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  1. Yes carb icing can build very quickly at times. Especially when the dew point and ambiant temprature are so close. I was out flying yesterday in a Cessna 150 in RL and had some carb ice build within 5min of throttling back to 2300rmp at my cruise altitude.
  2. It seems your not understanding how and when carb ice can form. Carb Ice can form at almost any temprature given there is enough moisture in the air. Here is a nice chart to show you. http://www.kfackler.com/gtuf/carb_ice.html So if you said it's 27ºC out thats around 81ºF (sorry the chart is in ºF) Ok so look up the 81 in ambiant temprature. To get ice to form the dew point only has to be around 38F so thats what 3C? So around 20% humidity. Chances are the dew point was higher. Take a look at the chart even at 40% humidity you well into the serious icing at gliding power. Dont let that "Serious gliding power" fool you. Its just a fancy way of saying anying under cruise power.
  3. Is that a requirement in Germany? Because in Canada Day VFR has no lighting requirements. However if you do have a Beacon light it is reguarded as good airmenship to have it turned on.
  4. Someplace in Orbx NA would be amazing. I'm already spending all my time in there.
  5. dizzy

    Beech 18

    thanks shaun i'll give it a try, it was one of my favorite a/c in fs9
  6. I was just wondering if it's possible to get the Beech 18 to run in FSX?
  7. Hey I installed SP2 and then installed the katana and it's SP2 update but now in low light (sunrise/sunset) my katana is see through here's a picture of what i mean You can clearly see the taxi markings through the wings. Anybody got any ideas. It's only the katana doing this my beaver and seahawk is fine
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