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  1. I've downloaded liveries direct from the Aerosoft library with the expectation that it's compatible. Anyway, I just installed it manually. I'm curious as to whether anyone else has run into issues with this utility or if it's just me. Why publish something if you're not willing to QA to ensure that it works? Thanks for the quick reply. Howard
  2. All, Running P3Dv4.5, A318/19/20/21 version 1310. Executed livery manager 210, selected variant and ZIP folder to install livery. I get either: No product and aircraft model could be found for use with this livery or... I can drag a ZIP livery, get the message livery is installed but no livery The old livery manager worked with pretty much any livery, this one doesn't seem to work at all. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Howard
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