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  1. Love the idea of this plug in, especially the randomizer concept. Unfortunately, I had several issues when attempting to use it (latest version): The Randomizer option appears to have created some failures which I am unable to reset via the cockpit or ipad menu's One such failure was that every warning light (e.g. engine start, apu start, yaw dampers, terrain warning systems, well, everything) on the upper and lower panels and glareshield was activated, and could not be deactivated. Maybe there's a test switch for 'test everything') that was stuck on, but if so, I couldn't find it. Attempting to use the 'cold and dark' option after the above mayhem only reset certain things, many failure lights were still lit even with master power being off The only way I was able to get back to cold and dark was by resetting the flight. I'll try a few more times, but it looks like it's a little buggy at least with my setup.
  2. Hey, it's an easy mistake to make for an Aussie like me. We're used to saying things like: Give me some of 'your damper' https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/damper/80391c40-8eab-4e67-9cfc-0c802f9fb7a1
  3. Reproduced this again today, and it seems you were right. I had stupidly not turned IRS on, on the lower pedestal.
  4. I've lost count on the number of pax that I've sent to the great black hole in the sky (the one that appears when MSFS says 'You Crashed! You have overstressed your aircraft) - unless I am extremely vigilant when I capture altitude hold it feels like only seconds between accelerating from an autopilot climb mode set to 250 knots to an alt held mode and overspeed warning ~ 320 knots --- then --- boom! I'm not complaining, this of course is my own fault of sometimes getting distracted by all the other shiny things in the cockpit and not reducing thrust early enough. However, it does lead me to wonder, if I fly in a real CRJ, how nervous should I be?
  5. I had a brief moment of hope, but alas, I checked and IRS alignment is still set to instant
  6. If I commence flight from turnaround state, I'm able to correctly activate Yaw Dampers. If I start the flight from Cold & Dark state however, the Yaw Dampers will not activate at any stage. Stabilizer and Mach Trims both engage successfully. But no matter what I do, I cannot get the Yaw Damper warning to disappear off the CAS, and the autopilot will not engage either since the Yaw Dampers need be activated first.
  7. Maybe check under the applicable forum section https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/1086-controllers-thrust-levers-hardware-panels/ ?
  8. @MathijsIt appears this is not an isolated issue, any chance we could get this looked into? Admittedly it does not affect flight performance, but it does detract from the enjoyment of the flight. Thanks!
  9. Glad to hear I’m not the only one! Thanks for the confirm.
  10. Some further info, even though I can’t see how it could possibly be related, but the issue appears to be present when flying over water, and goes away when flying over land. I know how crazy that sounds, but it seems relatively consistent for me.
  11. Every minute or 2 during flight, I am getting the audible "Traffic, Traffic" alert, however no traffic appears on the MFD (with Traffic ON) or on the VFR Map - it gets so annoyingly repetitive I have turned traffic off on both Com radio stacks, but still get the warning. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. CDU will not accept valid ICAO 'WARI' as origin 1. Start flight in MSFS from WARI 2. On the FLTPLAN page of CDU, enter WARI into scratchpad and attempt to assign to Origin (top left button) Observe: CDU displays 'Not Found' (or similar, sorry not at that PC now to confirm exact message)
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