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  1. Version is accessible as experimental?
  2. Hello, I have crashed twice so far on a trip from OMDB to ZBAA due to lack of fuel. Yes, I know, I was not monitoring completely my flight, but I was not expecting this (pause at TOD). I am using the Aerosoft A3xx Fuel Planner, with the correct wind data, etc., it generates a value of 27,484 kg of fuel. PFPX, with the nearly exact same values for PAX and cargo, gave me a result of 41,966 kg of fuel (trip at 33,856). That is a significant difference of fuel calculation if I understand correctly. The nm distance between PFPX and the planner was not too off (Aerosoft
  3. I tried something, seemed to have worked... I disabled GSX (in the MCDU) before inputting the data. The data loaded correctly. I then re-enabled GSX.
  4. I even tried to manually input the data (rather than through the loadsheet) and the pax load freezes at 31.
  5. I am also having the same issue. I have inputted 287 passengers, and only 31 are boarding. Cargo and fuel seem to load ok however, so far my issue is only with the passengers. Version P3D v4.5 hotfix 2
  6. I've been keeping it at around 60 to 75 %, and I saw a significant difference in framerates - so far.
  7. Ok good, that was the approach I took recently... I had AI at 100% and I was getting too many stutters... I brought it down to 60% and it seems to have done the trick... Thanks!
  8. Hello, I was wondering if there was a suggested % threshold that was recommended in regards to AI traffic in the Mega Airport scenery. When you folks are testing an airport, at what % do you usually work with? Just to give you an idea, this is my PC specs: i7 7700k overclocked at 4.9ghz, RTX2070 (overclocked), 16gb RAM DDR4 3.2 ghz. Scenery on a separate HDD.
  9. Just wanted to thank the developers for their amazing work on Mega Airport LEBL Pro. Recently purchased it, and I just finished a flight there. Framerates were amazing, and the scenery details were impressive. Great work!
  10. Good evening, Running version A319 CFM. I seem to be unable to load fuel with GSX. I have wheel locks on, I am on turn-around state, loadsheet has been inputted, and yet the fuel load always remain browned out (never turns green). I have also enabled GSX in the ground options. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? This is a first for me to have this error. Any assistance would be appreciated. Cheers
  11. This is the 2nd time it is happening to me. As soon as I hit TOC FL 400, engines go idle, which obviously causes the aircraft to lose significant speed. First time that this occurred, when I tried to reach FL400, I got a total shutdown. I changed my cruise level to FL380, and had no issues (other than a massive headwind).
  12. Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64 bit Simulator version: 4.5 Airbus version: in use: Active Sky P3D version 7062, ASCA, ENVSHADE, ENTEXSystem specs: i7 7700k overclocked at 4.9ghz, RTX 2070 (not overclocked), DDR4 Ram 16 gb G Skill overclocked at 2800 mhz Description of the issue: As I was reaching FL400, complete blackout Are you able to reproduce the issue? If so, what are the exact steps you are taking for this issue to happen? This is the first time I ever experienced this. Additional information (route, weights, special area where the issue occurred etc.):
  13. Nope, I definitely did reboot. I close my PC every evening. That said, I flew the exact same route and no issues. That event was weird... I cannot reproduce the bug (for now). I find it really odd that I had an ignition notification on the EICAS... I didnt know Aerosoft was in the business of simulating system errors on the Airbus! hahaha
  14. Hello, I just checked and indeed it is version Thank you. Ps. I am trying the same route again with the A319. Just reached TOC, so far so good. CI of 45. No ignition message on EICAS either.
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