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  1. Hi Oliver, didn´t hear of me in a long time, huh? Well, you know how most of us are: only typing when in need of something ;-) But first, let me thank you for another great version of AES and your never ending effort in improving and promoting this tiny but excellent tool! Now, my problem is actually just a small one, yet bothering me quite a bit. I´m referring to the fact that at most stands with double jetways in KLAX (same as in KJFK), there´s movement only simulated for one of each jetbridge. In KJFK that is also quite annoying, but as there are less gates with double jetways, it´s not of that much significance as in KLAX (still wouldn´t mind if it were solved there, as well :-) ) I know that the core of this problem might be that the guys at FSDreamteam only removed one of each jetbridge in the scenery; but since we had to wait 4 long years for an AES supported KLAX scenery, I was hoping that you could - together with the guys of FSDreamteam - figure out a way of making all of them movable and thereby perfectioning this wonderful scenery! Thanks in advance! Your´s, Tetiaroa!
  2. Ok great, hope it´ll be fixed easily Thanks in advance
  3. Hey Oliver, here are two screen-shots showing, what I mean. For some reason the gate numbers work now, but the PAPA doesn´t. The shots are taken at terminal 3, gate 331; left screen AES active, right screen inactive As you can see, when AES is active the PAPA system disappears. I tried about everything, but still....it´s gone. As always hoping for your help Thanks, Tetiaroa
  4. Hello Oliver, when installing the V2.15 update for "UK2000 Heathrow V2" the gate number signs and at some gates the "Parallax Aircraft Parking Aid" don´t show up anymore when using AES. Hope you can fix this! Cheers, Tetiaroa
  5. Hello? Oliver? Tiny answer would have been nice! Thx
  6. Hi Oliver, for some reason at T5 at one gate there are doubled jetways --> see picture I don´t know whether it is on you to fix it or if it´s Gary´s domain (wrote both of you). Thanks, Tetiaroa
  7. Hello aerosoft team, first of all: AWESOME SCENERY!! I only have one problem with it though: For some strange reason "Antialiasing" doesn´t work properly on my system at EDDM. I´m using the "nVidia 8600 GTS" video card together with nhancer and an nhancer compatible card-driver. So far I only experienced trouble with "Antialiasing" during dawn and dusk at some specific airports. At EDDM, however, "Antialiasing" already turns off the moment I look around the aircraft in the outside view mode regardless of what daytime it is. Any ideas? Thx in advance! Best regards, Tetiaroa
  8. The arpon traffic and train are always working totally fine. It is just the road traffic: The landside and highway traffic in front of the terminals and south of the terminals. It sometimes appears for a minute or so, sometimes not at all. Sometimes only parts of it appear and then dissappear after a while.
  9. Hey Oliver, how are things? I use FS9 and AES and installed CDG before Orly. Thanks in advance, Tetiaroa!
  10. Got two AFCAD Files?! Seems wrong to me! AES-Lite road traffic disappears after a few seconds the scenery is loaded! (got CDG installed as well)
  11. Hi Mathijs, a first update now, just fixing the ntdll.dll-errors would be perfect! Then you could also take your time for all the other stuff as they´re not as crucial as the CTDs. Regards, Tetiaroa
  12. Guess I didn´t read properly: my error message here was "terrain.dll" and not "ntdll.dll". But even though I managed to solve this issue by simply re-activating the disabled "AMS"-VOR, now I do also get those "ntdll.dll"-related errors! Hope there´ll be a fix soon! Regards
  13. Regarding CTD caused by NTDLL.DLL: Did you ever modify your "terrain.cfg" by changing the values of a parameter called "MaskClassMap"? If so, try to undo these changes! In my case that did it so far! Best regards, tetiaroa
  14. Alright, thanks! Guess, I´ll wait then
  15. Hi Oliver, long time no see, huh? How are things? As everything works brilliantly (thanks again) so far, I could just use a little information as I am thinking about buying "German Airports 2 X (FSX+FS2004)". The problem is that the "old code" of AESLite caused those "G3d.dll" related CTDs when using the /3Gb-patch on my system; so my question is: Which of the airports in the "German Airports 2 X"-package use the "new AESLite code" (like in MAF2008) and which use the "old AESLite code" (like in MAF2005)? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Tetiaroa
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