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  1. Hi all, I'm thinking of buying VFR London. However, before I do, I would like to know if there are any clashes between the UTX bridges and VFR London bridges? Thanks
  2. I have been away on holiday, I will carry out the intructions later this evening
  3. Hey I don't think it's an FSUICP problem because when I prevented it from starting (in the dll) the engines still went mad!
  4. After fiddling with FSUICP caliberation.. no luck. I'll read up the manual tommorrow. It seems the left engine is permenantly on 100% while the right is only temporary.
  5. My bad! Twin Otter. I do have the payware version of the latest fsuicp, any tips? and just to add, I have version 1.11 and I have followed the checklist provided. Thanks for the help
  6. Hi guys. For some reason when I start the engines they both seem to go 100% RPM even if the throttle is idle. Any idea why? It's driving me nuts!!
  7. Here you go I think you guys can test the lights not showing on the ground yourselves.
  8. Not sure why support hasn't replied. Also, wings are transparent at night when lights are on and landing lights can't be seen on the ground.
  9. Hi guys. I have recently bought the wonderful KatanaX and installed the update for SP2 because I have Acceleration. For some reason I cannot access the checklists (shift+F11). I can see the navigation (i.e. before take off) but I cannot click the links. Why is this? Perhaps it is a bug?
  10. Thanks, when I move further down the runway, more "tarmac" stuff appears around the sides.
  11. Hey I have deleted all these. Are there anymore? I still see some traffic moving.
  12. I gather this isn't a bug then... how do I fix this Aerosoft Support?
  13. I have disabled all traffic, autogen and water is at High1x. With default aircraft FPS are superb. With the PMDG, they are low. But with unlimited FPS cap lock they are reasonable.. so I want to squeeze every FPS possible for the PMDG.
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