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  1. I Have FSX. Received an e-mail from SimMarket that there is a new version 1.2 of the FSDG Mauritius Scenery. Do I need to remove the original version before installing the new version as this is not mentioned in the e-mail.
  2. I have FSX Received an e-mail from Simmarket that there is a new version of Prague. I could not find any info what has been altered in this new version on the Aerosoft forum. Has the FSX been updated, or is it because this airport has been updated with a installer for P3D. If FSX has been updated is there anything I need to be aware of when removing then installing the new version.
  3. ICAO: KSFONAME: San Francisco International AirportTYPE: PaywareFS: FSX DESIGNER: FlightBeamLINK: http://www.flightbeam.net/ Had AES for KSFOHD and now updated to KSFOHD Version 2. Will Aerosoft update the AES so that I can use it in the new version.
  4. Thanks Otto, Uninstall via Control Panel worked. However I wonder why Aerosoft does not mention any reference about install/uninstall or automatic (de) installation to the Scenery Library in the Manual. They do with other Aerosoft products. It only costs a couple of lines.
  5. Have the Manhatten V 1.20 boxed version., want to install to V1.30 download up-date. I cannot find any information in the manual about the correct way removing the original version from FSX. Do I have to remove the scenery from the Scenery Library first or will the ADD/REMOVE programme to remove Manhatten X from the PC do this for me. I am asking because some add-ons have different methods to completly remove Flight Sim add-ons and also automatically add scenery to the Library.
  6. Have Manhatten X DVD box version 1.20. Just downloaded the new 1.30 up-date via the up-date page for the boxed version. On the up-date page it states that the up-date for the download version of Manhatten X can be obtained through the shop and that the original version must not be removed. Just a small question, does this also apply to my DVD version or is a full removal of boxed V1,20 neccessary? EDIT The download version says removed the original version. I read it too quickly, this is how mistakes are often made.
  7. Reading this post I checked my LFPG and have the same effect. My question is what happens to the rest of the France VFR mesh when this msh_IDF is disabled as I presume it was put in there for a reason.
  8. Dear Mr Almstedt First of all you explode too fast, I can give OPabst my Aerosoft customer number and he would be shocked if he knew how good client I am of Aerosoft for more than ten years, and I am always treated with very high respect by the sales team. And I have never wanted to have something for nothing, because mostly I spend about 250 euro a month, for add ons . I do not except on an open form insults that I am one of the persons who is maybe the fault of the recession, because"" when I tell you who is the fault of this recession you would be shocked by my language and that is against the way I have been brought up. Of course I can read, I am fluent in more than three languages, and I am brought up with very good manners, that is something I can't say from your attack towards me. On the forum I asked a question, OPabst has replied. Whether I agree or not is between him and me. Also on many forum issues I have never been insulted by OPabst. In all the time I have been a member of this forum I have never been subjected to this childish behaviour of you. It says more of your upbringing than mine.
  9. If it was known that FSDT KLAX only allows one jetway to move as opposed to other airports why do I have to pay the maximum of 5 credits for this airport. Less credits could have resulted in using these for an Airport which gives the maximum AES has to offer. I do not mind to use the maximum credits if I can get value for my money. In these days of financial crisis where the cost of add-ons seem to be rising maybe we will have be be more cautious in what we buy. Sometimes we only find out that certain add-ons are not capable to give what is expected until a problem is posted on a forum.
  10. Thanks Shaun for your quick reply, Found the file, it is an AF2 simwings without static aircraft, can you modify these files like I wrote by using the Lee Swordy programme, for FSX or does it cause "default buildings"issues. Can a copy be placed outside FSX then returned (overwrite ) the original. Or am I looking for trouble. It will be to alter/install airline codes and maybe the size of a gate. This is a question for later use maybe.
  11. I have noticed that several of Afcad from Aerosoft are AFX, can these be altered using the ADE programme without causing any issues. A few airports like Zurich 2012 have an AF2 afcad, can I use the Lee Swordey tool to make any alterations without getting any issues in FSX? Also what is the name of the Afcad for MegaAirport Frankfurt X , I cannot seem to find it. Have not installed the runway extention in FSX, well in FS9.
  12. Not been to Copenhagen since I re-installed this airport on a new PC several months ago. There seems to be an elevation problem nearby a small yacht harbour next to the airport. The bridge and also the water dips like a waterfall to a lower level. Could this be due to the "harbour" scenery area and how can I correct this. Cannot find anything on the forums. See attached photo.
  13. We are now in 2012, is there any news about the FSX version.
  14. I did find them as you can see from my EDIT posted 13 Dec. I can live with having another more basic panel in FS9, the FSX panel is original as this does not give any issues, unlike the previous Wilco versions I had where 64bits was not supported.
  15. Yes I am listening, and I do appreciate your help but where do I find these fmgc.cfg files, I have searched in the Wilco Airbus Evolution series but cannot locate it. Also what does this file do. Like I wrote FSX is working fine but I have had to alter the panel in FS9 to a freeware one which gave no CTD's. EDIT Found the file deleted it from the Airbus 320 in FS9, reverted to the original panel but when I restarted FS9 (twice) a new fmgc file was not made and got a CDT. Restored the original cfg file & freeware panel and everything was okay.
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