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  1. I don't run too many add-ons. Just the standards like Chaseplane, AS16, RAAS pro, precipitfx. Could the Old prop stuff cause problems? I know the precipitfx edits the aircraft.cfg to point to it's effects. Would it help to attach my fsx.cfg dll.xml exe.xml?
  2. Failures are not set in the sim. And I didn't think the cockpit change would make a difference but it was worth a try at this point.
  3. Just tried the same setup using one of the original Russian cockpits. The AN-2 that's blue and yellow. That's a no go. Same thing happens.
  4. I'm just losing some electrical. So I lose Lights, ADF, Com. But I don't lose flaps, cowl flaps, oil cooler flaps, the gauges. So I think I lose most of the stuff connected to the inverter. When I lose the lights, coms, and nav I still show a charge on the generator and get the correct voltage. When I turn off the generator I get the warning light and show a draw and get proper voltage for the battery, and all the lights, coms, and nav come back to life. Switch the generator back on then everything stays on for another few minutes and then dies again. This is the only aircraft tha
  5. WH. Good Idea! I gave the idea a try today. My setup for this. Default flight is the trike over Friday Harbour. Default weather, and time to day. I load the AN-2 from the free flight menu. And the airport is going to be Key West (KEYW). Start the plane and take off on runway 09 and make a climbing left hand turn to fly over Fish Hook NDB. I have the radio on ATIS for KEYW, the Fish Hook NDB tuned with the volume on, Nav lights on and cockpit lights on. Cross over Fish Hook and head to NAS Key West. I made it abeam to KEYW and lose power. ATIS cuts off, NDB ident stops,
  6. It happens every flight no matter the location. The location I used is just my local area and know the freq without looking them up. I've tried in various spots. Both with default scenery and add-on scenery. Day and Night flights too. A night VFR flight was the reason I found there was a problem, kind of hard to fly when all the cockpit lights go out.
  7. Yes sir it is 100% repeatable for me.
  8. Reset my default flight to the Trike flying over Friday Harbour. Still lose the power about 10 min into the flight. I tried mapping a button to the generator. Doesn't help. Just turns off and on the generator as if i clicked the switch with my mouse.
  9. double checked everything I can think of. Still stuck with losing power mid flight.
  10. Could be? My FSX:SE is on my data drive. So I'll take a look when I get home from work. But I'm glad I'm now not the only person having this problem.
  11. I've done a couple of uninstall and reinstalls. Nothing has changed for me. I'm able to reproduce the error every single flight with the AN-2. My current flight is the default 172 running while on the ground at CYKF. I've again set the default flight to the Trike flying over Friday Harbour. Both result in the same problems with the AN-2. I'm now at a loss.
  12. Hi, I don't fly online, and don't have any online clients. I load the AN-2 from the main menu in FSX:SE. I'll try loading the aircraft from inside the sim. Edit; I've tried loading it from the sim. Instead of from the free flight menu. Default 172 at CYKF with engine running and radios on. Then switched to the AN-2. Took off and started tracking the Wellington NDB. And had CYKF ATIS on. After about 5 min, started to track the Brantford NDB. I would say after about 10 min total flight I lost the radios, and the lights in the plane. AMP showed a charge. And Voltage s
  13. There is a post dating back to June 2nd 2018, called Radio-Electric issue, where people are having the problem I'm experiencing. There is even a video about it in the topic. I didn't want to bring back an old post. There never really seemed to be a solve to their problem except maybe hitting ground power key. But FSX:SE doesn't have a ground power key bind?
  14. Hello, I'm really enjoying this aircraft, but have run into a major issue. Mid flight I'm losing electric power to my systems. I've been reading the forums and seems I'm running into the same problem as others. I'll be flying along and then lose power to my radios and lights. I have the generator on, and it's showing a charge to the battery and proper voltage. But then poof no radio and no lights. I can turn off the generator and then everything comes alive again. But now I'm running strait off the battery, so that doesn't last too long. I can turn the generator back on but then th
  15. Yes carb icing can build very quickly at times. Especially when the dew point and ambiant temprature are so close. I was out flying yesterday in a Cessna 150 in RL and had some carb ice build within 5min of throttling back to 2300rmp at my cruise altitude.
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