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  1. I hope the mods will permit me to post this, since we have a few real life CRJ pilots on this forum. I'm trying to replicate my CRJ flying as close as possible to the real thing. I still have a long ways to go but I had a couple of questions - When flying a "visual" approach, do you still utilize the ILS (when available) / auto pilot or do you hand fly the entire approach with no ILS guidance? If you find yourself floating down the runway, how do you get the jet onto the ground? Just throttle back and wait? Or am I the only person who consistently flies well past the ideal touchdown location. Last - do you have any approaches you find to be particularly challenging (or enjoyable)? Always looking for something new to fly. Thank you!
  2. While watching a couple of videos of actual CRJ flights, it seems as if in some cases, after turning on the AP after takeoff, the pilots have their hands on the controls and are continuing to guide the jet. Is this really the case or are they just resting their hands on the controls?
  3. From what I've seen, this is a pattern that goes back quite a ways with this particular member. Don't think it has anything to do with the release of the Twotter. Most people who post about issues get a response from the team within a day or so at most. In KK's case, his/her stuff is almost always ignored.
  4. Just had the same thing happen on approach to RWY 01 at KDCA. Consistently stayed to the right of centerline. Aftermarket KDCA but I've flown this approach multiple times with no previous issues.
  5. Certainly not a major issue but it doesn't seem the "chime" button works, at least on my CRJ. The only way to get a chime is to toggle the seatbelt switch. Like I said, not a massive problem but it seems like it would be pretty easy to correct.
  6. Curious why the moderators are ignoring these posts? Seems like a valid issue that at least would warrant some feedback from the AS team. I find the lack of responses to be disappointing.
  7. So just before I landed, I started getting "Sink Rate" warnings. I added power to smooth out the touchdown but still hit the runway a bit "firmly". As soon as I touched down, I got a Master Warning light along with a warning on the display. It was only there for a second and I was busy with landing so I couldn't see what the warning was. Any idea what I broke on the jet?
  8. Been using ST for a month and love it. However, last night (after installing the latest MSFS update), I spawned at KLGA and noted only a single Delta A320 present. All other gates were empty. All of my Traffic setting were per the ST manual. Never had this issue before. I tried to increase static aircraft, that change added more jets but all of them were the horrible generic schemes. No amount of tweaking changed things. Did the MSFS update somehow impact ST?
  9. I've had this happen on occasion (maybe every 40-50 flights). Just happened last night. Normal startup procedure, right engine starts fine. Left engine starts to spool up, at 20% I open the throttle. Around 40%, it ceases startup and just spools down. Next attempt worked fine.
  10. So I'm going to do the soundpack. Even if the flight deck is dead quiet (if you are wearing a pair of $1,000 Bose noise cancelling headphones), which I'm not sure is even the case given the comment above, I still want a "heavier" sound mix since that is one of the primary queues I'm getting for acceleration and thrust settings. Plus, those CF34's just sound so awesome at high power settings. Thanks for the good info everyone!
  11. The problem with cancelling the AP and hand flying is that often, you are out of trim and it just makes things worse until you can wrestle the jet back under control. All that being said, it reinforces what I thought, in that being below speed contributes to this. Just wondering if it's being below "bug" speed or actually being at stall speed?
  12. I'd like to revisit this subject, especially since the last thread on this went a bit off the rails. Before it was locked, someone posted a link to a pretty impressive soundpack for the CRJ: Just wondering if anyone has used this mod and if so, does it "play nice" with the rest of the sim (including not overiding sounds not provided in the mod such as cabin announcements, etc)? Also, for some reason, this guy never posts videos that include the take-off / landing sounds. To me, those are the two areas that the stock sim is lacking. If anyone has this mod installed, what are your thoughts on those particular sounds? Does he do a good job of replicating the bumps and rattles while taking off, plus the sounds of landing such as the reversers kicking in? Any info on this would be very welcome.
  13. I've seen a few topics that are similar to this but with a few differences. I'm having random issues with the aircraft pitching up while flying with the AP engaged, typically during the approach phase when I am in a slow, low altitude state. Typically, I'm in NAV or HDG plus ALT. This issue typically occurs, when switching to VS to descend further, the aircraft instead pitches up and I'm seeing vertical speeds of plus 1-2,000 FPM. No matter how much I turn the "down" knob the aircraft keeps climbing. If I turn off VS and go back to ALT, the behaviour continues, even though I'm now a few thousand feet over the selected altitude. As speed decays, I end up going to TOGA or MAX power to keep from stalling, at which point the vertical speed slowly starts to drop and starts to finally decrease. It's a case of too little, too late as by then the approach is completely ruined. I don't have any screen shots to share, usually I'm much too busy fighting the aircraft. I will note that on occasion when this happens, I've let the speed decay below the "bug" setting. Would this have any impact on the pitch up? I haven't read anything to indicate that either ALT or VS has any ability to overide a vertical speed or altitude setting. If anything, I'd expect the aircraft to pitch down if I got too slow, not to pitch up which would get me even closer to stalling. Thoughts?
  14. Regarding the speed bug, does it have any direct effect on any autopilot modes besides Speed Mode or is it just used for advisory purposes? A few times when I've been descending, I'll use VS and when I engage that mode and dial down the rate of descent, the AP goes crazy and the aircraft starts climbing. No amount of dialing the rate of descent down makes any difference. Could this be because my airspeed wasn't synced with the bug?
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