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  1. Well usually if you activate the A/P it should activate wings level and pitch. So it should climb with the current rate of climb and hold the wings level. But it takes the nose up and does not hold the current pitch. When I activate the V/S mode and set it to a certain value, this V/S mode is immediately activated when switching the A/P on and then the autopilot will hold this rate of climb. But is this the way it is supposed to work?
  2. TCAS does work. It had it working fine once and as soon as i closed in to an AI aircraft for testing purposes, it said "Traffic, Traffic". Now I always have the above mentioned problem but i also see other traffic on my display.
  3. I have the same problem. The own aircraft seems to be recognized as traffic. The "traffic" is always at the same position and the same ALT than myself.
  4. I was flying some patterns so fuel was nearly the same during each approach. Wind was always the same (Weather preset) for practicing purposes. It was very strange so i thought there might be an issue here.
  5. I made a couple of practice landings and sometimes when i touch down with about 115 kts, the nose wheel must be pushed onto the runway. Otherwise, it will stay "in the air" until i reach about 80 knots. Another landing with the exact same speed and the nose wheel will automatically come down after touch down. That is strange or are my landings just bad?
  6. I always enable the horizontal stabilizers and the yaw dampers in the pedestal and then everything is fine.
  7. I had a couple of approaches yesterday where the approaches were all fine, also the GS worked perfectly. Today i had the same issue: As soon as the GS is intercepted and becomes green in the display, the airplane goes into a dive.
  8. I usually trim the aircraft so that it is in a decent climb but as soon as i enable the A/P, the nose goes up
  9. After takeoff, i go into a climb and when I enable the autopilot, it should usually set the current vertical speed as climb rate. When I activate the A/P, the aircraft takes his nose up extremely (about 5000ft/min climb rate) until i manually switch to V/S mode and adjust the climb rate. How can i prevent this, it is really annoying.
  10. Usually when i start the flight all doors are closed on my side so there wont be an announcement i think. When I set the CRZ alt in the FMS, the "Sandwiches" announcement is being triggered once that ALT is reached. But i do not know why the safety instruction announcement has only been played once.
  11. Thank you! That was it! When i selected the LEGS page i realized that this was the way i solved disc. yesterday! Merci!
  12. I read the FMS manual but i sometimes do have problems resolving discontinuities. How can I resolve this one?!
  13. I have noticed several announcements from flight attendants so far: - Safety instructions - Takeoff announcement - Serving sandwiches - Aborted landing - Cleared for landing - After landing Somehow, the safety instructions are not always announced. I only heard it once. What do i have to do to trigger this announcement. Also, the announcement right after landing plays twice within one second.
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