely lost a day-one purchase from me. As Mr. Kok will no doubt once again espouse its tremendous sales in future forum posts, it won't include my purchase. Both the CRJ's veeeeery lackluster update cycle so far and specifically the near total lack of meaningful Twin Otter support have put a very bad taste in my mouth. This A330 will have to be spectacular in every way for me to even consider looking at it, and even then not without waiting at least a month or six .... (or as we say in Dutch "we kijken de kat eerst maar es uit de boom"). And I will recommend anyone else to do the same!
  7. Would you mind elaborating a bit please? What does this mean in practice? Is Aerosoft still committed to providing a new sound set at some point in the future, or is this the end of the line, so to speak? This is all very disappointing, I have to say ... -Rene
  8. Further to the below topic, what would be a good way to manually calculate some reasonable, best guess V-speeds then?
  9. Did a quick test at Amsterdam Schiphol EHAM and V-speeds did indeed appear as expected. So it does look like it's altitude related. Thanks Hans!
  10. I believe I've seen it at Denver KDEN but this time I was starting at Eagle County Regional KEGE, which has an elevation of 6547ft. I was flying with live weather, temperature around 10C. As I mentioned, I did see some older forum posts about the Bombardier only providing data till 6000ft, but it had some follow up posts about Hans getting newer data up to 10000ft. I also found it interesting that the -1000 does not seem to have this problem. Was perhaps only the -1000 data updated, and not the -700?
  11. I’ve seen this once before the latest update (20220624), but after updating I thought I’d have a quick look and it occurs again. I like to start in the turnaround state, set up everything, and then checking the EFB it looks like attached screen shot. And no matter what I try, and I’ve tried a lot, it will not show those speeds. This only happens with the 700, the 1000 appears ok. Edit: I’ve got the Marketplace version and did a clean install, because the update process never works for me with the CRJ Edit2: I was attempting to take off from KEGE, which is a higher elevation airport. I read an older forum post about V speed issues at higher altitude, is that still a problem? And if so, why was the 1000 ok and not the 700? No custom mods or liveries (for the CRJ, at least) Any ideas/suggestions?
  12. Saw on the news about Paderborn being hit by severe winds. Wasn’t that Aerosoft’s homebase? Hope everyone is safe & sound! Wishing you all the best, René
  13. I think it bears mentioning that what sets companies apart is how quickly (or even if) they resolve those bugs and limitations …
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