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  1. I have FSX Received an e-mail from Simmarket that there is a new version of Prague. I could not find any info what has been altered in this new version on the Aerosoft forum. Has the FSX been updated, or is it because this airport has been updated with a installer for P3D. If FSX has been updated is there anything I need to be aware of when removing then installing the new version.
  2. FSX Posted this topic on the FlightBeam forum but they suggested that I ask Aerosoft. According to the AES airport list this scenery is mentioned, however in the AES Help this airport is not on the ADDON list which is mentioned. Could it be that AES KSFO mentioned is for an older version of FB KSFO which I had and not the new HD V2. Will AES for this airport be updated, Please see two AES attachments.
  3. ICAO: KMIA NAME: Miami International TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: LatinVFR LINK: http://www.latinvfr.com
  4. Will there be an update for the new Version 4 of LatinVfr KMIa
  5. I bought it through SimMarket, the new version which I have just downloaded is version What is the difference with the original version.
  6. I received an e-mail from SimMarket on November 13th stating that there was a new update for Reunion. I cannot find any information what is updated on Aerosoft or the FSDG forum. I cannot register for some reason on the FSDG forum. FSDG also does not have a contact e-mail address. SimMarket has Aerosoft as contact company.
  7. ICAO: KSFONAME: San Francisco International AirportTYPE: PaywareFS: FSX DESIGNER: FlightBeamLINK: http://www.flightbeam.net/ Had AES for KSFOHD and now updated to KSFOHD Version 2. Will Aerosoft update the AES so that I can use it in the new version.
  8. Thanks for your reply, I took a look with Google Earth and I got the same image, so I do not need to alter anything. Maybe a lesson for me in the future, check Google Earth first.
  9. Have Mega Scenery Rome 2015 for FSX. Installed Prealsoft Rome City which is compatible. Also have UTX Europe, Mega Scenery Earth, GEX & FSGlobal 2008, no Orbx products in the region. As you can see from the attached photo the coastline is green, is this normal for this coastline. Under the aircraft's right wing are dark textures between the green and blue sea textures, can anyone explain this.
  10. Thanks for your advice, After re-installing I had the same files as before so I did a bit of searching and found that the Afcad was in the Aerosoft Afd map. The Afd was below the scenery in the library so I moved it into 2nd place after AES and it is now fine. Once again thanks.
  11. Not been to this airport for a long time, after trying JustSim EDDL I decided to remove the scenery and return to the Aerosoft EDDL-2013 version. I had Aerosoft temporary removed to outside FSX, when I put it back I noticed that the aircrafts are not lined up to the gates on the yellow lines, also moving traffic did not follow the lines. In the Mega Airport Dusseldorf 2013 folder I noticed that there was no Afcad, and that the airport was probably using the default Afcad as I have no other EDDL afcad in FSX as far as I could see. Maybe when I initially installed the Airport the Afcad was not included. Any suggestions how I can get my EDDL 2013 afcad.
  12. Have FSX and now a lot of developers are going to make Sceneries only for P3D. Although I have many add-ons including from Aerosoft I am not an expert in FSX and have one PC. Reading the EULA, which seem to be written for the American Market I need to be a student to get the cheapest version, how do they define this. I am just an ordinary person using FSX for enjoyment, not interested in developing anything., I leave that to others like Aerosoft. Cannot seem to find any forum topics concerning this topic. I am sure there are many others also in the dark as all three versions are not for personal entertainment !!!, very strange. Is there anyone who can lighten us on the issue. I have spent a lot of money to get my FSX to where it is now, the second P3D version costs 200 dollars is about € 175, far more that what I paid for my FSX even with inflation. From what I have read the only difference is a "watermark" somewhere on my screen. I am still learning FSX and as I consult forums for information I consider myself an home student.
  13. The present FSX Bonaire (2015) only includes photo scenery of the capital city and the airport surroundings an not the rest of the island. The newly released X-Plane version seems to have the same. Is Aerosoft going to make an up-date which will include photo real scenery of all of Bonaire and if possible Klein (Small) Bonaire. Also is there any intention to make Aruba & Curacao. Bali & Nassau are examples of photo real textures only covering half of the island which is very disappointing, scenery textures goes from excellent to basic. I would pay a little more if a scenery can include full photo real textures. .
  14. KDFW has been made for X-Planes, is the any signs that this product will been made for FSX. I have this airport from FSDT but this was made several years ago and since then not really updated.
  15. I also am getting OOMS/CTD on FSX, I never had this in the old version. A couple of times when I changed my user aircraft and for example from day to night. Have the same add-ons as before, GEX UTX, MSE Germany, etc etc. Also Night Environments Germany. The scenery took a longer time to load than with the old version, disabling the virus scanner improved this but I still have to wait a minute or two for my AI aircraft textures to show. Hope that we get a solution soon.
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