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  1. Very well put Amahran. Unfortunately, in the time I've been on this forum, I've seen the toxicity spread from that guy to many of the Aerosoft reps on this forum. Cheap shots when customer ask about updates, slagging their competitors to deflect questions about issues with their product, etc, etc. Pretty sad but hey, on the bright side - Another week has gone by, so I assume we are that much closer to getting the next update. Mathias - what do you have for news on this?
  2. Maybe instead of cheeky comments to your customers, you spend just a bit more time focused on fixing the multiple issues still present in your product(s). So, another week has gone by and I'll ask yet again - do you have any progress to report on the next update for the CRJ?
  3. What are the issues with the engines?
  4. How common is it for ATC to throw a last-minute runway change at you? And what would be the latest stage of your approach where this could be implemented? I was watching Flight Aware a few days ago and KBOS had to switch runways (assume due to wind change). It was amazing to see all those jets changing to different headings and getting re-sequenced to the new runway. Masterful job by ATC, especially since this was during "rush hour".
  5. On a related question for RL CRJ pilots. Do you always enter the full info for the destination airport, i.e. - the STAR and Runway or just leave those off the flight plan until you get closer and then enter prior to TOD?
  6. Hi Mathis, It's a few more weeks, what's the latest ETA on the next update? Please advise.
  7. Aerosoft - this seems like a pretty easy fix to implement; can someone please provide a response regarding whether it will be addressed?
  8. Far as I can tell, the HGS has some flaws, regarding missing items from various modes and the inability to get some (all?) of the ILS modes to activate. It's been brought up multiple times by others but has yet to have been acknowledged by anyone connected with Aerosoft.
  9. Unless you have some weird bind to your controller, there is no reason for this to happen. Follow the startup procedure step by step. Note also that once the engines start, the fuel pump light goes off.
  10. Thanks for the update Mathijs. Look forward to hearing some news of what you'll have for us in the near future.
  11. Hi Mathijs. Just wondering if you now have any news you can share about your next update and when we can expect to see it? Please advise.
  12. And the silence from the Aerosoft crew is deafening. Sad, there was great potential with the CRJ (much less so with their other release). It's not a horrible jet but compared to the options out there today, its nothing more than mediocre. On a side note - Nice shot taken at PMDG for their lack of an EFB on another post. Try to throw another company under the bus to deflect criticism. Classy move.
  13. If you have the time to respond to that post, why do you not have the time to respond to all those other posts where your customers brought up legitimate issues with your product?
  14. Unfortunately, I've seen a dozen or more posts where well-meaning people have brought up legitimate flaws with the sim and they are completely ignored by those in charge.
  15. How those updates coming along? Not a lot of activity on these forums anymore.
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